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Q: I can't find a particular publication or form listed on this web site. How can I check to see if it is still available or current?
To check a publication or form, click here

Q: Where can I find Letterhead information?
Letterhead is located under Tools>Publishing Resource or you can click HERE

Q: Where is DA PAM 25-30 (Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Form)?
The [DA PAM 25-30] has been renamed to the [Publications / Form Records Search]. It has been migrated into the Army Publishing Directorate's new website. The [Publications / Form Records Search] can be accessed through the "SEARCH" tab located on the APD Home Page menu bar. From the Search results, click the [NUMBER] hyperlink located at the far left of the Search results page to obtain more detailed information regarding that Publication or Form.

Q: Who should I contact to request a change to the APD Web site?
Contact APD Customer Service


Q: How can I open "HQDA Form 5" link on APD website?
To open the "HQDA Form 5" link on APD website, go to APD website, click on "HQDA Form 5" link under "Forms" tab. Once you click on the link it prompts you for your cert. As long as you select your "Email Cert" you are provided the file. You will need to have access to OAA website to access the file. If you don't have access to OAA website, you could be presented with a page asking why you need access and you will have to wait for access to be granted.

Q: Why can't I open PDF Files on APD website?
It has come to the attention of APD that certain internet browsers will not display or open pdf files from the APD Website. These PDF files are defined as either static or dynamic. Please click here for more information.

Q: Where can I find Army electronic forms?
To access Department of the Army (DA) electronic forms, visit APD Web site
To access Department of Defense Forms (DD Forms), go to http://www.esd.whs.mil/DD
Standard Forms (SF) and Optional Forms (OF) are available on the General Services Administration (GSA) Forms Library at https://www.gsa.gov/forms/all
Please be aware of illegal forms on unofficial websites. Scammers are using these forms to steal Personal Identifying Information (PII), such as birth date, social security number, etc. When filling out a form, please verify that it is an official form, from an official Government website. A form should have an official title, a for use line that tells which publication prescribes the form, along with the proponent organization. A form number and date will be in the lower left hand corner of the form. The lower right hand corner of the form will contain the version number.

Q: How do I obtain Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Designer (6.x) (Forms Designer Software)?
Please click here

Q: How do I obtain printed and stocked Departmental Forms (DA, DD, SF, OF and other agency forms) used by the Army?
If you are an Army user and have an account with the Logistics Services Washington, Media Distribution Division (MDD) you may order online HERE.

If you need assistance, please contact MDD Customer Service at 314-592-0910 (DSN 693-9606) or email usarmy.stlouis.106-sig-bde.mbx.dolwmddcustsrv@mail.mil

Q: Why are some fields not functioning correct DA fill-able PDF forms?
In order to get full functionality of the DA fill-able PDF forms, either Adobe Acrobat 10 and above or Adobe Reader 10 and above are required.

Q: Can I delete a signature in the Adobe fill-able forms (PDF-F)?
You can only clear a signature that you've previously signed. You cannot clear a signature that has been signed by another user. This is a built in Adobe security safeguard. If you attempt to clear someone else's signature, the form file will become corrupt and may become unusable.

Q: How do I add a digital signature to a locked form that currently doesn't have a digital signature block?
Please click here for instructions on how to addi an Adobe digital signature to a locked form file.

Q: Why do digital initials disappear from a form that was previously signed?
The digital signature, which is the piece that is legally significant is still retained in the form. The associated field that displays the initials is a non-essential add-on.
To ensure the form retains and displays the initials in the associated field, the user must save the form twice. The form will prompt the user to save as you digitally sign, but the user will need to save again before forwarding the form, in order to retain the initials in the associated field.


Q: Why am I getting an Adobe Acrobat DC security message when click a hyperlink in a downloaded PDF?
This is due to a recent security policy change. Any client who downloads a PDF from our website, will find that hyperlinks shown in the PDF are now non-functional. However, if the PDF file opens in the clients browser, the hyperlinks within the PDF will be functional.

Q: What are the submission requirements for Army administrative (policy and procedural) publications?
The publishing request submission package must include the following:
♦ DA Form 260 (blocks 1 through 12 completed with signatures from your PC or PCO in blocks 18 and 20
♦ Draft document in Word (if a revision, also supply a track changes version)
♦ Figure files
♦ Completed DD Form(s) 67 for all forms action requests
The publishing champion (PC) or publications control officer (PCO) should submit the publishing request to APD For further information on preparing and submitting a publication, go to the Publications Resources page on the APD Web site at Publications Resources

Q: Is there a single point of contact to get the required OAA coordination chop for administrative publications?
The primary point of contact for OAA coordination is the OAA Publishing Champion (PC) usarmy.pentagon.hqda-oaa-ahs.mbx.front-office@mail.mil. The PC will coordinate the multiple required “chops” within OAA (RMDA, SPO, and APD).

Q: How do I submit a change request to an Army publication or form?
APD has an electronic change request (DA FORM 2028) for users to suggest changes that are forwarded to the form or publication's proponent. The change request form is located on PC/PCO/FMO Directory (CAC access only).


Q: How do I order printed General Officer supplies?
Click HERE for Instructions for ordering General Officer supplies.

Q: How do I request a print job from APD?
To place a printing order, OA22 organizations (HQDA agencies) should submit a completed DA 260 (Request for Publishing) or a DD 282 (DOD Printing Requisition/Order) to Printing Support Branch.

Army customers outside of OA22 need to submit a DD 1144 (Support Agreement) for all printing procurements within the fiscal year, in addition to a DA 260 or DD 282 for each individual print job to Printing Support Branch.

Non-OA22 customers also need to contact the OAA Resource Operations Center (ROC) (703-545-4869) for the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) information for acquiring funding. The ROC will notify APD when it receives the funds for printing. A printing specialist will review specifications from the customer, begin the procurement process, and notify the customer of the actual estimated cost. The printing specialist will monitor the printing job to ensure it is completed within cost and delivered to the customer.