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Publishing Products Catalog and Ordering System

AMC Order Portal

For access AMC Order Portal, please click CAC link. If you have question regarding to the Order Portal system please contact the MDD Customer Service Team at:
Email: MDD Customer Service
Telephone: 314-592-0910/DSN 693-9606
FAX #: 314-592-0923/0920

GSA Advantage/GSA eBuy account
For account creation please click create account

ATTENTION: AMC will no longer order, stock, and/or distribute Standard Forms (SF) and Optional Forms (OF). Orders of SFs and OFs through AMC will be filled only until existing stock is exhausted. Please check the AMC Order Portal to determine availability of these forms. Users can order SFs and OFs through GSA Advantage.

DD Form 1898: This multi-part form bearing control numbers is solely controlled by DLA Document Services who is responsible for the printing, stocking and distributing the form. DLA (Energy) pays all printing costs, therefore free to the using Services and commercial Into-Plane contractors (locations where there is not a DoD military base for US military to land and refuel). AMC will no longer order, stock, and distribute this form. Please contact Defense Logistics Agency - Document services to order this form.

DD FORM 2542

DD Form 2542 (Certificate of Appreciation for Service in the Armed Forces of the United States) is a controlled form. The Army is the office of primary responsibility for DD Form 2542.

The Department of Air Force obtains DD Form 2542 through the Air Force e-Publishing Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The Headquarters Department of the Navy and the Headquarters United States Coast Guard order directly through the Printing Management Division (PMD), US Army Print and Media Distribution Center. The Headquarters for both the Navy and the Coast Guard will provide distribution.

For Army customers to obtain DD Form 2542, please contact your organization's Forms Management Officer (FMO). Your organization FMO can establish an Ordering Portal account through Media Distribution Division, US Army Print and Media Distribution Center. If your organization doesn't have an Ordering Portal accounting, please contact MDD directly to up an Ordering Portal account either via: email address or via phone: 314-592-0910/DSN 693-9606.

Another option to obtain the DD Form 2542 is to contact PMD directly, through the following email address. When reaching out to PMD, please provide a DD Form 282 with the below fields completed.

- Date of Request

- Requested Delivery Date

- Form/Publication NO. and Title (This the name for your print request, ie...Paper Charts)

- QTY and Pages

- Delivery To (Location)

- Sign Liaison Office Approval (Requesting POC)

- Sign Approving Office (Financial POC)

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