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About the Webinar
Join the APD Forms Management Division (FMD) for two days of informative guidance and break-out sessions dealing with all your departmental forms and graphics needs and questions! The event will include special guest speakers from Army Materiel Command-Printing Management Division (PMD) and Media Distribution Division (MDD), as well as other DA, APD, and DoD Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Each morning begins with formal informational briefing sessions. Then, following lunch, the FMD Team will engage with you in topical, panel-style, break-out sessions to address your specific forms and graphics concerns. The webinar is open to the entire Army community, not just Forms or Publications Management Officers (though we hope many Forms Management Officers (FMO) and Publication Control Officers (PCOs) choose to attend!): No registration is required for the morning sessions.

Pre-registration is required for the afternoon breakout sessions. As of Tuesday, 19 Oct, pre-registration is closed – should you want to attend the afternoon sessions for either day, the 19th or 20th, please contact Sonya Martin and she will be able to send you the link for your afternoon breakout sessions.

When: October 19th & October 20th

Where: MS Teams, Forms & Departmental Graphics Webinar Channel

Webinar Schedule

Day 1 | Tuesday, October 19th

Day 2 | Wednesday, October 20th

0900-0930: Welcome
0900-0915: Welcome
0930-1100:DA Forms Policy & DoD Forms Policy (special guest: DoD FMO)
0915-1045: DA Forms Processes & Procedures
1100-1115: Break
1045-1100: Break
1115-1200: SSN & Collections Policy (special guest: DA/DoD Privacy & Collections SMEs)
1100-1130: Graphics & Illustrations Policy
& Procedures
1200-1330: Lunch
1130-1200: Forms Design & the Future of DA Forms
1330-1500: Choice of Breakout Sessions
1200-1330: Lunch
1500-1630: Choice of Breakout Sessions
1330-1500: Choice of Breakout Sessions
End of Day One
1500-1630: Choice of Breakout Sessions
1630-1700: Closing


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