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To contact the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) Customer Service Help Desk please email or call (703) 614-3727.

Our customer service desk representative will provide direct support and/or direct your comments or inquiries to the appropriate APD staff section for assistance.
If you are trying to contact APD regarding print procurement or bulk storage and distribution/ordering of publications and forms, please contact the Army Materiel Command’s U.S. Army Printing and Media Distribution Center (APMDC) at the below, as those functions are no longer part of APD’s mission.


Print Management Division: Email
Media Distribution Division: Email
Telephone: 314-592-0910/DSN 693-9606
FAX#: 314-592-0923/0920
Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE): Please let us know how we are doing.
ICE submissions at the above link should only be related to APD and not APMDC.
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