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TITLEPub DateSignatorPDF
Directive for Transition of Headquarters, Department of the Army to the Fiscal Year 2019 Organization Design06/17/2015USA/VCSA PDF
2013 Focus Area Review Group Reclama and 25 Percent Final Reduction Decisions04/02/2014USA/VCSA PDF
Basic Allowance for Subsistence02/03/2014VCSA PDF
Implementing General Fund Enterprise Business System-Sensitive06/19/2013USA/VCSA PDF
VCSA Farewell Letter to the Force03/07/2013VCSA PDF
Transition of All Army Networks to the LandWarNet11/16/2012USA/VCSA PDF
Guidelines for Consolidation of Small Data Center Facilities09/29/2012VCSA PDF
Army Headquarters Transformation07/31/2012USA/VCSA PDF
Deputy Secretary of Defense Expectations for Senior Leaders in Achieving Small Business Goals07/13/2012USA/VCSA PDF
FY12 Army Budget Execution Strategy and Operation & Maintenance, Army (OMA) Planning Targets11/21/2011USA/VCSA PDF
Army Equipping Strategy07/27/2011VCSA PDF
Civilian Recruitment and Placement Activities06/30/2011VCSA PDF
Army Policy for Establishing, Managing, and Transitioning Contingency Bases06/01/2011USA/VCSA PDF
Developing the Army's Plan to Reduce Organizational Growth03/23/2011VCSA PDF
Execution of the Army Sustainability Campaign Plan03/04/2011USA/VCSA PDF
Terms of Reference for Institutionalizing the Capability Portfolio Review (CPR) Process06/21/2010VCSA PDF
Selection and Training of Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs)03/02/2010VCSA PDF
Secretary of the Army-Designated Capability Portfolio Reviews (Expanded Army Requirements Oversight Council) Terms of Reference02/22/2010USA/VCSA PDF
Fiscal Year 2010 Army Budget Execution Strategy02/17/2010USA/VCSA PDF
Cost Benefit Analysis to Support Army Enterprise Decision Making12/30/2009USA/VCSA PDF
Achieving Army Network and Battle Command Modernization Objectives12/28/2009VCSA PDF
Stewardship and the Army Managers' Internal Control Program12/21/2009USA/VCSA PDF
Building an Enduring Strategic Assessment Support Capability07/08/2009VCSA PDF
Army Pentagon Occupancy and Space Allocation Study Results01/05/2009USA/VCSA PDF
Army Pentagon Occupancy and Space Allocation Study Results01/05/2009USA/VCSA PDF
Timeliness of Submitting Award Recommendations03/27/2008VCSA PDF
Army Energy Conservation06/22/2007VCSA PDF
FY07 1st Qtr Execution Review02/01/2007VCSA PDF
Official Participation in Private Organizations - Membership and Management05/26/2006VCSA PDF
OPSEC Message - Guidance on Proper Use of Computer Hardware and Software05/24/2006VCSA PDF
Enabling the Army Vision04/07/2006VCSA PDF
POM FY 08-13 Initial Guidance01/30/2006VCSA PDF
Transforming the Way We Do Business02/10/2005VCSA PDF