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Publishing Resources

Publishing Guidelines

The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) uses the following references and style manuals. Please refer to these resources when preparing documents for publication:
AR 25-30 - Army Publishing Program
DA Pam 25-40 - Army Publishing Program Procedures
U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual.
✦ Chicago Manual of Style - 16th Edition

APD Training and Publication Processing

Roll Out Plan Template
AR Template
DA Pamphlet Template
Army Policy Writing Brief
Army Directive Template
Army Directive Process
Army Publication Forms Guidance
Technical & Equipment Pubs Approval/Printing Process
Publications 101 Course Slides
Schedule of Publications 101 Course sessions
APD's editorial checklist for processing administrative publications.
Staffing Table for Publications (CAC required for access)
PC/PCO/FMO Directory (CAC required for access)

Mailboxes for submission to APD:

- DA260 mailbox for Army administrative publications
- Principal Official Guidance (POG) & ALARACT mailbox
- Publications 101 mailbox

ALARACT Message Process

✦ ALARACT Policy and procedure (see AR 25-30, paras 2-7, and DA Pam 25-40, paras 7-6 and 7-7)
ALARACT template


Electronic Letterhead and Memorandum

Stationary Templates

The Secretary of the Army has endorsed the use of Department of the Army computer generated letterhead stationery. This change in policy is reflected in the new release of the revised AR 25-30. The electronic letterhead template is being made available for use with Microsoft Word and can be modified for your specific installation and address.

Please click the following links for your information:
DA Memo Pad (Click 'Save As' and save it into your local drive)
DA Letterhead (Click 'Save As' and save it into your local drive)

If you need further assistance on how to use the templates, please contact us via email at: Electronic Letterhead. In subject line of the email, enter the words, "Electronic Letterhead."

Please refer to AR 25-30, AR 25-50, and DA Pam 25-40 for further guidance.

Sample Memorandums

✦ Publishing Champion Appointment Memorandum (See DA Pam 25-40, figure 1-1)
✦ Publications Control Officer Appointment Memorandum (See DA Pam 25-40, figure 1-2)
Transfer of Proponency Memorandum

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