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Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller)
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TITLEPub DateSignatorPDF
Army Federated Cost Center Policy12/22/2017ASA (FM&C) PDF
Major Revision of Army Regulation 1-100 and Standardization of the Army Gift Program07/31/2015AASA/ASA (FMC) PDF
Implementation Guidance for Qualification, Reporting, and Tracking of Army Financial Benefits12/06/2013ASA (FMC) PDF
Fiscal Planning Guidance for Budgetary Uncertainty01/16/2013ASA (FMC) PDF
Guidance for Preparing 2013 Annual Statement of Assurance10/17/2012ASA (FMC) PDF
Miscellaneous Payments Certification in the General Funds Business Enterprise System (GFEBS)05/23/2012ASA (FMC) PDF
Policy for the Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other Army Information Systems User Account Management04/12/2012ASA (FMC) PDF
Audit Readiness Performance Requirements05/26/2011ASA (FMC) PDF
Guidance for Consideration of Costs in Army Decision-Making05/17/2011ASA (FMC) PDF
Policies, Procedures, and Policies, Procedures, Responsibilities for the Army Travel Charge Card Program, Individual Billed Accounts (IBA)03/29/2011ASA (FMC) PDF
Program Objective Memorandum 13-17 Offsite Summary03/02/2011ASA (FMC) PDF
Funding Target Reductions for Civilian Pay02/11/2011ASA (FMC) PDF
Internal Controls in Army Regulations (AR)05/13/2010ASA (FMC) PDF
National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Pay Pool Funding Guidance for 2010 Payout10/20/2009ASA (FMC) PDF
Unacceptable Occurences of Antideficiency Act (ADA) Violations10/19/2009ASA (FMC) PDF
Policies, Procedures, and Responsibilities for the Army Travel Charge Card Program03/09/2006ASA (FMC) PDF