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Reissuance of Provisional Exception to Policy (ETP) to the Unaccompanied Tour Length for Soldiers Without Dependents Assigned to Certain Locations in Europe and Japan01/04/2021ASA (M&RA) PDF
Principal Official Guidance to Annex C, Army Marketing Implementation Plan12/17/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Hardship Duty Pay–Tempo (HDP-T) 11/12/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Army Marketing Implementation Plan Principal Official Guidance09/10/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Updated Requirements for the Certification of Honorable Service for Members of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve and Members of the Active Component for Purposes of Naturalization 09/03/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Army People Strategy 20-06 - Recruiter Performance Pay (RP2) Pilot Program (UPDATE 1) 07/20/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Army Civilian Career Management Restructuring07/15/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Centralized Suitability Service Center (CSSC) and Delegation of Authority for Suitability and Fitness Adjudication-Authorization to Delay Implementation04/20/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
APS 20-05: Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Modernization 03/30/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
APS 20-03: Exception to Policy - Advanced Enlistment Grades 03/25/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
APS 20-04: Exception to Policy - Virtual Processing Initiatives for Accessions 03/20/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Delegation of Authority - Certification of Honorable Service02/19/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Remote and Austere Conditions Assignment Incentive Pay (RAC-AIP)02/07/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
APS 20-02: Diversity Guidance in Active Duty Officer Branching02/07/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
APS Policy Letter 20-01--Reducing Active Component (AC) Attrition01/29/2020ASA (M&RA) PDF
Expansion of Patronage at Commissaries, Exchanges and MWR Revenue Generating Activities 12/20/2019ASA (M&RA) PDF
Procedures for Intra-Service Commissioning10/03/2019ASA (M&RA) PDF
Re-designation of the Child Services Suitability Cell to the Centralized Suitability Service Center and Delegation of Authority for Suitability and Fitness Adjudication 06/02/2019ASA (M&RA) PDF
Civilian Equal Employment Opportunity and Military Equal Opportunity Program Accountability and Responsibilities 05/14/2018ASA (M&RA) PDF
Re-designation of the U.S. Army Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights Office04/13/2016ASA (M&RA) PDF
Annual Secretary of the Army Awards for Diversity and Leadership09/23/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Required Medical Examination for Certain Soldiers Processed for Administrative Separation With Under Other Than Honorable Characterization of Service09/03/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
On-Board Strength of Senior Executive Services (SES) Members08/26/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Amended Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Administrative Furlough Guidance (Change 2)05/31/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Additional Exception to Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Administrative Furlough05/23/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Department of the Army Fiscal Year 2013 Administrative Furlough05/17/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Department of the Army Administrative Furlough Planning03/20/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Suspension of Army Tuition Assistance Execution03/06/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Department of Army Hiring Freeze and Release of Terms and Temporary Civilian Personnel01/22/2013ASA (M&RA) PDF
Army Emergency Leave Program Policy for Employees Affected by Hurricane Sandy12/26/2012ASA (M&RA) PDF
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SHARP) Brigade Civilian Hiring11/19/2012ASA (M&RA) PDF
Reduction in the Time in Grade (TIG) Requirement for Promotion of Reserve Component Officers to First Lieutenant08/18/2008ASA (M&RA) PDF