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Q: I am looking for HQDA EXORDS and didn’t see them on the APD website. Do you know where I can find them?
To find HQDA EXORDs please click this link.

Q: I can't find a particular publication or form listed on this web site. How can I check to see if it is still available or current?
To check a publication or form please click this link

Q: Where can I find Letterhead information?
Letterhead is located under Tools>Publishing Resource or you can click directly here

Q: Where is DA PAM 25-30 (Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Form)?
The [DA PAM 25-30] has been renamed to the [Publications / Form Records Search]. It has been migrated into the Army Publishing Directorate's new website. The [Publications / Form Records Search] can be accessed through the "SEARCH" tab located on the APD Home Page menu bar. From the Search results, click the [NUMBER] hyperlink located at the far left of the Search results page to obtain more detailed information regarding that Publication or Form.

Q: Who should I contact to request a change to the APD Web site?
Contact APD Customer Service

Q: Why can't I open PDF Files on APD website?
It has come to the attention of APD that certain internet browsers will not display or open pdf files from the APD Website. These PDF files are defined as either static or dynamic. Please click this for more information.

Q: Where can I find Army electronic forms?
To access Department of the Army (DA) electronic forms, visit APD Web site
To access Department of Defense Forms (DD Forms), click on DD Forms
Standard Forms (SF) and Optional Forms (OF) are available on the General Services Administration (GSA) Forms Library
Please be aware of illegal forms on unofficial websites. Scammers are using these forms to steal Personal Identifying Information (PII), such as birth date, social security number, etc. When filling out a form, please verify that it is an official form, from an official Government website. A form should have an official title, a for use line that tells which publication prescribes the form, along with the proponent organization. A form number and date will be in the lower left hand corner of the form. The lower right hand corner of the form will contain the version number.

Q: How do I obtain Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Designer (6.x) (Forms Designer Software)?
Please click Designing Forms with Adobe

Q: How do I obtain printed and stocked Departmental Forms (DA, DD, SF, OF and other agency forms) used by the Army?
If you are an Army user and have an account with the Logistics Services Washington, Media Distribution Division (MDD) you may order online .

If you need assistance, please contact MDD Customer Service at 314-592-0910 (DSN 693-9606) or email us

Q: Why are some fields not functioning correct DA fill-able PDF forms?
In order to get full functionality of the DA fill-able PDF forms, either Adobe Acrobat 10 and above or Adobe Reader 10 and above are required.

Q: Can I delete a signature in the Adobe fill-able forms (PDF-F)?
You can only clear a signature that you've previously signed. You cannot clear a signature that has been signed by another user. This is a built in Adobe security safeguard. If you attempt to clear someone else's signature, the form file will become corrupt and may become unusable.

Q: How do I add a digital signature to a locked form that currently doesn't have a digital signature block?
Please click instructions on how to add an Adobe digital signature to a locked form file.

Q: Why do digital initials disappear from a form that was previously signed?
The digital signature, which is the piece that is legally significant is still retained in the form. The associated field that displays the initials is a non-essential add-on.
To ensure the form retains and displays the initials in the associated field, the user must save the form twice. The form will prompt the user to save as you digitally sign, but the user will need to save again before forwarding the form, in order to retain the initials in the associated field.

Q: Why am I getting an Adobe Acrobat DC security message when click a hyperlink in a downloaded PDF?
This is due to a recent security policy change. Any client who downloads a PDF from our website, will find that hyperlinks shown in the PDF are now non-functional. However, if the PDF file opens in the clients browser, the hyperlinks within the PDF will be functional.

Q: What are the submission requirements for Army administrative (policy and procedural) publications?
The publishing request submission package must include the following:
♦ DA Form 260 (blocks 1 through 12 completed with signatures from your PC or PCO in blocks 18 and 20
♦ Draft document in Word (if a revision, also supply a track changes version)
♦ Figure files
♦ Completed DD Form(s) 67 for all forms action requests
The publishing champion (PC) or publications control officer (PCO) should submit the publishing request to APD For further information on preparing and submitting a publication, go to the Publications Resources page on the APD Web site at Publications Resources

Q: Is there a single point of contact to get the required OAA coordination chop for administrative publications?
The primary point of contact for OAA coordination is the OAA Publishing Champion (PC) . The PC will coordinate the multiple required “chops” within OAA (RMDA, SPO, and APD).

Q: How do I submit a change request to an Army publication or form?
APD has an electronic change request (DA FORM 2028) for users to suggest changes that are forwarded to the form or publication's proponent. The change request form is located on PC/PCO/FMO Directory (CAC access only).

eBook Readers and Digital File Formats

Q: What does Army offer?
Digital files come in a variety of formats for use on various PC’s, tablets and eReader devices and software. The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) publishes two digital file formats:
1) The [.pdf] format which requires the Adobe Reader software
2) The eBook = [.epub] format.
Our collection of publications in these formats is growing with every publication revision. Currently the Adobe reader software is provided to all Army's government furnished equipment (GFE) from the NETCOM’s Army Gold Master (AGM). However, at this time the AGM does not offer any supported eReader software on the AGM for use on the GFE for reading the .epub formatted file type.

Q: What is PDF format?
Portable Document Format (PDF) is now an open standard for electronic document exchange maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). When you convert documents, forms, graphics, and web pages to PDF, they look just like they would if printed. But unlike plain printed documents, enhanced PDF files can contain clickable links and buttons, form fields, video, and audio — as well as logic to help automate routine business processes. When you share a PDF file, virtually anyone can use PDF reader computer software to view it.

Q: What is the EPUB Format?
EPUB (short for electronic publication) is a free and open eBook standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) that is based on XHTML, XML and CSS. EPUB eBook files have the extension .epub. EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that an EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display device. EPUB also supports fixed-layout content. This format is intended as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale. It is the most popular eBook format as it can be used on multiple devices.
For additional information on PDF and ePUB formats please consider visiting this link (this link is not affilated or sponsored by U.S.ARMY).

Q: Question for OTJAG: Understand the volume of publications that must undergo legal review and the limited number of attorneys to review them. But some of our publications have been in legal review over two years. AR 25-30 states that legal reviews should take 4 to 6 months, depending on the type of revision. Would welcome knowing any measures OTJAG/OGC are taking to reduce the number of ARs in legal review.
APD continues to coordinate closely with OTJAG to get publications through the process and to authentication despite the backlog and competing priorities.

Q: How do I get added to the Publishing Champion (PC) or Publication Control Officer (PCO) list for my organization?
If you have been appointed PC or PCO for your organization, please send a copy of your appointment memorandum to APD, so your name and contact information can be added to the PC/PCO list posted on the APD website. See DA Pam 25-30 for a sample appointment memorandum.

Q: Should we get a legal review before submitting an Army Directive (AD) to APD for processing?
No, do not get a legal review before submitting an AD to APD. However, you can get informal legal guidance from your supporting legal advisor. Please note this is not the formal legal review. Changes will be made to the AD during processing, and the lawyers need to review the final product to ensure it is legally sufficient. This is also true for Army regulations (ARs).

Q: As an action officer how do I get a source file to start revising an AR or DA pam?
Please email the APD publishing Division for a publication source file

Q: I am nearing an AR update for Army-wide staffing. Should I continue or change the AR over to the new AR/DA pam process?
This is the perfect time to create a new DA pam to publish in conjunction with your AR revision. The two publications can be staffed simultaneously, which is helpful to those reviewing the publications.

Q: Will APD be continuing the "Publications 101" training?
Yes, click on the NEWS banner on the APD website for the schedule of training sessions. Updated “Publications 101” slides are also available on the site, under the HOW TO PUBLISH banner.

Q: What is the difference between the association of AR, AD, and DA pam and the Required References in Appendix A?
Associated publications are interrelated. For example, the DA pam associated with an AR contains the procedures for implementing the policy in the AR. An associated AD changes or adds to the policy in the AR and will be incorporated into the AR revision. In the new format, associated publications are listed at paragraph 1-3 in every AR and DA pam. Required references are needed for the reader to understand or comply with the publication and must be cited in the publication.

Q: I have not seen anything in policy publications on standard operating procedure (SOP) formatting. I heard that the format is up to Command preference. Is this true? Or is there a place that describes SOP formatting?
APD does not have an official SOP format, and every organization is free to use its own format. That said, TRADOC publication ATP 3-90.90, Army Tactical Standard Operating Procedures, includes detailed instructions on developing an SOP in Chapter 2, EFFECTIVE OPERATING PROCEDURE INSTRUCTIONS .

Q: Will submissions be returned if they are not in the new format?
No, they will not be returned as all submissions must be reformatted at APD. APD editors use a formatting tool that strips out all existing formatting and applies the new format.

Q: Will draft publications in late stages of the publications process be subject to these new content requirements?
All publications that were processed and sent for OTJAG legal review in the old format will be published in the old format. All new submissions are subject to the new format and requirements of publication reform.

Q: What language would be used to set the requirement in the AR to make procedures in the DA pam directive?
Following is an example of language to set an overall requirement to make procedures in the DA pam directive: “DA Pam XX-XX contains required processes and procedures for implementing policy prescribed by this regulation.” The requirement to follow specific procedures for one specific type of action could be the following: “Mandatory procedures for [subject policy/action] are prescribed in DA Pam XX.”

Q: Will the new website provide the associated publication(s) term or definition it is referenced in?
The initial release of the new website will not provide this functionality. However, Publishing Technology Division is working to understand the requirements for how to cross-reference terms and definitions with the publication(s) that references it.

Q: Is the design concept of the projected new website set or will we see other changes when the website is launched?
APD is excited to launch a new APD website anticipated for an early June release. The new website design concept should closely resemble the Publishing Technology’s briefing showcased during the symposium.

Q: How can I receive a notification when a new regulation or update has been added to the APD website?
Recently, the website added an RSS feed feature that allows a user to receive a notification when there is a new publishing action. You can click Instructions that shows you how to set up the RSS Feed.

Q: When the new search capability is added to the website, will it allow a user to search across/ through doctrine and training publication as well?
The new search feature will search all the content of any publication that is hosted on the APD website. For those publications that we only house meta-data for we will only be able to return the information we have (not able to search the whole document in the same context as “hosted” publications).

Q: Where on the website can I locate the meaning of acronym and terms when reading a publication?
You can find ABBREVIATIONS, BREVITY CODES, AND ACRONYMS (ABCA) by going to the Search menu dropdown on the APD website.

Q: What is the FMD mailbox?
Click FMD mailbox

Q: How do I know I have the most current version of a DA Form?
Regardless if the form is electronic, system generated, or a physical product, the most current DA form is always listed on the APD website. On a digital form in PDF format, the bottom left corner displays the form date, and disposition. Conversely the bottom right corner displays the form version number. Though some forms may feature a mature form date (e.g., DEC 1956), the version date will indicate version numbers (e.g. 1.09 or even 3.10). In some cases a revision or change to a form does not warrant a change to the form date, only a change to the version number. These changes are often minor and may be such alterations as adjusting the tab order or coding of the form. Note: major changes to the text, privacy act statement, or form content will require a form date change.

Q: If forms are moving from the AR to a PAM, what is the process?
Submission of a fully staffed DD Form 67 (Form Processing Action Request) as well as the effected AR and PAM is required. The form must be removed from the prescribed forms list in the AR, and then added to the prescribed forms list in the PAM. This is the same revision process if transferring a form from one Proponent to a different Proponent.

Q: Can I suggest or request the DA form number for new forms?
We cannot accommodate custom form number requests for forms. Form numbers are assigned with consideration to not conflict with obsolete/cancelled forms. Additionally, a form number cannot be reused for a new (different) form. During the publishing/revision process a forms analyst will be assigned, this individual can help guide action officers through the numbering process.

Q: Can an initial design request go to APD prior to routing through RMDA?
FMD is happy to provide guidance and assistance at any stage of the design process. Requests for DA Form design prior to the submission of a fully coordinated and signed DD 67 will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and must have a suitable justification for requiring early design intervention.

Q: Can I use DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) or DD Form 818 (DoD Issuance Coordination Response) in place of the DA Form 7874 (Armywide - Staffing Comment Resolution Matrix) for the Armywide Staffings initiated in TMT before release of the new AR 25-30?
Use of DA Form 7874 will be required upon the effective date of AR 25-30 and DA PAM 25-40. Alternate CRMs, DA 2028s, and DD 818 will not be accepted after the effective date of the aforementioned publications. Until such time proponents may continue to use alternate documents for staffing comments. Note: DA Form 2028 should be used for submission of suggestions and comments concerning DA forms and publications. Once received by APD the DA Form 2028 will be forwarded to the office of primary responsibility for the form/publication.

Q: Generally, how long does it take to publish a new form or revise an existing form?
The time required for a revision or the establishment of a new DA form is will depend on several factors including the complexity of the form and whether the prescribing issuance will be effective (or needs to be established). Know that should the prescribing issuance/directive for the form be impacted or need to be established the form cannot be published and used until the publication is authenticated. Forms are tied to their prescribing publications in a "parent/child" relationship. The publication is the parent, and the form is a child, thus the form cannot be "orphaned"--meaning it exists without a prescribing issuance/directive which hold the policy or procedure for the forms use.

Q: Is there suggested Excel training specific to DA Form 7874?
APD is not responsible for software training. DA FORM 7874 has instructions included with the form, and was developed with ease of use in mind. If a competency gap exists with using Excel the action officer responsible for completing DA FORM 7874 is responsible for bridging that gap with training. Army offers a variety of free software trainings via Skillsoft and the Army elearning portal. Please check with your organization for additional information on accessing eLearning and other offerings for software training.

Q: If I have suggestions to improve the DA Form 7874, how can I submit them for consideration?
As with any form suggestions or changes the commentary should be submitted to APD FMD via the DA FORM 2028. Please submit this form to this mailbox. The completed DA FORM 2028 will then be evaluated by the Army FMO for consideration.

Q: Where can I direct my questions on how to craft an SSN Justification Memo?
The Army Privacy office is the approving authority for the SSN Justification Memos. The APO has developed a very useful “SSN Justification Guide” and a POC link which are available from their web site. Additionally, please review the SSN justification policy in DoD Directive 5124.02 and DoDI 1000.30. APD cannot accept revisions to forms utilizing SSNs without an APO/RMDA approved SSN justification memorandum.

Q: What is the official process for getting a DD form revised - a form for which the Army is the lead service and prescribed in an AR and staffed with the other services?
Please refer to DA PAM 25-40 for the process to revise an Army sponsored/adopted DD form. In most cases the Army SME (or the Army proponent) is familiar with the counterparts in the other services, and is responsible for reaching out for their concurrence. The office in the other services with whom the staffing of the AR was completed should be contacted for the concurrence on the DD67. In the rare occasion when the counterpart in the other service cannot be identified the SME can solicit the assistance of the Army Forms Manager and/or the DoD Forms Manager in order to complete the external coordination requirement.

Q: How do a revise a DD form with an SSN on it?
All DD forms using SSNs must go to the Defense Privacy, Civil Liberties and Transparency Division (DPCLTD) when submitted for revision. When submitting a DD form revision, which has an SSN on it, the revision package must include the following items:
-Fully coordinated DD Form 67 (last step is the Army Forms manager signature in Block 19)
-Army Privacy Office approved SSN Justification Memo
-Detailed remarks regarding why the form is being revised
- FMD will then submit all documentation to BOTH DOD forms and DPCLTD.

Q: What is the process if I would like to remove the SSN from a form?
As with any forms revision or cancellation, the submission of a DD Form 67 (Form Processing Action Request) is required. The DD Form 67 must state in the Remarks/Purpose section that you as the Proponent requests for the SSN to be removed. This is a simple revision and in most cases will not affect the AR and PAM.

Q: When an OMB number expires on FOIA forms, can you advise the process of obtaining a new number?
Please contact RMDA and the Army Privacy Office for questions/concerns regarding OMB, NARA, or FOIA.

Q: I have a publication that has old graphics how do I get those files, or what if I need graphics for my publication?
Please reach out to the FMD and an illustrator will be assigned to work with you to revise or develop administrative publication graphics.

Q: Why did the APD ordering portal stop supplying SF forms?
As of DEC 2018, APD discontinued procuring and stocking GSA forms (This includes GSA/OF/SF forms). Army components seeking these forms should order directly from GSA.

Q: How to search for AR 25-30?
Put [AR 25-30] in the [Pub/Form Number] textbox and hit the Search button

Q: How to search for DA Form 1?
Put [DA Form 1] in the [Pub/Form Number] textbox and hit the Search button.

Q: Why does it return 0 record when I put [DA 1] in the Pub/Form Number] textbox?
It returns 0 record because you didn’t use the correct acronym for DA Form. The correct acronym for a DA Form is “DA Form”. You can find the correct acronyms from the “Acronyms” link on the Search page.

Q: Why didn’t you design your Search like Google Search where we don’t have to use the acronym?
Google Search Engine is designed in a way that is flexible where users can enter anything in the textbox. The drawback of that robust search is that it is returning thousands or millions of records and users have to go through multiple pages to find the one they want.

Q: How to search for something if I don’t remember the whole [Pub/Form Number]?
Put the acronym in the [Pub/Form Number] textbox. For example, if you only remember “AR” then put AR in the [Pub/Form Number] textbox and hit the Search button.

Q: How do you search for a Publication or Form by Title?
Put some words contained in the actual Title in the [Pub/Form Title] textbox and hit the Search button.

Q: How do I search for [IDN] number?
Put the IDN number in the [IDN] textbox and hit the Search button.

Q: How do I search by [Proponents]?
Select a Proponent from the [Proponent] Dropdown list.

Q: How do I search by [Unit(s) of Issue]?
Select a Unit(s) of issue from [Unit(s) of Issue] Dropdown box and hit the Search button.

Q: How do I search by [Pub/Form Status]?
Select a status from [Pub/Form Status] Dropdown box and hit the Search button.

Q: How to search for a publication or form using [Date] filter?
Select the Date picker icon next to [From Date] and [To Date]. Then pick the date ranges and hit the Search button.

Q: How do I search by [PIN]?
Put the PIN number in the [PIN] textbox and hit the Search button.

Q: Does your Search support multiple filters?
Yes. For example, if you want to search for an AR pub or form that belongs to the AASA Proponent with a Pub/Form Status = Active then you would put [AR] in the [Pub/Form Number] textbox, select [AASA] from the [Proponents] Dropdown box and select [Active] from the [Pub/Form Status] Dropdown box. Then hit the Search button.

Q: Does your Search engine support a search by a publication’s content?
No, but we are working toward that goal.

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