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TITLEPub DateSignatorPDF
Reducing Tobacco Use in the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense03/14/2014USD PDF
Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) Risk Assessment and Risk Acceptance Guidance12/10/2010AAE PDF
Renewing Our Commitment on Thanksgiving11/24/2009Dir, OPM PDF
Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian Retiree Identification (ID) Cards08/26/2009DUSD, Plans PDF
FY11 Command Plan Guidance01/16/2009Dir, FM PDF
SA's Guidance for RED TOP Congressionals02/28/2008Dir, ECC PDF
National Day of Mourning for President Gerald R. Ford: President George W. Bush Orders Federal Government Closure on January 2, 200712/28/2006Dir, OPM PDF
Army Staff Missions Relating to the AUSA National Resolutions Committee08/07/2006VDAS PDF