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LATEST NEWS UPDATE [Current as of January 15, 2019]

[PUBLICATIONS > Doctrine and Training] dropdown now displays publications to all proponents instead of just TRADOC proponent.

Attention: A revision of AR 672-20, "Incentive Awards" has been posted. The previous version remains in effect till 1 February 2019. The new editions of associated forms for this publication will not be effective or available for order until 1 February 2019.

The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) will no longer order, stock, and/or distribute Standard Forms (SF) and Optional Forms (OF). Orders of SFs and OFs through APD will be filled only until existing stock is exhausted. Please check the APD Ordering Portal to determine availability of these forms. Users can order SFs and OFs through GSA Advantage. To establish a GSA Advantage/GSA eBuy account, visit: https://www.gsaadvantage.gov/advantage/profile/directregistration.do

The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) appreciates all the feedback provided by our customers. This feedback enables APD to make improvements geared toward creating a web presence that is intuitive and user-friendly for all the Army's publishing needs. Based on user feedback, we have added additional search criteria on the Pub/Form Records Search page. This latest enhancement allows users to search by the Unit of Issue (UoI) or Publication Identification Number (PIN) of a Pub/Form.
We created a new page for ALARACT. You can access it from our dropdown menu>PUBLICATIONS>Administrative>Army ALARACT Message link.

SECARMY Initiative: Prioritizing Efforts-Readiness and Lethality
To reduce training requirements in brigade and below units (R2B2), the Secretary of the Army has released a series of Army directives with the title "Prioritizing Efforts-Readiness and Lethality," in the 2018-07 series (AD 2018-07-1 through AD 2018-07-9). These ADs identify Army regulations that need to be modified to reduce training requirements. The AD 2018-07 series can be found under Publications/Army Directives in the top navigation of the APD website.

Revised AR 25-30 and DA Pam 25-40 now available on the APD website
Learn about the latest changes to publishing policies and procedures in the newly revised AR 25-30 (Army Publishing Program) and DA Pam 25-40 (Army Publishing Program Procedures). The much anticipated revision of AR 25-30
♦ Revises and clarifies policies for Army directives (including 2-year expiration).
♦ Clarifies staffing and proponent requirements for Department of the Army administrative publications.
♦ Revises DA Form 260 and DA Form 260-1.
♦ Changes DA memos to HQDA policy notices.
♦ Implements requirements for publishing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technical and equipment publications for acquisition category 3 programs.
♦ Revises and clarifies policies, processes, and definitions for departmental, local, and field printing.
♦ Supersedes DA Pam 25-30.