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There are 8916 records as of 9/23/2023    
1AD1st Armored Division
1LTfirst lieutenant (Army O-2)
1SGfirst sergeant (Army E-8)
1st IO1st Information Operations (Command)
1ST LTfirst lieutenant (Marine/Air Force O-2)
2LTsecond lieutenant (Army O-1)
2ND LTsecond lieutenant (Marine/Air Force O-1)
3RRecognize, Retreat, Report (Program)
3Rrefine, reduce, replace
6YPsix-year plan
A&Aassessment and authorization
A&Nalert and notification
A&Rathletic and recreation
A/DACGarrival/departure airfield control group
A/OPCagency/organization program coordinator
A1Cairman first class (Air Force E-3)
Aaachieved availability
AAaeronautical adaptability
AAassembly area
AAassessment agent
AA&Earms, ammunition, and explosives
AAAantiaircraft artillery
AAA or USAAAU.S. Army Audit Agency
AAARabbreviated aviation accident report
AAARapproved automated accounting record
AABBAmerican Association of Blood Banks
AACacquisition advice code
AACactivity address code
AACArmy Acquisition Corps
AACAArmy Airlift Clearance Authority
AACGarrival airfield control group
AADadmission and disposition
AADCarea air defense commander
AADParea air defense plan
AAEArmy Acquisition Executive
AAFArmy airfield
AAFArmy availability factor
AAFAArmy Aviation Flight Activity
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
AAFSAmphibious Assault Fuel System
AAGaeronautical assignment group
AAGArmy Auditor General
AAGU.S. Army Analytics Group
AAGSArmy air-ground system
AALadditional authorization list
AAMair-to-air missile
AAMAmerican Alliance of Museums
AAMArmy Achievement Medal
AAMauthorized aftermarket manufacturer
AAMDCArmy Air and Missile Defense Command
AAMEArmy Award for Maintenance Excellence
AAMFTAmerican Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
AANTadditional assembly for nuclear training
AAOarea action officer
AAOArmy acquisition objective
AAOArmy Addresses Online and Office Symbols Online
AAOartifact accountable officer
AAOauthorized acquisition objective
AAPAdvisory Appointment Panel
AAPAffirmative Action Program
AAPAllied administrative publication
AAPArmy alternate procedure
AAPArmy ammunition plant
AAPARTAviator Annual Proficiency and Readiness Test
AAPSaircraft accident prevention survey
AARadministrative adjustment report
AARafter action report
AARafter action review
AARAir-to-Air Refueling System
AARAmerican Association of Railroads
AARAaccess and amendment refusal authority
AARTCU.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
AARTSArmy/American Council of Education Registry Transcript System
AASanalysis of alternatives study
AASAAdministrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
AASCArmy Audiology and Speech Center
AASFArmy aviation support facility
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AATanimal assisted therapy
AATCCamphibious air traffic control center
AATFair assault task force
AATFCair assault task force commander
AAUTAadditional airborne unit training assembly
AAVamphibious assault vehicle
AAWArmy Acquisition Workforce
AAWGArmy Asymmetric Warfare Group
ABair base
ABAAmerican Bar Association
ABAappropriation and budget activity
ABAArchitectural Barriers Act
ABCArmy Business Council
ABCautomatic box conveyor
ABCAabbreviations, brevity codes, and acronyms
ABCANZAmerican, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand
ABC–CArmy Benefits Center–Civilian
ABCDArmy bulk condition-based maintenance data
ABCMRArmy Board for Correction of Military Records
ABCPArmy Band Career Program
ABCPArmy Body Composition Program
ABCSArmy Battlefield Command System
ABCTarmored brigade combat team
ABEassistant brigade engineer
ABETAccreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
ABFavailability balance file
ABFCadvanced base functional component
ABFDSAerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System
ABIDEArmy basic identity data element
ABIFArmy Banking and Investment Fund
ABISDepartment of Defense Automated Biometric Identification System
ABLammunition basic load
ABLTSAmphibious Bulk Liquid Transfer System
ABMCAmerican Battle Monuments Commission
ABMSAmerican Board of Medical Specialties
ABNauthentication block number
ABOair base opening
ABOAmerican Board of Otolaryngology
ABOArmy Budget Office
ABORArmy band operational report
ABPair battle plan
ABRArmy Board of Review
ABSamended budget submission
ABSAmerican Bureau of Shipping
ABSArmy baseline services
ABSLanimal biosafety level
ACActive Component
ACadvisory circular
ACaircraft commander
ACarmaments cooperation
ACAaccess control authority
ACAairspace control authority
ACAairspace coordination area
ACAAmerican Corrections Association
ACAarchitecture compliance assessment
ACAMSArmy Container Asset Management System
ACAMSAutomatic Continuous Air Monitoring System
ACAPAeromedical Consultant Advisory Panel
ACAPArmy Career and Alumni Program
ACASArmy Centralized Army Service Request System
ACASPArmy Civilian Acquired Skills Program
ACATacquisition category
ACAVSArmy Contractor Automated Verification System
ACBArmy Classification Battery
ACCair component commander
ACCarea coordination center
ACCArmy competitive category
ACCArmy Contracting Command
ACC or USACCU.S. Army Corrections Command
ACCAArmy Court of Criminal Appeals
ACCA or USACCAU.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals
ACCEair component coordination element
ACCESSArmy Credentialing Continuing Education Services
ACCMEAccreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
ACCORArmy Communications Security Central Office of Record
ACCPArmy Correspondence Course Program
ACCSArmy Centralized Contracts and Security Portal
ACCTarchitecture configuration control team
ACDArmy Command Language Program Manager's Database
ACDautomated cargo documentation
ACDPacquisition career development plan
ACEAmerican Council on Education
ACEanalysis and control element
ACEask, care, escort
ACE or USAACEU.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence
ACE, COE, or USACEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ACEDU.S. Army Continuing Education Division
ACEITAutomated Cost Estimating Integrated Tool
ACEOIautomated communications-electronics operating instructions
ACEPApproved Continuous Examination Program
ACERTArmy computer emergency response team
ACERTArmy contaminated equipment retrograde team
ACESArmy Continuing Education System
ACESArmy Control Enterprise System
ACE–SIask, care, escort–suicide intervention
ACFacquisition career field
ACFarea cost factor
ACFArmy College Fund
ACFPArmy Congressional Fellowship Program
ACFSBArmy Congressional Fellowship Selection Board
ACFTArmy Combat Fitness Test
ACGIHAmerican Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACGMEAccreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
ACHadvanced combat helmet
ACHannual command history
ACHArmy community hospital
ACHautomated clearing house
ACHPAdvisory Council on Historic Preservation
ACIArmy counterintelligence
ACIAAviation Career Incentive Act
ACICarms control implementation and compliance
ACIC or USACICU.S. Army Counterintelligence Command
ACICAArmy counterintelligence coordinating authority
ACIEaeromedical consultation and in-flight evaluation
ACIFArmy Central Insurance Fund
ACIMSAircraft Component Intensive Management System
ACIPAdvisory Committee on Immunization Practices
ACIPaviation career incentive pay
ACISArmy Corrections Information System
ACLallowable cabin load
ACLarthropod containment level
ACLAMAmerican College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
ACLDBArmy Central Logistics Data Bank
ACLSadvanced cardiac life support
ACMaccess control manager
ACMAfghanistan Campaign Medal
ACMaircrew member
ACMairspace coordinating measure
ACMasbestos-containing material
ACMAacquisition career management advocate
ACMOacquisition career management officer
ACMOAdvisory Committee Management Officer
ACMOArmy Configuration Management Office
ACMRArmy Court of Military Review
ACMSSannuities for certain military surviving spouses
ACNAircraft Notebook
ACOadministrative contracting officer
ACOairspace control order
ACOAllied Command Operations
ACOarea claims office
ACODactual cost of damage
ACOEArmy Communities of Excellence
ACOMArmy command
ACORalternate contracting officer's representative
ACOSassistant chief of staff
ACPair control point
ACPairspace control plan
ACPAllied communications publication
ACPArmy Campaign Plan
ACPArmy Coaching Program
ACPArmy cost position
ACPBArmy Clemency and Parole Board
ACPCArroyo Center Policy Committee
ACPDAdvisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
ACPEAssociation for Clinical Pastoral Education
ACPMactivity career program manager
ACRadvanced concepts and requirements
ACRammunition condition report
ACRarmored cavalry regiment
ACRArmy Central Registry
ACRC, CRC, or USACRCU.S. Army Crime Records Center
ACRSArmy Consolidated Records Schedule
ACRTTArmy Conference Reporting and Tracking Tool
ACSactive commissioned service
ACSadvanced civilian schooling
ACSairspace control system
ACSArmy Community Service
ACSArmy Corrections System
ACSAacquisition and cross-servicing agreement
ACSCAir Command and Staff College
ACSHAir Commodity and Special Handling
ACSPArmy campaign support plan
ACSPArmy Central Service Point
ACTadvance civilian team
ACTAmerican College Test
ACTArmy Career Tracker
ACTDadvanced concept technology demonstration
ACTEDSArmy Civilian Training, Education, and Development System
ACTPO or APOaccountable property officer
ACTSArmy Criteria Tracking System
ACUArmy combat uniform
ACUassault craft unit
ACUBArmy compatible use buffer
ACVarmored combat vehicle
ACVArmy combat vehicle
ACVCArmy commercial vehicle code
ACWPactual cost of work performed
ACWTaverage customer wait time
ADactive duty
ADair defense
ADair denial
ADarea denial
ADarmored division
ADArmy directive
AD3Eassess, decide, develop and detect, deliver, and evaluate
ADAadditional drill assembly
ADAair defense artillery
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
ADAAnti-Deficiency Act
ADAArmy Declassification Activity
ADAFCOair defense artillery fire control officer
ADAMair defense airspace management
ADAMArmy Data Auditing Manager
ADAPCPAlcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program
ADAPTalcohol and drug abuse prevention training
ADARSAutomated Drill Attendance Reporting Software
ADBArmy Data Board
ADBAwards and Decorations Branch
ADCair dimension code
ADCarea damage control
ADCArmy Data Council
ADCassistant defense counsel
ADC or USADCU.S. Army Dosimetry Center
ADCCPArmy data center consolidation plan
ADCOalcohol and drug control officer
ADCONadministrative control
ADCSair defense coordination section
ADCSArmy Dental Care System
ADCSAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff
ADCSassistant division commander for support
ADCSPRO–FDAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs–Force Development
ADDIEanalysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation
ADDRArmy Dental Digital Repository
ADEArmy data encyclopedia
ADEAAge Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
ADFArmy document format
ADFautomatic direction finder
ADFSDAerial Delivery and Field Services Department
ADGArmy Declassification Guide
ADICAlcohol Drug Intervention Council
ADLactive duty list
ADLactivities of daily living
ADLavailable to load date
ADLPArmy Distributed Learning Program
ADMacquisition decision memorandum
ADMactive duty member
ADMadmiral (Navy/Coast Guard O-10)
ADMair defense measure
ADMEactive duty medical extension
ADMGArmy Data Management Guide
ADMIN–ADOSadministrative–active duty for operational support
ADMPArmy Data Management Program
ADMRUaviation depot maintenance roundout unit
ADNLa-weighted day-night average sound level
ADOactive duty obligation
ADOArmy Digitization Office
ADORactive date of rank
ADORauthoritative database of record
ADOSactive duty for operational support
ADOS–ACactive duty for operational support–Active Component
ADOS–RCactive duty for operational support–Reserve Component
ADPArmy doctrine publication
ADPautomated data processing
ADPautomatic data processing
ADPAASArmy Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System
ADPEautomated data processing equipment
ADRairfield damage repair
ADRalternative dispute resolution
ADRautomated dosimetry report (or record)
ADRBArmy Disability Review Board
ADRBArmy Discharge Review Board
ADRPAerial Delivery Review Panel
ADRPArmy doctrine reference publication
ADSactive duty support
ADSaerial delivery support
ADSaeronautical design standard
ADSair defense sector
ADSauthoritative data source
ADS–Bautomatic dependent surveillance–broadcast
ADSCAdditional Duty Safety Course
ADSIair defense systems integrator
ADSOactive duty service obligation
ADSOadditional duty safety officer
ADSWactive duty for special work
ADTactive duty for training
ADTAadvance deposit trust account
ADTDLArmy Doctrine and Training Digital Library
ADTMCalgorithm-directed troop medical care
ADTTArmy Director for Technology Transfer
ADUSA (TE)Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (Test and Evaluation)
AdvM DRAdvanced Manufacturing Data Repository
ADVONadvanced echelon
ADWCair defense warning condition
ADZamphibious defense zone
AEaeromedical evacuation
AEassault echelon
AE or A&Eammunition and explosives
AE2SArmy Equipping Enterprise System
AEAactual expense allowance
AEAAdmiralty Extension Act
AEAArmy electronic archive
AEAArmy Enterprise Architecture
AEAassignment eligibility and availability
AEA–IMArmy Executive Agent for Insensitive Munitions
AECair eligible category
AECArmy Education Center
AECU.S. Army Evaluation Center
AECAArms Export Control Act
AECSArmy environmental cleanup strategy
AECSAutomated Entry Control System
AECTaeromedical evacuation control team
AECWArmy Expeditionary Civilian Workforce
AEDAammunition, explosives, and dangerous articles
AEFair expeditionary force
AEFAmerican Expeditionary Forces
AEFRPArmy Emergency First Responder Program
AEGArmy Equipping Guidance
AEGLacute exposure guideline level
AEIannual exchange of information
AEIarchitectural and engineering instruction
AELairborne exposure limits
AELArmy Electronic Library
AELTaeromedical evacuation liaison team
AEMMArmy Enterprise Materiel Master
AEMSArmy equipment modernization strategy
AENArmy Enterprise Network
AENCArmy Enterprise Network Council
AEOauthorized exemption official
AEODPAllied explosive ordnance disposal publication
AEODPSAutomated Explosive Ordnance Disposal Publication System
AEPAllied engineering publication
AEPSArmy electronic product support
AERacademic evaluation report
AERArmy Emergency Relief
AEROAeromedical Electronic Resource Office
AEROArmy Environmental Reporting Online
AERSArmy Educational Requirement System
AERWGArmy equipping and reuse working group
AESadvanced encryption standard
AESDArmy enterprise service desk
AESIPArmy Enterprise Systems Integration Program
AESMFArmy Enterprise Service Management Framework
AESMNSArmy Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System
AETCAir Education and Training Command
AETEacquisition education, training, and experience
AFAir Force
AFaugmentation force
AF PamAir Force pamphlet
AF SMCAir Force Space and Missile Center
AFAOapproved force acquisition objective
AFAPArmy family action plan
AFAR Army Federal Acquisition Regulation
AFARSArmy Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AFASAir Force Aid Society
AFASTAlternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test
AFATDSAdvanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFBAir Force base
AFBRAir Force Board of Review
AFCarea frequency coordinator
AFC or USAFCU.S. Army Futures Command
AFCBArmed Forces Chaplains Board
AFCCAAir Force Court of Criminal Appeals
AFCSactive federal commissioned service
AFCSAutonomous Flight Control System
AFCSMArmed Forces Civilian Service Medal
AFCTArmed Forces Classification Test
AFDArmy Functional Dictionary
AFDCBArmed Forces Disciplinary Control Board
AFEArmed Forces Entertainment
AFEMArmed Forces Expeditionary Medal
AFFFaqueous film-forming foam
AFFSArmy field feeding system
AFHAir Force handbook
AFHArmy family housing
AFHCArmy family housing construction
AFHOArmy family housing operations
AFHPSPArmed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program
AFIAir Force instruction
AFIPArmed Forces Institute of Pathology
AFITAir Force Institute of Technology
AFJIAir Force Joint instruction
AFJMANAir Force joint manual
AFMAJCOMAir Force Major Command
AFMANAir Force manual
AFMEArmed Forces medical examiner
AFMESArmed Forces Medical Examiner System
AFMISArmy Food Management Information System
AFMSArmy Force Management School
AFOAccounting and Finance Officer
AFOadvanced force operations
AFODArmy Flight Operations Detachment
AFORautomated forces
AFOSIAir Force Office of Special Investigations
AFOSIMANAir Force Office of Special Investigations manual
AFPannual funding program
AFPAK or AfPakAfghanistan Pakistan Hands
AFPDAir Force policy directive
AFPEArmy Force Projection Enterprise
AFPMBArmed Forces Pest Management Board
AFQTArmed Forces Qualification Test
AFRAir Force regulation
AFRCAir Force Reserve Command
AFRCArmed Forces recreation center
AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory
AFRMArmed Forces Reserve Medal
AFRRIArmed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
AFRSSIRArmed Forces Repository of Specimen Samples for the Identification of Remains
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFSactive federal service
AFSBArmy field support brigade
AFSBnArmy field support battalion
AFSCAir Force specialty code
AFSCArmy Facilities Standardization Committee
AFSMArmed Forces Service Medal
AFSOCAir Force Special Operations Command
AFSSautomated flight service station
AFTBArmy family team building
AFTPadditional flight training period
AFTTPAir Force tactics, techniques, and procedures
AFVTArmed Forces vision tester
AFWAAir Force Weather Agency
AGadjutant general
AG–1 (CP)Assistant Chief of Staff (Civilian Personnel)
AGARabbreviated ground accident report
AGCArmy Geospatial Center
AGC or GCU.S. Army General Counsel
AGCMArmy Good Conduct Medal
AGDAdvanced General Dentistry
AGDMaverage grade distribution matrix
AGDRBArmy Grade Determination Review Board
AGEair gas embolism
AGEArmy Geospatial Enterprise
AGLabove ground level
AGMair-to-ground missile
AGMattack guidance matrix
AGOair-ground operations
AGODepartment of the Army General Orders
AGRability group run
AGRActive Guard Reserve
AGRMISActive Guard Reserve Management Information System
AGSArmy General staff
AGSUArmy green service uniform
AGSU–MArmy green service uniform–maternity
AHattack helicopter
AHAammunition holding area
AHCassault helicopter company
AHDArmy Housing Division
AHERAAsbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
AHFArmy Historical Foundation
AHIPArmy Helicopter Improvement Program
AHJauthority having jurisdiction
AHLTAArmed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application
AHOSArmy Housing One Stop
AHPArmy Hearing Program
AHPArmy heliport
AHPArmy Historical Program
AHPAArcheological and Historical Preservation Act
AHRC, HRC, or USAHRCU.S. Army Human Resources Command
AHROArmy Historical Resources Online
AHRPArmy Housing Requirements Program
AHRPOArmy Human Research Protections Office
AHRSAttitude Heading Reference System
AHSAcademy of Health Sciences
AHSArmy Health System
AIadditional issue
AIadministrative instruction
AIair interdiction
AIArmy instructor
AIartificial intelligence
AIassignment instruction
AIassistant instructor
Aiinherent availability
AI2CArtificial Intelligence Integration Center
AIAArmy Information Architecture
AIABArmy Incentive Awards Board
AIBPCAccident Investigation Board President Course
AICArmy interoperability certification
AICPAAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIDanalytical investigation division
AIDPMOArmy Intermodal and Distribution Platform Management Office
AIEautomated installation entry
AIFadjustment in force
AIFArmy Industrial Fund
AIHAAmerican Industrial Hygiene Association
AIKassistance in kind
AILaction item list
AILAArmy integrated logistics architecture
AIMacquisition information management
AIMaeronautical information manual
AIMIaviation intensive management item
AIMSairframe inspection maintenance and sustainment
AINArmy Interoperability Network
AIOPMArmy intelligence oversight program manager
AIPaeronautical information publication
AIPassignment incentive pay
AIPDArmy Institute for Professional Development
AIPEaccredited institutions of postsecondary education
AIPH or USAIPHU.S. Army Institute of Public Health
AIPSECArmy Integrated Product Support Executive Committee
AIRFaircrew information reading file
AIRFAAmerican Indian Religious Freedom Act
AISautomated information system
AISMautomated information system manual
AITadvanced individual training
AITautomatic identification technology
AITRArmy Information Technology Registry
AJDAllied joint doctrine
AJEMArmy joint exercise manual
AJPAllied joint publication
AJTSHAutomated Joint Threat Systems Handbook
AKM Army Knowledge Management
AKMSArmy Key Management System
AKOArmy Knowledge Online
AKSSAcquisition and Technology and Logistics Knowledge Sharing System
ALAAmerican Library Association
ALAPAcquisition Leader Assessment Program
ALARAas low as reasonably achievable
ALARACTall Army activities (Army general message address)
ALCaccounting legend code
ALCAdvanced Leaders Course
ALCArmy Learning Center
ALC–CCAdvanced Leader Course Common Core
ALCE Air Force Airlift Control Element
ALCEairlift control element
ALCEArmy language and cultural enterprise
ALCPTAmerican Language Course Placement Test
ALDGallowance list-depreciation guide
ALDPArmy Leader Development Program
ALEArmy special operations forces liaison element
ALEOArmy law enforcement officer
ALERTSArmy Law Enforcement Reporting and Tracking System
ALFOODACTDepartment of Defense Hazardous Food and Non-Prescription Drug Recall System
ALIannual limit on intake
ALICCAirdrop Load Inspector Certification Course
ALLAPArmy Lessons Learned Annual Plan
ALLFArmy Lessons Learned Forum
ALLPArmy Lessons Learned Program
ALLSWArmy Lessons Learned Synchronization Workshop
ALMSArmy Learning Management System
ALOair liaison officer
ALOauthorized level of organization
ALOCair line of communication
ALPArmy Library Program
ALSaction lead sheet
ALSAdvanced Life Support
ALSalarm latching switch
ALSAadvise, support, liaise, and assess
ALSAAir Land Sea Application (Center)
ALSCArmy Library Steering Committee
ALSE aviation life support equipment
ALSOaviation life support officer
ALSPAggregate Level Simulation Protocol
ALSSAviation Life Support Systems
ALTacquisition, logistics, and technology
ALTadministrative lead time
ALT–Calternate course
ALTRValtitude reservation
ALTSArmy Loan Tracking System
AMAir Medal
AMamplitude modulation
AMAagainst medical advice
AMAAmerican Medical Association
AMBacquisition management branch
AMCair mission commander
AMCAir Mobility Command
AMCairborne mission coordinator
AMCAviation Maintenance Company
AMC or USAMCU.S. Army Materiel Command
AMC–AFAir Mobility Command–Air Force
AMCLapproved military standard transaction reporting and accounting procedure change letter
AMCMair mission coordination meeting
AMCOM or USAAMCOMU.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
AMCPArmy Music Career Program
AMCSAArmy Maritime Claims Settlement Act
AMCSSArmy military clothing sales store
AMCSUSAssociation of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States
AMDadvance medical directive
AMDair and missile defense
AMDFArmy Master Data File
AMDWSair and missile defense workstation
AMEArmy Museum Enterprise
AMEassigned mission equipping
AMEaviation medical examiner
AMEDD MEDLI–NETArmy Medical Department Medical Library and Information Network
AMEDD or USAMEDDU.S. Army Medical Department
AMEDDC&SArmy Medical Department Center and School
AMEDDPASArmy Medical Department Property Accounting System
AMeDPAllied medical publication
AMGarchitecture management group
AMHAArmy Management Headquarters Activities
AMHRRArmy Military Human Resource Record
AMIMArmy Modernization Information Memorandum
AMIOPaddiction medicine intensive outpatient program
AMIPArmy Model Improvement Program
AMLarea medical laboratory
AMLC or USAMLDU.S. Army Medical Logistics Command
AMMDBArmy manpower requirements criteria maintenance database
AMNairman (Air Force E-2)
AMOPESArmy Mobilization, Operations Planning, and Execution System
AMOSadditional military occupational specialty
AMOUTadvanced military operations in urban terrain
AMPamended mine protocol
AMPArmy materiel plan
AMPArmy mobilization plan
AMPAArmy Musician Proficiency Assessment
AMPOArmy military pay officer
AMPSAutomated Mail Postal System
AMPSAutomated Military Postal System
AMRArmy mobility review
AMRCoCArmy Munitions Requirements Council of Colonels
AMRDArmy modernization reference data
AMRGArmy Marketing and Research Group
AMRPArmy Master Range Plan
AMSAgricultural Marketing Service
AMSArmy Management Structure
AMSAarea maintenance support activity
AMSAA or USAMSAAU.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
AMSCATArmy Model and Simulation Catalog
AMSCOArmy management structure code
AMSECArmy Model and Simulation Executive Council
AMSFarea maintenance and supply facility
AMSLabove mean sea level
AMSMPArmy Model and Simulation Management Program
AMSOArmy Modeling and Simulation Office
AMSOaviation mission survivability officer
AMSPAdvanced Military Studies Program
AMTaerial mail terminal
AMTArmy modernization training
AMTaviation maintenance troop
AMTCArmy Multi-Domain Targeting Center
AMTPAviation Mobilization Training Program
AMVArmy motor vehicle
AMWRFArmy Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Fund
ANArmy Nurse Corps
AN/VRCArmy Navy vehicle radio communications
ANAAmerican Nurses Association
ANCArlington National Cemetery
ANCOCAdvanced Noncommissioned Officers Course
ANDVTadvanced narrowband digital voice terminal
ANGAir National Guard
ANGLICOair-naval gunfire liaison company
ANMCArlington National Cemetery and U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery
ANMCSanticipated not mission capable supply
ANRCAmerican National Red Cross
ANSArmy network strategy
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANW2Adaptive Networking Wideband Waveform
AOaccountable officer
AOaction officer
AOairborne operations
AOaircraft operator
AOapproving officer
AOarea of operations
AOauthorizing official
Aooperational availability
AOAadvice of obligation authority
AOAAmerican Osteopathic Association
AOAamphibious objective area
AoAanalysis of alternatives
AOAarea of application
AOAPArmy Oil Analysis Program
AOCAdvanced Operations Course
AOCair operations center
AOCarea of concentration
AOCArmy occupation code
AOCArmy Operations Center
AOCNAssembly Order Control Number
AODadministrative officer of the day
AODCAction Officer Development Course
AOFazimuth of fire
AOGArmy Operations Group
AOIarea of interest
AOLCMArmy Organizational Life Cycle Model
AOPallied ordnance publication
AORarea of responsibility
AORSAutomated Orders and Resource System
AOSArmy organization server
AOTassignment oriented training
AOTAAmerican Occupational Therapy Association
AOWGaction officer working group
APAAdministrative Procedure Act
APAaeromedical physician assistant
APAAmerican Psychological Association
APAammunition and prohibited area
APARTAnnual Proficiency and Readiness Test
APBacquisition program baseline
APCacquisition position category
APCacquisition program candidate
APCaerobic plate counts
APCarea processing center
APCarmored personnel carrier
APC or USAPCArmy Petroleum Center
APCLO or PCLOArmy privacy and civil liberties officer
APCOassociation of public safety communication officials
APCSMadult private consensual sexual misconduct
APDArmy Publishing Directorate
APDAArmy Packaging Design Activity
APDABArmy Physical Disability Appeal Board
APEammunition peculiar equipment
APEArmy program element
APELauthorized protective eyewear list
APEPAdministrative Personnel Exchange Program
APEXAdaptive Planning and Execution System
APFappropriated funds
APFassigned protection factor
APFUArmy Physical Fitness Uniform
APGAberdeen Proving Ground
APGArmy planning guidance
APGMArmy program guidance memorandum
APHISAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
APIapplication programming interface
APIarmor-piercing incendiary
APKWSadvance precision kill weapon system
APLaeromedical policy letter
APLantipersonnel landmine
APLapproved products list
APLArmy promotion list
APLITSApproved Products List Integrated Tracking System
APLSadvanced pediatric life support
APMCArmy Medical Department Professional Management Command
APMDacquisition personnel management division
APMSArmy Portfolio Management Solution
APOArmy post office
APOArmy Privacy Office
APOArmy procurement objective
APOBSAntipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System
APODaerial port of debarkation
APOEaerial port of embarkation
APORTaerial port
APPAffirmative Procurement Program
APPallied procedural publication
APPannual program plan
APPArmy Protection Program
APPArmy Publishing Program
APPLArmy prioritized protection list
APPWGArmy Packaging Policy Work Group
APRair purifying respirator
APRArmy procurement requirements
APRDArmy Personnel Records Division
APRFArmy Pulse Radiation Facility
APRNadvanced practice registered nurse
APSAdvanced Professional Series
APSArmy prepositioned stocks
APSAanalysis of product support alternatives
APSEAGArmy Physical Security Equipment Action Group
APSRaccountable property system of record
APT Army Personnel Test
APTUArmy participating test unit
APUauxiliary power unit
APVambulatory procedure visit
AQLacceptable quality level
AQPairworthiness qualification plan
AQPautomation quality plan
AQSAirworthiness Qualification Specification
AQSRAirworthiness Qualification Substantiation Record
ARArmy regulation
AR2BArmy Requirements and Resourcing Board
ARAArmy radiation authorization
ARACArmy radar approach control
ARAPArmy Readiness Assessment Program
ARATArmy reprogramming analysis team
ARAT–POArmy Reprogramming Analysis Team–Program Office
ARBArmy Resource Board
ARBAutomated Record Brief
ARBAArmy Review Boards Agency
ARCaccounting requirements code
ARCAdvanced Rider Course
ARCAir Reserve Component
ARCAmerican Red Cross
ARCArmy Recruiter Course
ARCArmy Reserve Center
ArCADIEArmy Capabilities and Architecture Development and Integration Environment
ARCAMArmy Reserve Components Achievement Medal
ARCCArmy Reserve career counselor
ARCDArmy Reserve Careers Division
ARCENT or USARCENTU.S. Army Central Command
ARCIC or USARCICU.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center
ARCISArchives and Records Centers Information System
ARCOMArmy Commendation Medal
ARCOMArmy Reserve Command
ARCOTRArmy Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon
ARCPArmy Recovery Care Program
ARCSArmy Ration Credit System
ARCSIPAutomated Requirements Computation System Initial Provisioning
ARCYBER or USARCYBERU.S. Army Cyber Command
ARDArmy Resilience Directorate
ARDArmy Resiliency Directorate
ARDECU.S. Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center
AREArmy Reserve element
ARFArmy Resource Framework
aRFIDactive radio frequency identification
ARFORArmy forces
ARFORGENArmy Force Generation
ARFPCArmy Reserve Forces Policy Committee
ARGamphibious ready group
ARGaviation readiness group
ARIArmy Research Institute
ARIautomatic reset induction
ARIautomatic return item
ARILautomatic return item list
ARIMSArmy Records Information Management System
ARIMS–CArmy Records Information Management System–Classified
ARLU.S. Army Research Laboratory
ARMantiradiation missile
ARMArmy Reserve marksman
ARMPArmy Recreation Machine Program
ARMRArmy Readiness and Mobilization Region
ARMSArmament Retooling and Manufacturing Support (Program)
ARMSArmy Readiness Management System
ARMSaviation resource management survey
ARMTAutomated Reset Management Tool
ARMTFArmy Recreation Machine Trust Fund
ARNet IIArmy Reserve Network II
ARNGArmy National Guard
ARNG-DRAArmy National Guard-Director of Religious Affairs
ARNG-HRRArmy National Guard-Strength Maintenance Division
ARNGUSArmy National Guard of the United States
AROartifact responsible officer
AROCArmy Requirements Oversight Council
ARPArmy radiation permit
ARPArmy Reactor Program
ARPA Archeological Resources Protection Act
ARPERCENU.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center
ARPLArmy resource priority list
ARPRINTArmy Program for Individual Training
ARRBArmy Requirements Review Board
ARSacute radiation syndrome
ARSArmy Relief Society
ARSCArmy Radiation Safety Council
ARSCPArmy Retiring Soldier Commendation Program
ARSICArmy Range Sustainment Integration Council
ARSNTArmy serial number tracker
ARSOArmy radiation safety officer
ARSOassistant range safety officer
ARSOACU.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command
ARSOADArmy special operations aviation detachment
ARSOFArmy special operations forces
ARSOHPArmy Radiation Safety and Occupational Health Program
ARSSTArmy space support team
ARSTAFArmy Staff
ARSTRATU.S. Army Forces Strategic Command
ARTCCair route traffic control center
ARTEPArmy Training and Evaluation Program
ARTICArmy Threat Integration Center
ARTPCArmy Research Technology Protection Center
ARTSautomated radar terminal system
ASacquisition strategy
ASactive service
ASAAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists
ASAammunition support activity
ASAArmy support activity
ASAAssistant Secretary of the Army
ASAaviation safety action
ASA (ALT)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology)
ASA (CW)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)
ASA (FM&C)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller)
ASA (I&E)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment)
ASA (IE&E)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment)
ASA (M&RA)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
ASACSadolescent support and counseling services
ASAEArmy Security Assistance Enterprise
ASAMaviation safety action message
ASAPArmy Substance Abuse Program
ASAP–XAutomated Safety Assessment Protocol–Explosives
ASARCArmy Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASASAll Source Analysis System
ASATArmy safety action team
ASATSArmy Special Access Tracking System
ASBArmy Science Board
ASBaviation support battalion
ASBCAArmed Services Board of Contract Appeals
ASBLassembled component designator
ASBPArmed Services Blood Program
ASBPOArmed Services Blood Program Office
ASBREMArmed Services Biomedical Research Evaluation and Management
ASCagency space coordinator
ASCArmy senior consultant
ASCArmy Standards Council
ASCaviation support company
ASCU.S. Army Sustainment Command
ASCCArmy service component command
ASCOPEareas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people, and events
ASDAerospace, Security and Defence Industries
ASD (EI&E)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment
ASD (GSA)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs
ASD (HA)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
ASD (HD&ASA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs)
ASD (HD&GS)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security
ASD (ISA)Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
ASD (NII)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration)
ASD (OEPP)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs
ASD (RA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)
ASD (S)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment
ASD (SO/LIC)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict)
ASDAaccountable supply distribution activity
ASDATAviation Survivability Development and Tactics
ASDP accelerated software development process
ASDRArmy Sea Duty Ribbon
ASDRSArmy Selected Reserve Dental Readiness System
ASEaircraft survivability equipment
ASEArmy Standardization Executive
ASECAerosol Simulant Exposure Chamber
ASELa-weighted sound exposure level
ASFArmy stock fund
ASFaviation support facility
ASHSAssessment System for Hazard Survey
ASIadditional skill identifier
ASICAir and Space Interoperability Council
ASIOEassociated support items of equipment
ASIPAlcohol Sellers Intervention Program
ASIPArmy Stationing and Installation Plan
ASIP–SArmy Stationing and Installation Plan–Secret
ASIVavailable site identification and validation
ASKassignment satisfaction key
ASK–EMAssignment Satisfaction Key–Enlisted Module
ASLapproved supplier list
ASLArmy senior leader
ASLauthorized stockage list
ASLANassured service local area network
ASLLArmy Strategic Language List
ASMair-to-surface missile
ASMArmy Spectrum Manager
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASMISArmy Safety Management Information System
ASMOArmy Spectrum Management Office
ASMPAmmunition Surveillance Modernization Program
ASMPArmy Spectrum Management Program
ASNCOaviation safety noncommissioned officer
ASOArmy Safety Office
ASOaviation safety officer
ASOCair support operations center
ASOHMSArmy Safety and Occupational Health Management System
ASOHPArmy Safety and Occupational Health Program
ASOSArmy support to other Services
ASOTadvanced special operations techniques
ASPAllied spectrum publication
ASPammunition supply point
ASPArmy Standardization Program
ASPArmy Strategic Plan
ASPD or SPDArmy Special Programs Directorate
ASPMOArmy Study Program Management Office
ASPPArmy Suicide Prevention Program
ASQAmerican Society for Quality
ASRacquisition strategy report
ASRairport surveillance radar
ASRalternate supply route
ASRArmy service request
ASRPAmmunition Stockpile Reliability Program
ASSEAmerican Society of Safety Engineers
AS–SIPassured services session initiation protocol
ASSISTAcquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System
ASSONaerial spray statement of need
ASSPArmy Service Strategy Panel
ASTU.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command Systems Team
ASTAGArmy science and technology advisory group
ASTARSArmy Standards Repository System
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
ASTMPArmy Science and Technology Master Plan
ASTRMArmy Strength Training Requirements Model
ASTWGArmy science and technology working group
ASUammunition storage unit
ASUArmy service uniform
ASUAArmy Superior Unit Award
ASU–MArmy service uniform–maternity
ASVarmored security vehicle
ASVABArmed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
ASWantisubmarine warfare
ASWBPLArmed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory
ATacquisition team
ATannual training
AT&Aair traffic and airspace officer
ATAactual time of arrival
ATAadditional training assembly
ATAAPSAutomated Time Attendance and Production System
ATACArmy Travelers Assistance Center
ATACMSArmy Tactical Missile System
ATAFArmy Talent Attribute Framework
ATAPArmy Talent Alignment Process
ATAVArmy total asset visibility
ATCair traffic control
ATCair traffic controller
ATCApplied Technology Council
ATCassistant trial counsel
ATC or USATCU.S. Army Training Center
ATCICAArmy theater counterintelligence coordinating authority
ATCMDadvance transportation control and movement document
ATCOalternate test control officer
ATCOassistant test control officer
ATCSair traffic control specialist
ATCTair traffic control tower
ATCTSArmy Training and Certification Tracking System
ATDactual time of departure
ATDadvanced technology demonstration
ATDArmy Telecommunications Directorate
ATDMPadvanced technology demonstration management plan
ATEautomated test equipment
ATEautomatic test equipment
ATEC or USATECU.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command
ATFamphibious task force
ATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
ATGManti-tank guided missile
ATHPammunition transfer holding point
ATIAArmy training information architecture
ATIRSArmy Test Incident Reporting System
ATISArmy Training Information System
ATISautomated terminal information service
ATLPArmy Trademark Licensing Program
ATLSadvanced trauma life support
ATLSAutomated Take-off and Landing System
ATMair-crew training manual
ATMaircrew training manual
ATMasynchronous transport mode
ATMSArmy Training Management System
ATNArmy Training Network
ATOair tasking order
ATOantiterrorism officer
ATOapproval to operate
ATOArmy technology objective
ATOauthority to operate
ATO–DArmy technology objective–demonstration
ATO–RArmy technology objective–research
ATPacceptance test procedure
ATPaircrew training program
ATPAllied technical publication
ATPammunition transfer point
ATPArmy techniques publication
ATPArmy Training Program
ATPOassociate technical project officer
ATRMPArmy Test Resources Master Plan
ATRRSArmy Training Requirements and Resources System
ATSair traffic service
ATSArmy threat simulators
ATSautomatic test systems
ATSCU.S. Army Training Support Center
ATSD (IO)Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight
ATSD (PA)Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
ATSDRAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATSPArmy Threat Simulator Program
ATSTPArmy Traffic Safety Training Program
ATTArms Trade Treaty
ATTAattention notice group All
ATTCattention notice group Caribbean and South America
ATTCAviation Technical Test Center
ATTLAair transportability test loading activity
ATTNattention notice group North America
ATTPArmy tactics, techniques, and procedures
ATTPArmy Technology Transfer Program
ATWGantiterrorism working group
AUBArmy Uniform Board
AUD Army unique data
AUFairborne use of force
AUGTDAaugmentation table of distribution and allowances
AULauthorized use/user list
AUMassessable unit manager
AUO&SCaverage unit operations and sustainment cost
AUPacceptable use policy
AUPArmy University Press
AUSArmy of the United States
AUSAAssistant U.S. Attorney
AUSAAssociation of the United States Army
AUSCANNZUKUSAustralia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States
AUTanalysis of unmatched transactions
AUTH–LINauthorized line item number
AUTLArmy Universal Task List
AUTOROSAutomated Retail Outlet System
AUVSAutomated Unit Vacancy System
AVair vehicle
AVall viewpoints
AVasset visibility
AVAPArmy Voting Assistance Program
AVCBureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance
AVCATTaviation combined arms tactical trainer
AVCCArmy Volunteer Corps Coordinator
AVCRADaviation classification repair activity depot
AVFUELaviation fuel
AVGASaviation gasoline
AVIMaviation intermediate maintenance
AVIPAnthrax Vaccine Immunization Program
AvIPaviation incentive pay
AVISCArmy Visual Information Steering Committee
AVMAAmerican Veterinary Medical Association
AvMCAviation and Missile Center
AVOILaviation oil
AVRassets versus requirements
AVUMaviation unit maintenance
AW2Army wounded warrior
AWACSAirborne Warning and Control System
AWCAir War College
AWC or USAWCU.S. Army War College
AWCFArmy working capital fund
AWCPArmy Weight Control Program
AWEadvanced warfighting experiment
AWGAmerican wire gauge
AWGAsymmetric Warfare Group
AWICAnimal Welfare Information Center
AWISairworthiness impact statement
AWOLabsent without leave
AWOSactive warrant officer service
AWPannual work plan
AWRAirworthiness Release
AWRArmy war reserve
AWRACArmy web risk assessment cell
AWRPSArmy war reserve prepositioned sets
AWRSArmy war reserve sustainment
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSArmy watercraft systems
AWSSRBArmy Weapon System Safety Review Board
AWSTArmy Water Survival Training
AWTArmy warrior training
AXOabandoned explosive ordnance
AXPambulance exchange point
AYacademic year
AYanniversary year
AYapportionment year
AZabove the zone
B&Pbid and proposal
BAbattle assembly
BAAbroad agency announcement
BACbase area code
BACblood alcohol content
BACMbase area code manager
BACMbiological agent contaminated materiel
BAEbrigade aviation element
BAGbudget activity group
BAHbasic allowance for housing
BAMCBrooke Army Medical Center
BAObrigade ammunition officer
BAQbasic allowance for quarters
BASbase operating support
BASbasic allowance for subsistence
BASDbasic active service date
BASECOMbase communications
BASOPSbase operations
BATbreath alcohol technician
BATbulk archive tool
BATSBradley Advanced Training System
BBbunker buster (munition)
BBAbusiness-based action
BBP break bulk point
BBPCTblocking, bracing, packing, crating, and tie-down
BBPOBiological Select Agents and Toxins Biorisk Program Office
BCBradley commander
BCAbase closure account
BCABritish, Canadian, and Australian
BCAbusiness case analysis
BCDbad conduct discharge
BCDbattlefield coordination detachment
BCEbase-level commercial equipment
BCFbasic core formulary
BCMbaseline correlation matrix
BCOCbase cluster operations center
BCPbase realignment and closure cleanup plan
BCRbar code reader
BCS3Battle Command Sustainment Support System
BCTbasic combat training
BCTbrigade combat team
BCUbattery coolant unit
BCWSbudgeted cost of work scheduled
BD/DRbuilding demolition/debris removal
BDAbattle damage assessment
BDACWFBoard of Directors, Army Civilian Welfare Fund
BDARbattle damage assessment and repair
BDFAbasic daily food allowance
BDObattle dress overgarment
BDOCbase defense operations center
BDUbattle dress uniform
BEABusiness Enterprise Architecture
BEARBonus Extension and Retraining Program
BEASTbenefits for education administrative services tool
BEEOBattlefield Electromagnetic Environments Office
BEIbiological exposure indices
BEIbiometrics-enabled intelligence
BEQbachelor enlisted quarters
BESbudget estimate submission
BESDbasic enlisted service date
BETbulk encryption transfer
BFSBbattlefield surveillance brigade
BFTblue force tracking
BFVBradley fighting vehicle
BGbrigadier general (Army O-7)
BGSTBradley Gunnery Skills Test
BHbehavioral health
BHAbomb hit assessment
BHLbattle handover line
BHObattle handover
BHSOCBehavioral Health System of Care
BHTCbasic hearing test clinic
BIbackground investigation
BIbattle injury
BIAbusiness impact analysis
BICBureau International des Conteneurs
BICES or USBICESU.S. Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System
BICONdouble container
BIDEbasic identity data element
BIIbasic issue item
BIILbasic issue item list
BIRbenefit investment ratio
BISbuilding information schedule
BITbuilt-in test
BITEbuilt-in test equipment
BJAbrigade judge advocate
BKBblue kill box
BLbill of lading
BLAHAbasic load ammunition holding area
BLMBureau of Land Management
BLOSbeyond line-of-sight
BLRIPbeyond low-rate initial production
BLSbasic life support
BLSWbaccalaureate level social worker
BLUFORblue forces
BMballistic missile
BMbattle management
BMAbusiness mission area
BMARbacklog of maintenance and repair
BMBLBiosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
BMCbrigade movement coordinator
BMCTbegin morning civil twilight
BMDballistic missile defense
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization
BMEbiomedical equipment specialist
BMIbody mass index
BMMborrowed military manpower
BMMPBusiness Management Modernization Program
BMNTbegin morning nautical twilight
BMObattalion maintenance officer
BMPbest management practice
BMSbalanced magnetic switch
BMTFbenchmark test files
BMTJPOBallistic Missile Targets Joint Project Office
BNAbasic needs allowance
BNCOCBasic Noncommissioned Officer Course
BNMLbattalion military liaison
BObiological opinion
BOblanket order
BOAbasic ordering agreement
BOACbilled office address code
BODbeneficial occupancy date
BODboard of directors
BOEBureau of Explosives
BOIbasis of issue
BOIPbasis of issue plan
BOIPFDbasis of issue plan feeder data
BOLCBasic Officer Leaders Course
BOMbill of material
BOPBusiness Occupancy Program
BOQbachelor officer quarters
BOSbase operations support
BOS-IBase Operating Support-Integrator
BOSSBetter Opportunities for Single Soldiers (Program)
BOTburst on target
BPbasic pay
BPbattle position
BPbudget program
BPAblanket purchase agreement
BPCBuilding Partner Capacity
BPEballistic protective eyewear
BPEDbasic pay entry date
BPLbattalion prevention leader
BPMbusiness process manual
BPR business process re-engineering
BPVIboiler and pressure vessel inspectors
BQbest qualified
BRACbase realignment and closure
BRCBasic Rider Course
BRDBiomedical Research Database
BRIG GENbrigadier general (Marine/Air Force O-7)
BRMbusiness reply mail
BRPbusiness recovery plan
BRSBlended Retirement System
BSBritish standard
BSAbasic standardization agreement
BSAbody surface area
BSAbrigade support area
BSATbiological select agents and toxins
BSBbase support battalion
BSBbrigade support battalion
BSEPBasic Skills Education Program
BSHOPBehavioral and Social Health Outcomes Program
BSIbase support installation
BSLbiosafety level
BSMBronze Star Medal
BSNCOCBattle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course
BSObiosafety officer
BSPMbiosafety program manager
BTbasic training
BTCbase transition coordinator
BTGbrigade tactical group
BTOEbase table of organization and equipment
BTRballistic test report
BTUBritish thermal units
BUIbasic unit information
BUMEDBureau of Medicine and Surgery
BUPBarracks upgrade program
BUPERSBureau of Naval Personnel
BURbottom-up reconciliation
BVLDBallistic Vulnerability/Lethality Division
BVRbeyond visual range
BVSBureau of Vital Statistics
BWCbackward capability
BWCBiological Weapons Convention
BWMbiological warfare material
BYbudget year
BZbelow the zone
BZbuffer zone
C&Dconstruction and demolition
C&Ecost and economics
C&RScalibration and repair support
C&Scommand and staff
C/SCSCcost/schedule control systems criteria
C2command and control
C2Wcommand and control warfare
C3CMcommand, control, and communications countermeasures
C3WGChaplain Corps Communication Working Group
C4Chaplain Captains Career Course
C4IMcommand, control, communications, computers, and information management
C4ISRcommand, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
C4ITcommand, control, communications, computers, and information technology
CAcertification authority
CAcivil administration
CAcivil affairs
CAcombat arms
CAcombat assessment
CAcommercial activities
CAcomprehensive agreement
CAcooperative agreement
CAcoordinating altitude
CAcorrective action
CAAClean Air Act
CAAcommercial activities analysis
CAA or USACAAU.S. Army Center for Army Analysis
CAAFcontractors authorized to accompany the force
CAATcollection and analysis team
CABCombat Action Badge
CABcombat aviation brigade
CABcombined arms battalion
CABContract Awards Board
CACcasualty assistance center
CACcommon access card
CAC or USACACU.S. Army Combined Arms Center
CACOcasualty assistance calls officer
CACOCongressional Affairs Contact Officer
CAC–TCombined Arms Center–Training
CADcall to active duty
CADcartridge actuated device
CADcomputer aided design
CADcourse administrative data
CADDCombined Arms Doctrine Directorate
CADSContainerized Ammunition Distribution System
CAEComponent Acquisition Executive
CAFCentral Adjudication Facility
CAFcompetency assessment file
CAFRSCentralized Aviation Flight Records System
CAGEcommercial and government entity
CAGECcommercial and government entity code
CAGOcontractor-acquired, government-owned
CAHConference of Army Historians
CAIcentralized accident investigation
CAIGcost analysis improvement group
CAIPTcost analysis integrated product team
CAISchemical agent identification set
CAIScivil authority information support
CAISICombat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface
CAIVcost as an independent variable
CALcritical asset list
CALLCenter for Army Lessons Learned
CALSCommittee for Ammunition Logistics Support
CAM central asset management
CAMcentralized ammunition management
CAM chemical agent monitor
CAMcombined arms maneuver
CAMcomputer aided manufacturing
CAMFEXcombined arms maneuver live fire exercise
CAOcase administering office
CAOcasualty assistance officer
CAOcentral accounting office
CAOcertifying and approving officer
CAOcivil affairs operations
CAOcontract administration office
CAOCcombined air operations center
CAOHCCouncil for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
CAPCivil Air Patrol
CAPCivil Augmentation Program
CAP College of American Pathologists
CAPcombat air patrol
CAPCommand Assessment Program
CAPComputer/Electronic Accommodations Program
CAPcontractor acquired property
CAPcrisis action planning
CAP critical acquisition position
CAPAcombat aircraft parking area
CAPDEVcapability developer
CAPEcost assessment and program evaluation
CAPITchild abuse prevention and investigation techniques
CAPSCentralized Automated Processing System
CAPSWComputerized Accounts Payable System–Windows
CAPTCaptain (Navy/Coast Guard O-6 or Marine/Air Force O-3)
CAPTcivil affairs planning team
CARcasualty assistance report
CARChief of Army Reserve
CARcorrective action request
CARAChemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives Analytical and Remediation Activity
CARBCommercial Airlift Review Board
CARCchemical agent resistant coating
CARDcost analysis requirements description
CARDScatalog of approved requirements document
CARPcomputed air release point
CARSCombat Arms Regimental System
CARSCommunications Security Account Registration System
CARVERcriticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, and recognizability
CASChemical Abstracts Service
CAScivilian acquired skills
CASclose air support
CAScustomer assistance section
CASAcivil affairs supported activities
CASACivilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army
CASAcost analysis strategy assessment
CASARMChemical Agent Standard Analytical Reference Material
CASCOM or USACASCOMU.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command
CASDCentro Alti Studi per la Difesa
CASEcomputer aided software engineering
CASEVACcasualty evacuation
CASPCompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
CASTFOREMCombined Arms and Support Task Force Evaluation Model
CATcivil affairs team
CATcrisis action team
CATSCombined Arms Training Strategy
CATTcombined arms tactical trainer
CATVcable television
CAXcombined arms exercise
CBclothing bag
CBcontingency basing
CBAcapability based assessment
CBAcost-benefit analysis
CBCChemical Biological Center
CBCcomplete blood count
CBDMchemical biological defense materiel
CBDMRPChemical Biological Defense Materiel Reliability Program
CBDMSPChemical Biological Defense Materiel Surveillance Program
CBDPChemical and Biological Defense Program
CBEcommand budget estimate
CBEcredit by examination
CBHScommunity behavioral health services
CBIRFChemical Biological Incident Response Force
CBLcommercial bill of lading
CBMcondition-based maintenance
CBMconfidence building measures
CBM+condition-based maintenance plus
CBOCongressional Budget Office
CBOLCChaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course
CBPcapabilities-based planning
CBRchemical, biological, and radiological
CBRNchemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear
CBRNDchemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense
CBRNEchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives
CBScorps battle simulation
CBS–XContinuing Balance System–Expanded
CbTcombating terrorism
CBTcomputer-based training
CBTDEVcombat developer
CBUcluster bomb unit
CBUcommodity business unit
CBVcapability-based volunteer
CCcommand counsel
CCcommon core
CCcompliance-related cleanup
CCcondition change
CCcondition code
CCAcentral collection activity
CCAcivil affairs activities
CCAcivilian-clothing allowance
CCAClinger-Cohen Act
CCAcountry container authority
CCADCorpus Christi Army Depot
CCARSSChaplain Corps Automated Religious Support System
CCBConfiguration Control Board
CCBconstruction criteria base
CCBNcontingency contracting battalion
CCCCaptain's Career Course
CCC community counseling center
CCDcentral clothing distribution
CCDcharged-coupled device
CCDFcentral clothing distribution facility
CCDRcombatant commander
CCDRcontractor cost data reporting
CCE commercial construction equipment
CCEBCombined Communications-Electronics Board
CCEIcontrolled cryptographic end item
CCEPCommercial Communications Security Endorsement Program
CCFcentral clearance facility
CCFcorrectional custody facility
CCH or DACHDepartment of the Army Chief of Chaplains
CCIcontrolled cryptographic item
CCIFCombatant Commander Initiative Fund
CCIRcommander's critical information requirement
CCISPControlled Cryptographic Item Serialization Program
CCLcombat configured load
CCLcommerce control list
CCLIcommerce control list item
CCMcentral case manager
CCMcommand chief master sergeant (Air Force E-9)
CCMConvention on Cluster Munitions
CCMBConfiguration Control Management Board
CCMCKclose combat mission capability kit
CCMDcombatant command
CCNcentral control number
CCOcontainer control officer
CCPCadet Completion Program
CCPcasualty collection point
CCPcommunications checkpoint
CCPconcept capability plan
CCPConsolidated Cryptologic Program
CCPconsolidation and containerization point
CCPcontingency command post
CCPECorrosion Control and Prevention Executive
CCPMcommand career program manager
CCQASCentralized Credentials Quality Assurance System
CCRcertificate of compelling reason
CCRconsumer confidence report
CCScash control supervisor
CCSLA or USACCSLAU.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, Communication Security Logistics Agency
CCSPCommissioning of Completion Students Program
CCSSCommodity Command Standard System
CCTcontingency contracting team
CCTFcombined chemical test facility
CCTVclosed circuit television
CCW1980 United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons
CCWOcommand chief warrant officer
CDchaplain detachment
CDclinical director
CDAcatalog data activity
CDAcommercial derivative aircraft
CDAcore depot assessment
CDAcross-domain appendix
CDAPCareer Development Aviator Program
CDAPComputer Defense Association Program
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CDCchild development center
CDCcivilian defense counsel
CDDcapability development document
CDDBcentral demand data base
CDDPCommand Deployment Discipline Program
CDEchemical defense equipment
CDEcollateral damage estimation
CDEcommitted dose equivalent
CDESCross-Domain Enterprise Service
CDIDCapability Development Integration Directorate
CDIPCombined Defense Improvement Program
CDMOCross-Domain Management Office
CDOchief data officer
CDPCooperative Degree Program
CDRcritical design review
CDRRCentral Dosimetry Records Repository
CDRSContainer Design Retrieval System
CDSchild development services
CDScontainer delivery system
CDSCorporate Dental System
CDScross-domain solution
CDSAcross-domain solution authorization
CDSEcross-domain support element
CDSOcollateral duty safety officer
CDTFChemical Defense Training Facility
CDUcluster dispenser unit
CDU command destruct unit
CEcivil engagement
CEcivilian enterprise
CEcivilian equivalent
CEcomputing environment
CEconditional exemption
CEcontinuing education
CEcontinuous evaluation
CEAclaims expenditure allowance
CEAPcertified employee assistance professional
CEBcapital expenditure budget
CECOM or USACECOMU.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command
CEDcaptured enemy document
CEDEcommitted effective dose equivalent
CEFContingency Expeditionary Force
CEFMSCorps of Engineers Financial Management System
CEGcombat equipment group
CEGSCorps of Engineers guide specifications
CELcivilian education level
CEMAcyberspace electromagnetic activities
CEMRcivilian employee medical record
CENcommunications, electronics, and navigation
CEOchief executive officer
CEPChief of Environmental Programs
CEPSARCConcept Experimentation Program Schedule and Review Council
CERcommand expenditure report
CERCLAComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
CERDECCommunications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center
CERFACommunity Environmental Response Facilitation Act
CERFPchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear & high-yield explosives enhanced response force package
CERPcommanders’ emergency response program
CERTcommunity emergency response team
CESCivilian Education System
CEScumulative enlisted service
CETPcombined education training plan
CEUcontinuing education unit
CFcarried forward
CFcauseway ferry
CFcontinuity facility
CFconventional forces
CFcopy furnished
CFACommission of Fine Arts
CFAcommunications security facility approval
CFAcontrolled firing area
CFAcritical function analysis
CFAcurrent file area
CFARcommunications security facility approval request
CFCCombined Federal Campaign
CFEConventional Armed Forces in Europe
CFFChaplain field fund
CFIUSCommittee on Foreign Investment in the United States
CFLcoordinated fire line
CFLCChaplain Family Life Center
CFLCCCoalition Forces Land Component Command
CFLCCcoalition forces land component commander
CfMconfiguration management
CFOchief financial officer
CFOSCommon Framework of Scenarios
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFScontract field services
CFSC or USACFSCU.S. Army Community and Family Support Center
CFSRcontractor field service representative
CFTcross-functional team
CFVcavalry fighting vehicle
CFXcommand field exercise
CFYcurrent fiscal year
CFZcritical friendly zone
CGcommanding general
CGcontrol group
CGACompressed Gas Association
CGCCACoast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals
CGCMRCoast Guard Court of Military Review
CGFComputer Generated Force
CGMACoast Guard Mutual Assistance
CGScommon ground station
CGSC or USACGSCU.S. Army Command and General Staff College
CGSOCCommand and General Staff Officer Course
CGSSCommand and General Staff School
CGTTPCoast Guard tactics, techniques, and procedures
CHcargo helicopter
CHcontrolled humidity
CHAcash holding authority
CHAMchild abuse manual
CHAMPConsortium for Health and Military Performance
CHAMPUSCivilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHCSComposite Health Care System
CHCSSChief, Central Security Service
CHDcorrectional holding detachment
CHEcontainer handling equipment
CHEcontinuing health education
CHESSComputer Hardware, Enterprise Software Solutions
CHNcommunity health nurse
CHOcommand history office
CHPCCommunity Health Promotion Council
CHPPM or USACHPPMU.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
CHRcivilian human resources
CHRcomponent hand receipt
CHRA or USACHRAU.S. Army Civilian Human Resources Agency
CHRNEMConsolidated Human Response Nuclear Effects Model
CHRTASCivilian Human Resources Training Application System
CHScommon hardware system
CHVPcryptographic high value product
CHVPcryptographic high value property
CIchallenge inspection
CIcivilian internee
CIcombat ineffective
CIconfiguration item
CI/CLcorrosion inhibitor/lubricity improver
CI/KRcritical infrastructure and key resources
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIA community impact analysis
CIAconfidentiality, integrity, and availability
CIABCentral Inventory Accounting Branch
CIARconversion impact analysis report
CIAVcoalition interoperability assurance and validation
CICcasualty information center
CICcontent indicator code
CICcontrolled item code
CICcorrosion inhibiting compound
CICACompetition in Contracting Act
CICAcounterintelligence coordinating authority
CICFcustomer identification and control file
CICFcustomer information control file
CIDcombat identification
CIDcommercial item description
CIDCriminal Investigation Division
CIDSCapabilities Integration and Development System
CIEclothing and individual equipment
CIEcollaborative information environment
CIFcentral issue facility
CIICcontrolled inventory item code
CIIPclothing initial issue point
CIKcryptographic ignition key
CILcritical information list
CILCritical Items List
CIMcivil information management
CIMcritical information management
CIMACommunications Security Incident Monitoring Activity
CIOChief Information Officer
CIO EBChief Information Officer Executive Board
CIOCcounter-intelligence operations cell
CIPCareer Intermission Program
CIPCombined Injury Program
CIPcommand inspection program
CIPcommon intelligence picture
CIPcritical infrastructure protection
CIPRconcept in-process review
CIRCollections Information Repository
CIRcounterintelligence incident report
CIRBCapital Investment Review Board
CIRMCritical Infrastructure Risk Management
CIScapital investment strategy
CITECenter of Industrial and Technical Excellence
CITFcriminal investigation task force
CIWGcombined injury working group
CJAclaims judge advocate
CJAcommand judge advocate
CJCSChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSIChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction
CJCSMChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manual
CJISCriminal Justice Information System
CJSOTFcombined Joint special operations task force
CJTFcombined Joint task force
C–JWICSContainerized Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
CKOchief knowledge officer
CLclerical aptitude area
CLcombat load
CLcomponent list
CLcoordination level
CLcritical language
CLAChief of Legal Assistance
CLAcore logistics analysis
CLANGcontrol language
CLATlife cycle analysis team
CLCCommand Language Council
CLEcontinuing legal education
CLEARContent Locator Examination Analysis and Reporting
CLEOConservation Law Enforcement Officer
CLEPCollege Level Examination Program
CLGchange to lower grade
CLIAClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988
CLINcontract line item number
CLIPClinical Laboratory Improvement Program
CLIPSOContract Linguist and Intelligence Program Support Office
CLLChief of Legislative Liaison
CLLcontinuous learning logistic
CLOcasualty liaison officer
CLOconsolidated legal office
CLOcountry liaison officer
CLPcommand language program
CLPMcommand language program manager
CLPPChildhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
CLRPCommand Logistics Review Program
CLRTcommand logistics review team
CLScombat lifesaver
CLScontractor logistics support
CLSSAcooperative logistics supply support arrangement
CLTcasualty liaison team
CLTcivil liaison team
CLTMcryptologic language training manager
CLUcommand launch unit
CLVconvalescent leave
CMconsequence management
CMconsolidated mail
CMcontract monitor
CMcruise missile
CMAclothing monetary allowance
CMAcompetent medical authority
CMACourt of Military Appeals
CMAU.S. Army Chemical Materials Activity
CMACCivilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services maximum allowable charge
CMAGchange management advisory group
CMAGconfiguration management advisory group
CMAOCCasualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center
CMAODCasualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Division
CMB Combat Medical Badge
CMCCommandant of the Marine Corps
CMCCommodity Manager Code
CMCcritical manufacturing capability
CMCSCommunications Security Material Control System
CMCWcase management complexity worksheet
CMDcatalog management data
CMDAUTHcommand authority
CMDPcommand maintenance discipline program
CMEcivil-military engagement
CMEcontainer management element
CMEcontinuing medical education
CMFcareer management field
CMFcentrally managed fleet
CMH or USACMHU.S. Army Center of Military History
CMIclassified military information
CMIcomponent major item
CMIFcareer management individual file
CMIFcareer management information file
CMMCapability Maturity Model
CMNCOcareer management noncommissioned officer
CMOcareer management officer
CMOcivil-military operations
CMOCcivil-military operations center
CMOSCargo Movement Operations System
CMPCivilian Marksmanship Program
CMPcollections management plan
CMPcontractor management plan
CMRconditional materiel release
CMRcontractor manpower reporting
CMRPcommand master religious plan
CMRSCommercial meter, remotely set
CMSCase Management System
CMSCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services (previously HCFA)
CMScentral monitoring station
CMScombat mission simulator
CMSAFChief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
CMSEcivil-military support element
CMSGTchief master sergeant (Air Force E-9)
CMTCCombat Maneuver Training Center
CMVcommercial motor vehicle
CMVPCryptographic Module Validation Program
CNAcomputer network attack
CNACIChild Care National Agency Check and Inquiries
CNADConference of National Armaments Directors
CNDcomputer network defense
CNDSPcomputer network defense service provider
CNEcomputer network exploitation
CNGBChief, National Guard Bureau
CNMcertified nurse midwife
CNOcasualty notification officer
CNOChief of Naval Operations
CNOcomputer network operations
CNPcandidate nomination proposal
CNPCounter Narcotics Program
CNRcombat net radio
CNSclinical nurse specialist
CNSSCommittee on National Security Systems
CNSSICommittee on National Security Systems instruction
CNSSPCommittee on National Security Systems policy
CNWDIcritical nuclear weapons design information
COcertifying official
COcommanding officer
COcyberspace operations
COAcourse of action
COADcontinued on active duty
CO–ADOScontingency operations–active duty for operational support
COARcontinued on Active Reserve
COBcommand operating budget
CoBPcode of best practice
CoCCode of Conduct
COCcombat operations center
CoCCouncil of Colonels
COCOcontractor-owned, contractor-operated
COCOMcombatant command (command authority)
CODcash on delivery
CODCommunity Operations Division
CODISCombined DNA Index System
CoECenter of Excellence
COEChief of Engineers
COEcommon operating environment
COEcontemporary operational environment
COEAcost and operational effectiveness analysis
COEIcomponent of end item
COFconduct of fire
COGcenter of gravity
COGcontinuity of government
COGconvenience of the Government
COGScost of goods sold
COIcenter of influence
COIcommunity of interest
COIcourse of instruction
COICcritical operational issues and criteria
COICcurrent operations integration cell
COLcolonel (Army, Marine, Air Force O-6)
COLAcost of living allowance
COLPROcollective protection
COLTcombat observation and lasing team
COMchief of mission
COMcollection operations management
COMCAMcombat camera
COMDTINSTCommandant instruction (U.S. Coast Guard)
COMETcommand maintenance evaluation and training
COMINTcommunications intelligence
COMNETcommunications network
COMPASSComputerized Optimization Model for Predicting and Analyzing Support Structures
COMPO 1Regular Army component
COMPO 2Army National Guard component
COMPO 3U.S. Army Reserve component
CompTIAComputing Technology Industry Association
COMSCINSTCommander, Military Sealift Command instruction
COMSECcommunications security
CoNCertificate of Networthiness
CONAUTHcontrolling authority
CONEXcontainer express
CONOPcontingency operation
CONOPSconcept of operations
CONPLANconcept plan
CONPLANcontingency plan
CONUScontinental United States
CONUSAnumbered armies of the continental United States
COOPcontinuity of operations
COPcommon operational picture
COPcommunity of practice
COPADcontractor-operated parts depots
COPARScontractor-operated parts store
COPDchronic obstructive pulmonary disease
COPEcustodian of postal effects
COPSCentralized Operations Police Suite
CORCenter for Army Lessons Learned operations report
CORCentral Office of Record
CORcontracting officer's representative
CORACertificate of Risk Acceptance
CORMcargo outturn reconciliation message
COSCenter of Standardization
COSchief of staff
COScritical occupational specialty
COSCcombat and operational stress control
COSCOMcorps support command
COSIScare of supplies in storage
COSRcombat and operational stress reaction
COTChief of Transportation
COTconsecutive overseas tour
COTACertified Occupational Therapist Assistant
COTScommercial off-the-shelf
CPcannibalization point
CPcareer program
CPcommand post
CPcontact point
CPcontinuation pay
CPAcertified public accountant
CPAChief of Public Affairs
CPAclient platform administrator
CPACCivilian Personnel Advisory Center
CPARSContractor Performance Assessment Reporting System
CPATcorrosion prevention advisory team
CPB cash per bundle
CPBACChaplaincy Program Budget Advisory Committee
CPCCampaign Participation Credit
CPCcorrosion prevention and control
CPCCrew Proficiency Course
CPCEcommand post computing environment
CPDcapability production document
CPDcommand preference designation
CPDTcadet professional development training
CPEclinical pastoral education
CPEcontinuing professional education
CPEA or USACPEAU.S. Army Civilian Personnel Evaluation and Analysis Office
CPFFcost plus a fixed fee
CPGclinical practice guideline
CPGconnection process guide
CPIconsumer price index
CPIcritical program information
CPIFcost plus incentive fee
CPIPTcost performance integrated product team
CPLcorporal (Army/Marine E-4)
CPLANcommand plan
CPMcareer program manager
CPMcomputer programming manual
CPMCcapital purchases and minor construction
CPMOScareer progression military occupational specialty
CPOchief petty officer (Navy/Coast Guard E-7)
CPOcivilian personnel office (or officer)
CPOcivilian protection order
CPOclaims processing office
CPOCCivilian Personnel Operations Center
CPOCcontinuity of operations point of contact
CPOLCivilian Personnel On-Line
CPPcamouflage painting pattern
CPPcooperative program personnel
CPPNcapability priorities for partner nations
CPRPChemical Personnel Reliability Program
CPRPFSCorporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety
CPScapacitance proximity sensor
CPSChild Protective Services
CPScustomer payment solution
CPSCU.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSOclient platform security officer
CPTcaptain (Army O-3)
CPUcentral processing unit
CPVcounterpart visit
CPXcommand post exercise
CQcharge of quarters
CQMclinical quality management
CQMPclinical quality management program
cQuiPcloud equipping
CRcarrier recovery
CRcivil reconnaissance
CRcontinuing resolution
CRcourt reporter
CR2CCommander’s Ready and Resilient Council
CRAclothing replacement allowance
CRACongressional Review Act
CRAcontinuing resolution authority
CRADAcooperative research and development agreement
CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
CRBCost Review Board
CRBWGcost review board working group
CRCCase Review Committee
CRCcontinental U.S. replacement center
CRCcontrol and reporting center
CRC or USACRCU.S. Army Combat Readiness Center
CRDcapability requirements document
CRDPConcurrent Retired and Disability Pay
CREEPcontainer, restraint, energy absorption, environment, post-crash factors
CREWcounter radio-controlled improvised explosive device electronic warfare
CRFcryptographic repair facilities
CRGcompliance review group
CRGContingency Response Group
CRIMINTcriminal intelligence
CRISPComputer Retrieval of Information of Scientific Projects
CRLCMPcomputer resources life cycle management plan
CRMchaplaincy resources manager
CRMcollection requirements management
CRMcomment resolution matrix
CRMcomposite risk management
CRMcounterfeit risk management
CRMcultural resources manager
CRMcustomer relationship management
CRMLcounterfeit risk management lead
CRMPLcounterfeit risk management policy lead
CRNAcertified registered nurse anesthetist
CROcarded for record only
CROchild removal order
CROPcontainer roll-in/roll-out platform
CRPcentral receiving point
CRPcommunity relations plan
CRRCConstruction Requirements Review Committee
CRScareer readiness standard
CRSchronic radiation syndrome
CRScontingency retention stock
CRSCcombat-related special compensation
CRSPcentralized receiving and shipping point
CRTCongressional response team
CRTcontingency response team
CRTCCold Regions Test Center
CRUcomputer resource utilization
CScall sign
CScivil support
CScombat support
CScompetition sensitive
CScompliance statement
CSAChief of Staff of the Army
CSAcognizant security authority
CSAcommunications service authorization
CSAcorps storage area
CSARcombat search and rescue
CSBCareer Status Board
CSBcareer status bonus
CSBConfiguration Steering Board
CSBcontracting support brigade
CSBMconfidence and security building measures
CSCCase Study Committee
CSCcivilian support center
CSCCommand Safety Council
CSCcomputer software component
CSCConvention for Safe Containers
CSCconvoy support center
CSCcustomer supply center
CSDPCommand Supply Discipline Program
CSECenter for Software Engineering
CSEcombat support element
CSEcontractor support element
CSELc-weighted sound exposure level
CSEPPChemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
CSF2Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (Program)
CSfCCommercial Solutions for Classified (Program)
CSG contract security guard
CSHcombat support hospital
CSIcritical safety item
CSIPcontract support integration plan
CSLcentralized selection list
CSLCorporative Security Location
CSLA or USACSLAU.S. Army Communications Security Logistics Activity
CSLMOCivilian Senior Leader Management Office
CSMcommand security manager
CSMcommand sergeant major (Army E-9)
CSMAPCommand Sergeant Major Advisory Panel
CSMRconditional software materiel release
CSMScombined support maintenance shop
CSOcustomer support office
CSPCareer Skills Program
CSPchemical site plan
CSPconcurrent spare parts
CSPConfiguration Support Panel
CSPcounterintelligence scope polygraph
CSPOcontracting support operations
CSRcertification summary report
CSRconditional software release
CSRcontrolled supply rate
CSRSCivil Service Retirement System
CSSCentral Security Service
CSSchemical safety submission
CSScombat service support
CSSconstant surveillance service
CSSAMOcombat service support automation management office
CSSBcombat sustainment support battalion
CSSERcommander’s suspected suicide event report
CSSLcontainerized self service laundry
CSSOcontractor special security officer
CSSPcybersecurity service provider
CSTACombat Systems Test Activity
CTcombat table
CTcommon tier
CTcomputed tomography
CTcustomer test
CT&Ecertification, test, and evaluation
CTAchief trial attorney
CTAcommon table of allowances
CTCcombat training center
CTCDCombat Training Center Directorate
CTCNconsolidation transportation control number
CTCODEcontrol code
CTCPcombat trains command post
CTEcontinuous tractive effort
CTEcooperative test and evaluation
CTEAcost and training effectiveness analysis
CTEIPCentral Test and Evaluation Investment Program
CTFcode table file
CTFcorrectional treatment file
CTFPCombating Terrorism Fellowship Program
CTGcommand training guidance
CTIcontrolled technical information
CTIPcombatting trafficking in persons
CTLcomposite threat list
CTLAcustomer transaction ledger account
CTLTcadet troop leader training
CTMcentral tool manager
CTOcommercial travel office
CTPCertification Training Program
CTPcommon tactical picture
CTPCoordinated Test Program
CTPcritical technical parameters
CTRcontinuous technology refreshment
CTRcooperative threat reduction
CTSF central technical support facility
CTTcommon task test
CTTAcertified tempest technical authority
CTTSOCombating Terrorism Technical Support Office
CTUconsolidated table of organization and equipment update
CUcolumn update
C–UAScounter-unmanned aircraft system
CUIcommon user interface
CUIcontrolled unclassified information
CULcommon user logistics
CULTcommon-user land transportation
CUSRcommand unit status report
CVCcalibration, verification, and certification
CVCcombat vehicle crewman
CVEcombat vehicle evaluation
CVRcockpit voice recorder
CVScardiovascular screening
CVScommercial vending services
CVSPCardiovascular Screening Program
CWchemical warfare
CWchemical weapons
CWcivil works
CW2chief warrant officer 2 (Army W-2)
CW3chief warrant officer 3 (Army W-3)
CW4chief warrant officer 4 (Army W-4)
CW5chief warrant officer (Army W-5)
CWAchemical warfare agent
CWA Clean Water Act
CWCChemical Weapons Convention
CWDFchemical weapons destruction facility
CWEcurrent working estimate
CWFCivilian Welfare Fund
CWGcontinuity of operations working group
CWMchemical warfare materiel
CWMDcountering weapons of mass destruction
CWOcustomer work order
CWO2chief warrant officer 2 (Navy/Coast Guard/Marine W-2)
CWO3chief warrant officer 3 (Navy/Coast Guard/Marine W-3)
CWO4chief warrant officer 4 (Navy/Coast Guard/Marine W-4)
CWO5chief warrant officer 5 (Navy/Coast Guard/Marine W-5)
CWOCChief Warrant Officer of the Corps
CWPCoalition Warfare Program
CWScompressed work schedule
CWSTCombat Water Survival Test
CWTcustomer wait time
CYcalendar year
CYchild and youth
CYcurrent year
CYPPPChild and Youth Personnel Pay Program
CYSChild and Youth Services
CYSchild, youth, and school
CZcombat zone
CZM coastal zone management
CZTEcombat zone tax exclusion
D&ADiscipline and Adjustment (Board)
D&Fdetermination and findings
D3Adecide, detect, deliver, and assess
D3SOEdenied, degraded, or disrupted space operational environment
DADepartment of the Army
DAdirect action
DADirector of Administration
DA FormDepartment of the Army form
DA PamDepartment of the Army pamphlet
DA SECDepartment of the Army Secretariat
DA&EDirector, Assessment and Evaluation
DA&MDirector of Administration and Management
DAAdesignated accrediting authority
DAAdesignated approval authority
DAADBDepartment of the Army Active Duty Board
DAADCdeputy area air defense commander
DAAMS Depot Area Air Monitoring System
DAASDefense Automatic Addressing System
DAASADeputy Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
DABDefense Acquisition Board
DABSHCDepartment of the Army Biological Safety and Health Council
DACData and Analysis Center
DACdefense acquisition challenge
DACDepartment of the Army Civilian
DACderived air concentration
DAC or USADACU.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center
DACAPDepartment of the Army Cryptographic Access Program
DACASCDepartment of the Army Chemical Agent Safety Council
DACGdeparture airfield control group
DACMDirector, Acquisition Career Management
DACORBDepartment of the Army Conscientious Objector Review Board
DACPDepartment of the Army Civilian Police
DACP/SGDepartment of the Army Civilian Police and Security Guard (Program)
DADDefense Appellate Division
DADEDepartment of the Army directed event
DAEDefense Acquisition Executive
DA–ECDepartment of the Army Expeditionary Civilian
DAESDefense Acquisition Executive summary
DAFIFDigital Aeronautical Flight Information File
DAFLdirective authority for logistics
DAFRCDepartment of the Army Fellowship Review Committee
DAGdata authentication group
DAGDefense Acquisition Guidebook
DAHASDepartment of the Army Historical Advisory Subcommittee
DAHSUMDepartment of the Army Historical Summary
DAIDirector of Army Instruction
DAIICODepartment of the Army Intergovernmental and Intragovernmental Committee officer
DAIM–ODODepartment of the Army Installation Management–Operations Directorate Operations Division
DALdefended asset list
DAMdemolition attack munition
DAMIRDefense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval
DAMISDrug and Alcohol Management Information System
DAMPLDepartment of the Army Master Priority List
DAMPSDepartment of the Army Mobilization Processing System
DAMVIPDPDepartment of the Army Multimedia/Visual Information Production and Distribution Program
DANTESDefense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support
DAOdefense attaché office
DAPEDirector of Program Analysis and Evaluation
DAPMISDepartment of the Army Photograph Management Information System
DAPRCDepartment of the Army Periodicals Review Committee
DARdaily activity report
DARDefense Access Road
DARADDeviation Approval and Risk Acceptance Document
DARBDefense Acquisition Review Board
DARICDefense Automation Resources Information Center
DARMSDevelopmental Army Readiness and Mobilization System
DARNGDirector, Army National Guard
DARPDefense Access Road Program
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARPAINSTDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency instruction
DARPLDynamic Army Resource Priority List
DARRDepartment of the Army regional representative
DARSDefense Acquisition Regulations System
DARTDepartment of the Army Retention Training
DARTdisaster assistance response team
DARTSDeployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software
DAS Director of the Army Staff
DASA (CP)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civilian Personnel)
DASA (DE&C)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation
DASA (FO)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Operations)
DASA (I&E)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Inclusion and Equity)
DASA (I&H)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Housing)
DASA (P)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Procurement
DASA (R&T)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology
DASA (RB)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Review Boards)
DASA (S)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Sustainment
DASA–CEDeputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics
DASA–ESOHDeputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health
DASAFDirector of Army Safety
DASCDefense Acquisition System Coordinator
DASCDepartment of the Army systems code
DASCdirect air support center
DASD (CBD)Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense
DASD (DC&MA)Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Defense Continuity and Mission Assurance
DASEdefense against sound equipment
DASEBDepartment of the Army Suitability Evaluation Board
DASGDepartment of the Army security guard
DASHOdesignated agency safety and health official
DASMDeputy for Acquisition and Systems Management
DASOHACDepartment of the Army Safety and Occupational Health Advisory Council
DATAdrawing for Army training aids
DATTdefense attaché
DAUDefense Acquisition University
DAWFDepartment of the Army Welfare Fund
DAWIADefense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DBDDdatabase design document
DBIDSDefense Biometric Identification System
DBMSdatabase management system
DBOFDefense Business Operating Fund
DBPdrawbar pull
DBSdefense business system
DBSMCDefense Business System Management Committee
DCdefense counsel
DCDental Corps
DCdeputy commander
DCdislocated civilian
DC3Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center
DCADefense Communications Agency
DCAdefense cooperation agreement
DCAdefensive counterair
DCAdeputy commander for administration
DCADirector of Community Activities
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DCACdemilitarization chemical agent concentrator
DCAIdigital collection analysis and integration
DCAPDefense Counsel Assistance Program
DCAPEDirector, Cost Analysis and Program Evaluation
DCASDefense Counterintelligence and Security Agency Consolidated Adjudication Services
DCBdollar cost banding
DCCdental clinic command
DCCDirect Commission Course
DCCHDeputy Chief of Chaplains
DCCSdeputy commander for clinical services
DCDDirector of Combat Developments
DCEdefense coordinating element
DCGdeputy commanding general
DCGLderived concentration guideline level
DCGSDistributed Common Ground/Surface System
DCGS–ADistributed Common Ground System–Army
DCIdefense critical infrastructure
DCIDirector of Central Intelligence
DCIDDirector of Central Intelligence directive
DCIIDefense Central Investigations Index
DCIMdata center inventory management
DCIPDefense Critical Infrastructure Program
DCIPSDefense Casualty Information Processing System
DCIPSDefense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System
DCIPS–ALDefense Casualty Information Processing System–Autoload
DCIPS–CFDefense Casualty Information Processing System–Casualty Forward
DCIPS–CMDefense Casualty Information Processing System–Case Management
DCIPS–CRDefense Casualty Information Processing System–Casualty Report
DCIPS–PCRDefense Casualty Information Processing System–Personnel Casualty Report
DCISdesign criteria information system
DCLLDivision Command Lessons Learned
DCMdirector of civilian marksmanship
DCMADefense Contract Management Agency
DCMARDefense Contract Management Agency regulation
DCMODemilitarization Code Management Office
DCMODeputy Chief Management Officer (do not use, disestablished 10-1-2021)
DCMSDemilitarization Code Management System
DCNdeputy commander for nursing
DCOdefense coordinating officer
DCOdefense cost office
DCOdefensive cyberspace operations
DCOdeputy commanding officer
DCOdesignated commanding officer
DCO–IDMdefensive cyberspace operations–internal defensive measures
DCO–RAdefensive cyberspace operation response action
DCPDebit Card Program
DCPDegree Completion Program
DCPdepartment control point
DCPCdirect combat position code
DCPDSDefense Civilian Personnel Data System
DCPH–ADefense Centers for Public Health–Aberdeen
DCRdocument control register
DCSdefense courier service
DCSDeputy Chief of Staff
DCSdirect commercial sales
DCSADefense Counterintelligence and Security Agency
DCSADeputy Chief of Staff for Ammunition
DCSCDefense Construction Supply Center
DCSLOGDeputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSOPSDeputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
DCSRMDeputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management
DCSSdeclination of continued service statement
DCWFDepartment of Defense Cyberspace Workforce Framework
DDdecision document
DDdishonorable discharge
DD FormDepartment of Defense form
DD/EFTdirect deposit/electronic fund transfer
DDDDefense Distribution Depot
DDDSDefense Data Dictionary System
DDEdeep dose equivalent
DDESBDepartment of Defense Explosives Safety Board
DDESSDepartment of Defense domestic dependent elementary and secondary schools
DDLdelegation of disclosure authority letter
DDMSDepartment of Defense Discovery Metadata Specification
DDOdeputy disbursing officer
DDP demand development period
DDP distribution drop point
DDPCDefense Demilitarization Program Course
DDPSSdepartment-determined personnel security status
DDRdisarmament, demobilization, and reintegration
DDRdrug demand reduction
DDR&EDirector, Defense Research and Engineering
DDRSDefense Data Repository System
DDSdeployable disbursing system
DDS director of dental services
DEdecedent effects
DEdirected energy
DEAdata exchange annex
DEADeployment Excellence Award
DEADrug Enforcement Administration
DEBDeputy Executive Board
DECADefense Commissary Agency
DECCDefense Enterprise Computing Center
DEEDefense Enterprise Email
DEERSDefense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEFDeployment Expeditionary Force
DEHDirector of Engineering and Housing
DELPDefense English Language Program
DENIXDefense Environmental Network and Information Exchange
DENTACU.S. Army Dental Health Activity
DEOMIDefense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
DEPDelayed Entry Program
DEPDistance Education Program
DEPEXdeployment exercise
DEPMEDSDeployable Medical System
DEPORDdeployment order
DEPSECDEFDeputy Secretary of Defense
DERdata engineering resource
DERAdefense environmental restoration account
DERGdevolution emergency response group
DEROSdate eligible for return from overseas
DERPDefense Environmental Restoration Program
DESdata encryption standard
DESDirector of Executive Services
DESDirectorate of Emergency Services
DESDirectorate of Evaluation and Standardization
DESDisability Evaluation System
DESDistribution Execution System
DESCDefense Energy Support Center
DESMFDefense Enterprise Services Management Framework
DETdisplaced equipment training
DEVCOMU.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command
DEVCOM SCDEVCOM SC-U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center
DEVLIBdevelopment library
DFdirection finding
DFAdining facility attendant
DFACdining facility
DFARDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation
DFARSDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service
DFAS–CLDefense Finance and Accounting Service–Cleveland Center
DFAS–DEDefense Finance and Accounting Service–Denver Center
DFAS–INDefense Finance and Accounting Service–Indianapolis
DFBADefense Forensics and Biometrics Agency
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross
DFEdynamic force employment
DFLPDefense Foreign Language Program
DFM Secretary of Defense for the Defense of Freedom Medal
DFOdesignated Federal officer
DFOIPODefense Freedom of Information Act Policy Office
DFRdropped from rolls
DFREDefense Fuel Region Europe
DFRIFDefense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet
DFSdropped from the strength
DFSCDefense Forensic Science Center
DFSCDefense Fuel Supply Center
DFSCOORDdeputy fire support coordinator
DFSPDefense Fuel Supply Point
DFTdeployment for training
DFTDivision of Forensic Toxicology
DFWdrug-free federal workplace
DGdeath gratuity
DGdesign guide
DGSCDefense General Supply Center
DHdecision height
DHADefense Health Agency
DHAPDeployment Health Assessment Program
DHF demand history file
DHFNdirect hire, foreign national
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
DHPDefense Health Program
DHRDirector of Human Resources
DHSDefense Human Intelligence Service
DHSdirector of health services
DHSU.S. Department of Homeland Security
DIdata identifier
DIdata interchange
DIdocument integrator
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIACAPDefense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process
DIADDefense Intelligence Agency directive
DIBdefense industrial base
DIBRSDefense Incident-Based Reporting System
DICdependency and indemnity compensation
DICdocument identifier code
DIDdata item description
DIEMSdate initially entered military service
DIFdeficiency investigation file
DIIDefense Information Infrastructure
DIIP–RDefense Inactive Item Program–Redesign
DIMADepartment of Defense intelligence mission area
DIMAdrilling individual mobilization augmentee
DIMOCDefense Imagery Management Operations Center
DINFOSDefense Information School
DINSDepartment of Defense Internet Notice to Airmen Distribution System
DIOdefense intelligence officer
DIREPdirect reporting
DIRLAUTHdirect liaison authorized
DIRNSADirector, National Security Agency
DISDefense Investigative Service
DISDirector of Installation Support
DISdistributed interactive simulation
DISADefense Information Systems Agency
DISACDefense Information Systems Agency circular
DISAMDefense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISC4Director of Information Systems for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
DISCODefense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISCOMdivision support command
DISESDefense Intelligence Senior Executive Service
DISLDefense Intelligence Senior Leaders
DISNDefense Information Systems Network
DISRDepartment of Defense Information Technology Standards Registry
DIST SPdistribution specialist
DITMSDefense Information Technology Management System
DITPRDepartment of Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository
DITSCAPDepartment of Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DIVARTYdivision artillery
DJAGDeputy Judge Advocate General
DJMSDefense Joint Military Pay System
DJMS–ACDefense Joint Military Pay Systems–Active Component
DLdecimal locator
DLdistance learning
DLdistributed learning
DLADefense Logistics Agency
DLAdislocation allowance
DLABDefense Language Aptitude Battery
DLA–DSDefense Logistics Agency–Disposition Services
DLAIDefense Logistics Agency instruction
DLAPDefense Language Action Panel
DLARDefense Logistics Agency regulation
DLA–TSDefense Logistics Agency–Troop Support
DLCDistributed Leaders Course
DLHdirect labor hours
DLIDefense Language Institute
DLICdetachment left in contact
DLIELCDefense Language Institute English Language Center
DLIFLCDefense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
DLISDefense Logistics Information Service
DLITEDepartment of Defense Language Interpretation and Translation Enterprise
DLMDefense Logistics Management
DLMDefense Logistics Manual
DLMdepot-level maintenance
DLMSDefense Logistics Management standard
DLMSDefense Logistics Management System
DLPCDemilitarization Life Cycle Planning Center
DLPCSdate of last permanent change of station
DLPEdate of last physical examination
DLPTDefense Language Proficiency Test
DLPT5–CADefense Language Proficiency Test 5–Computer Adaptive
DLRdepot-level reparable
DLSDistributed Learning System
DLSCDefense Language Steering Committee
DMdata management
DMADefense Media Activity
DMARdeferred maintenance and repair
DMCdefense movement coordinator
DMCdesignated military commander
DMCdistribution management center
DMDCDefense Manpower Data Center
DMEdistance measuring equipment
DMFOdefense medical facilities office
DMGdistinguished military graduate
DMIdepot maintenance inter-service
DMLSSDefense Medical Logistics Standard Support
DMMdiscarded military munitions
DMMU.S. Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual
DMMCdivision materiel management center
DMMWdepot maintenance mobilization workload
DMNdocument management number
DMOdesignated management official
DMOdirected military overstrength
DMOdiving medical officer
DMOCDistinguished Member of the Corps
DMOPSDepot Maintenance Operations Planning System
DMORDistinguished Member of the Regiment
DMOSduty military occupational specialty
DMPEdepot maintenance plant equipment
DMPMDirector of Military Personnel Management
DMPODefense Military Pay Office
DMSDefense Mapping School
DMSDefense Message System
DMSdistinguished military student
DMSLdistribution management sublevel
DMSMDefense Meritorious Service Medal
DMSMSdiminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages
DMSODefense Modeling and Simulation Organization
DMSPdepot maintenance support plan
DMTdiving medical technician
DMWDdepot maintenance workload distribution
DMWRdepot maintenance work requirement
DMWRDirector, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
DMZdemilitarized zone
DNADefense Nuclear Agency
DNACIDepartment of Defense National Agency Check with Inquiries
DNAINSTDefense Nuclear Agency instruction
DNBIdisease and nonbattle injury
DNECDirector, Network Enterprise Center
DNIDirector of National Intelligence
DNIFduties not to include flying
DNRdo not resuscitate
DNSCDefense National Stockpile Center
DNWSDefense Nuclear Weapons School
DOdisbursing officer
DOAdead on arrival
DOBdate of birth
DOCdirector of contracting
DOCU.S. Department of Commerce
DoDDepartment of Defense
DoD FMRDepartment of Defense Financial Management Regulation
DoDAACDepartment of Defense activity address code
DoDAADDepartment of Defense Activity Address Directory
DoDACDepartment of Defense Ammunition Code
DoDAFDepartment of Defense Architecture Framework
DoDDDepartment of Defense directive
DoDDSDepartment of Defense Dependents' School
DoDEADepartment of Defense Education Activity
DoD–ECDepartment of Defense Expeditionary Civilian
DoDESSDepartment of Defense Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools
DoDIDepartment of Defense instruction
DoDICDepartment of Defense identification code
DoDIDDepartment of Defense identification
DoDIGDepartment of Defense Inspector General
DoDIISDepartment of Defense Intelligence Information System
DoDIMDepartment of Defense official intratheater mail
DoDINDepartment of Defense information network
DoDIN–ADepartment of Defense information network–Army
DoDMDepartment of Defense manual
DoDMERBDepartment of Defense Medical Examination Review Board
DoDMWDVSDepartment of Defense Military Working Dog Veterinary Service
DoDSA/LWSPDepartment of Defense Small Arms/Light Weapons Serialization Program
DoDSERDepartment of Defense Suicide Event Report
DoDVSADepartment of Defense Veterinary Service Activity
DOEU.S. Department of Education
DOEU.S. Department of Energy
DOEHRSDefense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System
DOEHRS–HCDefense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System–Hearing Conservation
DOEHRS–HC DRDefense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System–Hearing Conservation Data Repository
DOEHRS–IHDefense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System–Industrial Hygiene
DOHADefense Office of Hearings and Appeals
DOHRSDefense Occupational Health Readiness System
DOIU.S. Department of the Interior
DOIMDirector of Information Management
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOLdirector of logistics
DOLU.S. Department of Labor
DOMEXdocument and media exploitation
DONDepartment of the Navy
DOPMADefense Officer Personnel Management Act
DORdate of rank
DOSdays of supply
DOSDepartment of State
DOTdirector of training
DOTU.S. Department of the Treasury
DOTU.S. Department of Transportation
DOTMLPFdoctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities
DOTMLPF–Pdoctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy
DOTSDepartment of Defense Intelligence Information System One Way Transfer Service
DOX–Tdirect operating exchange–tactical
DPdecision point
DPdeparture procedure
DPdisplaced person
DPAdanger pay allowance
DPAdata processing activity
DPADefense Production Act
DPA&EDirector, Program Analysis and Evaluation
DPAADefense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency
DPAMMHdirect-productive annual maintenance manhours
DPASDefense Priorities and Allocation System
DPASDefense Priorities and Allocations System
DPASDefense Property Accountability System
DPCADirector of Personnel and Community Activities
DPCLFDDefense Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Freedom of Information Act Directorate
DPDSDefense Property Disposal Service
DPE Demilitarization Protective Ensemble
DPEPDefense Personnel Exchange Program
DPGdefense planning guidance
DPHDirector of Psychological Health
DPIdata processing installation
DPICMdual-purpose improved conventional munitions
DPMDiplomatic Pouch and Mail Division
DPMdirect procurement method
DPMAPDepartment of Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program
DPMODeployment Process Modernization Officer
DPOBdate and place of birth
DPPDedicated Procurement Program
DPPGDefense Packaging Policy Group
DPRBDefense Planning and Resources Board
DPSCDefense Personnel Support Center
DPTDirector of Plans and Training
DPTduty performance test
DPTMSDirectorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security
DPWDepartment of Public Works
DQaeromedical disqualification
DQdata quality
DQMdata quality management
DRdecision review
DRdisaster recovery
DRdisposition of remains
DRASDefense Retired and Annuitant Pay System
DRBDefense Resources Board
DRBdivision ready brigade
DRCDental Readiness Classification
DRCdirect reporting command
DRCHdirect charge agreement
DRCSDirector of Reserve Component Support
DRDdisposal release denial
DREdeployment readiness exercise
DREDirector of Religious Education
DRENDefense Research and Engineering Network
DRGdiagnosis related group
DRGLdistinctive religious group leader
DRLdosimetric reference level
DRMIDefense Resources Management Institute
DRMODefense Reutilization and Marketing Office
DRMSDefense Reutilization and Marketing Service
DROdental readiness officer
DROdisposal release order
DROSdate returned from overseas
DROTdaily register of transactions
DRRdesign readiness review
DRRSDefense Readiness Reporting System
DRRS–ADefense Readiness Reporting System–Army
DRSNDefense Red Switched Network
DRUdirect reporting unit
DSdata steward
DSdirect support
DSdistributed simulations
DSdrill sergeant
DS/GSdirect support/general support
DSAADefense Security Assistance Agency
D–SAACPDepartment of Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program
DSAWGDefense Security/Cybersecurity Authorization Working Group
DSBdivision sustainment brigade
DSCdefense supply center
DSCdefensive space control
DSCdigital source collector
DSCDistinguished Service Cross
DSCADefense Security Cooperation Agency
DSCAdefense support of civil authorities
DSCPDefense Supply Center Philadelphia
DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System
DSEdata services environment
DSFLSDirector, Soldier and Family Legal Services
DSIDefense Simulation Internet
DSIPdiver skill incentive pay
DSJAdeputy staff judge advocate
DSLDPDefense Senior Leader Development Program
DSMdata source matrix
DSMdata strategy metric
DSMdeceased Servicemember
DSMdecision support matrix
DSMDiagnostic and Statistical Manual
DSMDistinguished Service Medal
DSNDefense Switched Network
DSORdepot source of repair
DSPDefense Standardization Program
DSPAdeployment stock package analyzer
DSR Discontinued Service Retirement
DSR document status report
DSRMdesk side reference manual
DSSDefense Security Service
DSSdeputy state surgeon
DSSdirect support system
DSSMDefense Superior Service Medal
DSSNdisbursing station symbol number
DSSRDepartment of State Standardized Regulation
DSTdecision support template
DSTDecision Support Tool
DSTBdivision sustainment troops battalion
DSTS–GDefense Information Systems Network Satellite Transmission Services–Global
DSUdirect support unit
DTdevelopmental test
DTdevelopmental testing
DTdynamic targeting
DT&Edevelopmental test and evaluation
DT/OTdevelopment test/operational test
DTAdata transfer agent
DTASDeployed Theater Accountability System
DTCdrug testing coordinator
DTCPdrug testing collection point
DTDdigital topographic data
DTDdocument type definition
DTEDdigital terrain elevation data
DTFdental treatment facility
DTGdate-time group
DTICDefense Technical Information Center
DTMdata transfer module
DTMdirective-type memorandum
DTMODefense Travel Management Office
DTMSDigital Training Management System
DTOdefense technology objective
DTOdivision transportation officer
DTPDelayed Training Program
DTPdetailed test plan
DTPdrug testing program
DTRDefense Transportation Regulation
DTRDefense Travel Regulations
DTRdetailed test report
DTRdignified transfer of remains
DTRADefense Threat Reduction Agency
DTRRdevelopmental test readiness review
DTRSdevelopmental test readiness statement
DTSDefense Transportation System
DTSDefense Travel System
DTSADefense Technology Security Administration
DTTdoctrine and tactics training
DTTSDefense Transportation Tracking System
DTTSGDefense Test and Training Steering Group
DUdepleted uranium
DUdwelling unit
DUIdistinctive unit insignia
DUICderivative unit identification code
DUNSdata universal numbering system
DUSADeputy Under Secretary of the Army
DUSA (OR)Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (Operations Research)
DUSDDeputy Under Secretary of Defense
DUSTWUNduty status-whereabouts unknown
DVdistinguished visitor
DVCDistrict Veterinary Command
DVDdirect vender delivery
DVIANDefense visual information activity number
DVIDSDefense Video and Imagery Distribution System
DVITdomestic violence intervention training
DVQdistinguished visitor quarters
DVSDefense Vision Services
DVVRPDomestic Violence Victim Representation Program
DWCADefense Workforce Certification Application
DWCFDefense Working Capital Fund
DWCF–ADefense Working Capital Fund–Army
DWGdivestiture working group
DWPDepartment of Defense Information Network Waiver Panel
DXdirect exchange
DYdesign year
DZdrop zone
DZSOdrop zone safety officer
E&Revasion and recovery
E2S2Expeditionary Energy and Sustainment Systems
E3electromagnetic environmental effects
EAeconomic analysis
EAelectronic attack
EAengagement area
EAenterprise architecture
EAenvironmental assessment
EAExecutive Agent
EABechelons above brigade
EACechelon above corps
EACEconomic Adjustment Committee
EACFExecutive Army Corrosion Forum
EADearliest arrival date
EADearly abbreviated demonstration
EADentry on active duty
EADextended active duty
EAMelectronic accounting machine
EAMS–AEnterprise Access Management System–Army
EAPemergency action plan
EAPemployee assistance program
EARExport Administration regulation
EARextended ambulatory record
EAROExecutive Agent Responsible Official
EASEmergency Alert System
EATPEducational Assistance Test Program
EAWUNexcused absence-whereabouts unknown
EBenlistment bonus
EBExecutive Board
EBDLelectronic-based distributed learning
EBFVengineer Bradley fighting vehicle
EBSemergency breathing system
EBSenvironmental baseline survey
ECemergency center
ECenemy combat
ECessential code
ECessentiality code
EC/PTSEnabling Care/Patient Tracking System
ECAPEnvironmental Compliance Achievement Program
ECAREvery Chaplain Corps Member a Recruiter
ECCequipment category code
ECCevacuation control center
ECCExecutive Communications and Control
ECCexpeditionary contracting command
ECCMelectronic counter-countermeasures
ECDelectronic control device
ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System
ECDSExecutive Committee of the Dental Staff
ECECSexecutive control and essential command supervision
ECFMGEducation Council for Foreign Medical Graduates
ECIPEnergy Conservation Investment Program
ECLEnglish comprehension level
ECLTEnglish Comprehensive Level Test
ECMearth covered magazine
ECMelectronic countermeasures
ECODestimated cost of damage
ECONPACKeconomic analysis package
ECOPequipment common operating picture
ECP Early Commissioning Program
ECPengineering change proposal
ECP entry control point
ECP Equipment Control Program
ECPexposure control plan
ECRentry control roster
ECSequipment concentration site
ECTextended combat training
ECUend cryptographic unit
ECUenvironmental control unit
ECWCSextended cold weather clothing system
EDeducational delay
EDeffective dose
EDEmergency Department
EDAelectronic document access
EDAexcess defense articles
EDASEnlisted Distribution and Assignment System
EDATEeffective date
EDDestimated delivery date
EDDexplosive detector dog
EDESExecutive Director of Explosives Safety
EDEXeffective dose equivalent
EDFequipment data file
EDIelectronic data interchange
EDLequipment detail list
EDLAeducational leave of absence
EDMTEngineer Diving Medical Technician
EDOexempt determination official
EDPelectronic data processing
EDPenvironmental differential pay
EDPevent design plan
EDREemergency deployment readiness exercise
EDTend delivery tonnage
EDTengineering development test
EDTMEnlisted Distribution Target Model
EDXLEmergency Data Exchange Language
EEextraordinary expenses
EE PEGequipping program evaluation group
EECemergency-essential civilian
EECTend evening civil twilight
EED electro-explosive device
EEEemergency and extraordinary expense
EEFIessential element of friendly information
EEIessential elements of information
EENTend evening nautical twilight
EEOequal employment opportunity
EEOCU.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEOCCRequal employment opportunity compliance and complaints review
EERenlisted employee review
EERSessential elements of religious services
EESEvaluation Entry System
EEUMenhanced end-use monitoring
EFBelectronic flight bag
EFDEnterprise Funds Distribution
EFLeligible facilities list
EFM exceptional family member
EFMBExpert Field Medical Badge
EFMPExceptional Family Member Program
EFPexplosively formed penetrator
EFSengineering feasibility study
EFTelectronic funds transfer
EFTCExtraction Force Transfer Coupling
EGCentry grade credit
EGISEnterprise Geographic Information System
EGSPExpanded Graduate School Program
EGTexhaust gas temperature
EHenvironmental health
EHexplosive hazard
EHextremely high
EHAexplosive hazards advisor
EHPemergency home parole
EIend item
EIAElectronic Industries Alliance
EIAenvironmental impact assessment
EIBEducation Incentives Branch
EIBexpert infantryman badge
EICend item code
EIDelectrically initiated device
EIDSextremely insensitive detonating substance
EIEMAenterprise information environment mission area
E–IMETexpanded international military education and training
EINemployee identification number
EIRequipment improvement report
EIS early intervention services
EIS environmental impact statement
EIS–TAOEnterprise Information Systems–Technology Applications Office
EITelectronic and information technology
EITMenvironmental information technology management
EKMSElectronic Key Management System
ELelectronics aptitude area
ELenduring location
EL/RAMPEnvironmental Legislative/Regulatory Analysis and Monitoring Program
ELAemergency leave of absence
ELAenterprise license agreement
ELDEnvironmental Law Division
ELDRSenhanced low dose rate sensitivity
ELINTelectronic intelligence
ELISAenzyme-linked immunosuppressant assay
ELPEnterprise Logistics Portal
ELSECelectronic security
ELSEQelement sequence
ELTemergency locator transmitter
ELTEnglish language training
ELTPEnglish Language Training Program
EMelectronic media
EMemergency management
EMend user manual
EMengineering manual
EM–1Effects Manual One
EMAEmergency Management Agency
EMACemergency management assistance compact
emailelectronic mail
EMAPEmergency Management Accreditation Program
eMASSEnterprise Mission Assurance Support Service
EMCelectromagnetic compatibility
EMCONemission control
EMCTexecution management and coordination team
EMDengineering and manufacturing development
EMDCSEnterprise Material Discrepancy Challenge System
EMDSEnterprise Management Decision Support (System)
EMEelectromagnetic environment
EMFelectromagnetic field
EMFEnlisted Master File
EMIelectromagnetic interference
EMIEmergency Management Institute
eMILPOelectronic Military Personnel Office
EMITFElectromagnetic Interference Test Facility
EMLenvironmental and morale leave
EMOelectronic media only
EMOEelectromagnetic operational environment
EMPelectromagnetic pulse
EMR electromagnetic radiation
EMREelectromagnetic radiation effects
EMSelectromagnetic spectrum
EMSemergency medical services
EMSEnvironmental Management System
EMSGemergency management steering group
EMSREnterprise Materiel Status Reporting
EMTemergency medical technician
EMT–Bemergency medical technician–basic
EMT–Iemergency medical technician–intermediate
EMT–Pemergency medical technician–paramedic
EMVelectromagnetic vulnerability
EMWGemergency management working group
ENDPException to the National Disclosure Policy
ENFenforcement action
ENSensign (Navy/Coast Guard O-1)
ENTNACentrance National Agency Check
EOequal opportunity
EOergonomics officer
EOevacuation operations
EOexecutive order
EOexplosive ordnance
EOexternal operator
EOAequal opportunity advisor
EOCemergency operations center
EODexplosive ordnance disposal
EODCCExplosive Ordnance Detachment Control Center
EODDPBExplosive Ordnance Disposal Defense Program Board
EODRend of day reconciliation
EODT&Texplosive ordnance disposal technology and training
EOHequipment on hand
EO–IR CMelectro-optical-infrared countermeasure
EOLequal opportunity leader
EOMend of month
EOOPHequal opportunity in off-post housing
EOPemergency operations plan
EOPend of period
EOPexchange operating procedures
EOPexternal official presence
eOPFelectronic official personnel folder
EOQeconomic order quantity
EORelement of resource
EORequal opportunity representative
EOTend of tour
EOTend of transmission
EPelectronic protection
EPengineer publication
EPengineering pamphlet
EPequipment publication
EPexposure point
EP&SEngineering, Plans, and Services
EPAevasion plan of action
EPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPABXelectronic private automated branch exchange
EPARenvironmental performance assessment report
EPASEnvironmental Performance Assessment System
ePATelectronic Personnel Actions Tracking System
EPCelectronic product code
EPCOequipment publications control officer
EPCRAEmergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
EPIemergency public information
EPICEl Paso Intelligence Center
EPL evaluated products list
EPLOemergency preparedness liaison officer
EPLRSEnhanced Position Location and Reporting System
EPMenlisted personnel manager
EPMDEnlisted Personnel Management Directorate
EPMSEnlisted Personnel Management System
EPOSelectronic point of sale
EPPEmergency Preparedness Program
EPSessential personnel service
EPSBDEntrance Physical Standards Board
EPTSexisted prior to service
EPWenemy prisoner of war
EPWexercise plan workshop
EQenlisted quarters
EQCCEnvironmental Quality Control Committee
e-QIPElectronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing
EQLCCEenvironmental quality life cycle cost estimate
EQRenvironmental quality report
EQRBEnlisted Qualitative Retention Board
EQTenvironmental quality technology
ERengineer regulation
ERequipment readiness
ERevaluation report
ERBenlisted record brief
ERCequipment readiness code
ERCExperienced Rider Course
ERDearly return of dependents
ERDCU.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
ERGemergency relocation group
ERGEmergency Response Guidebook
ERISEnvironmental Restoration Information System
ERLexposure reference level
ERPengineer regulating point
ERPenterprise resource planning
ERPEnvironmental Restoration Program
ERS economic retention stock
ERSEvaluation Reporting System
ERWexplosive remnants of war
ESelectronic warfare support
ESexposed site
ESAEndangered Species Act
ESAengineering support activity
ESAenterprise service agreement
ESAexpiration of service agreement
ESAU.S. Army Enterprise Services Agency
eSATelectronic Sponsorship Application Training
ESAVexplosives safety assistance visit
ESBexpeditionary signal battalion
ESCElectrical Safety Committee
ESCElectronic Security Center
ESCEnlisted Safety Council
ESCequipment serviceability criteria
ESCExecutive Steering Committee
ESCexpeditionary sustainment command
ESDequipment sourcing document
ESDestimated shipment date
ESDSelectrostatic discharge sensitive
ESEPEngineer and Scientist Exchange program
ESERBEnhanced Selective Early Retirement Board
ESFemergency support function
ESGREmployer Support of the Guard and Reserve
ESIenterprise software initiative
ESLEnglish as a second language
ESMessential station messing
ESMPExplosives Safety Management Program
ESOeducation services officer
ESOenvironmental support office
ESOHenvironment, safety, and occupational health
ESPexplosives site plan
ESQD explosives safety quantity distance
ESRearly strategy review
ESR equipment status report
ESSeducation services specialist
ESSelectronic security system
ESSenvironmental stress screening
ESSexplosives safety siting
ESSCElectronic Sustainment Support Center
ESTCPEnvironmental Security Technology Certification Program
ETearned time
ETequivalent training
ETAestimated time of arrival
ETDearned time detail
ETDeffective transfer date
ETDestimated time of departure
ETDAequipment tables of distribution and allowances
ETEestimated time en route
ETI elapsed time indicator
ETLengineers technical letter
ETLextraction, transformation, and loading
ETMelectronic technical manual
ETMS2Electronic Task Management Software Solution
ETOemergency transportation operations
ETPearned time programs
ETPexception to policy
ETSexpiration term of service
ETSSextended training services specialist
ETTembedded training team
ETTCenvironmental technology technical council
EUEuropean Union
EULenhanced use leasing
EUMend-use monitoring
EUSAEighth U.S. Army
EUT early user test
eVelectron volt
EVAextended visit authorization
EVEequal value exchange
EVSenhanced visual system
EWearly warning
EWelectronic warfare
EWevent waiver
EWSearly warning system
EWSexample weapon system
EWTexecution watch team
EXCHECKexecution checklist
EXCIMSExecutive Council for Modeling and Simulation
EXEVALexternal evaluation
EXORDexecute order
EXSUMexecutive summary
EZextraction zone
F&ESfire and emergency services
F/ADforce/activity designator
F3EADfind, fix, finish, exploit, analyze, and disseminate
FAfield artillery
FAfunctional advisor
FAfunctional area
FAfunctional authority
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FAAfinal agency action
FAAForeign Assistance Act
FAAfunctional area analysis
FAAFunctional Area Annex
FAADforward area air defense
FACfacility activity code
FACFamily Advocacy Committee
FACFamily Assistance Center
FACflight activity category
FACforward air controller
FAC(A)forward air controller (airborne)
FACAFederal Advisory Committee Act
FACATFamily advocacy command assistance team
FACITTfacilities and capability information for test and training
FACMTFamily advocacy case management team
FACTSFreedom of Information Case Tracking System
FADfinal agency decision
FADforce activity designation
FADfunding authorization document
FADLCFabrication of Aerial Delivery Loads Course
FAEfuel-air explosive
FAHfinal attack heading
FAIOfield artillery intelligence officer
FAMForeign Affairs Manual
FAMPfacilities annual management plan
FAMSIMfamily of simulations
FaNSFederated Net-centric Sites
FAOFinance and Accounting Office
FAOforeign area officer
FAPFamily Advocacy Program
FAPMfamily advocacy program manager
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FARFederal Aviation Regulation
FARPforward arming and refueling point
FARSFamily Advocacy Research Subcommittee
FASfuels automated system
FASSfacilities system safety
FASTfamily advocacy staff training
FASTforward area support team
FASTfunctional academic skills training
FAST–Afamily advocacy staff training–advanced
FATfirst article testing
FATfree air temperature
FB&Efood, beverage, and entertainment
FBCB2Force XXI Battle Command, brigade and below
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FBOfaith-based organization
FBOIPfinal basis of issue plan
FBOPFederal Bureau of Prisons
FBRfast burst reactor
FCfielding command
FCfloating causeway
FCforeign currency
FCfoxhole collapse
FCfunctional chief
FCfunctional command
FCfunctional community
FCfund code
FCAForeign Claims Act
FCAfunctional cost account
FCBFunctional Capabilities Board
FCCFamily childcare
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FCCfire control computer
FCCflight control computer
FCCforeign claims commission
FCCfunctional coordination committee
FCCAFederal Claims Collection Act
FCFfunctional check flight
FCGfacility category group
FCGForeign Clearance Guide
FCIFacility Condition Index
FCIPFederal Capital Improvements Program
FCLfinal coordination line
FCMTforced cell move team
FCPFamily care plan
FCPfunctional check pilot
FCRfunctional chief representative
FCSFederal Catalog System
FCTforeign comparative testing
FCXfire coordination exercise
FDfield derivative
FDfield duty
FDforce development
FDfull deployment
FDfunctional designation
FDAFood and Drug Administration
FDCfire direction center
FDCflight data center
FDE force development experiment
FDEDFort Detrick Engineering Directorate
FDHSflying duty health screen
FDICFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDMfunctional data manager
FDMEflight duty medical examination
FDMSFederal Docket Management System
FDMSfunctional description of the mission space
FDOflexibility deterrent option
FDOforeign disclosure officer
FDPforward distribution point
FDRflight data recorder
FDRforeign disclosure representative
FDSForeign Disclosure System
FDUforce design update
FEfacilities engineer
FEflight engineer
FEfunctional exercise
FEAfront-end analysis
FEBFlight Evaluation Board
FEBAforward edge of the battle area
FECAFederal Employees' Compensation Act
FEDFederation execution data
FED LOGFederal Logistics Data
FEDCfield exercise data collection
FEDLINKFederal Library and Information Network
FEDRIPfederal research in progress
FED–STDFederal Standard
FedVTEFederal Virtual Training Environment
FEGLIFederal Employees' Group Life Insurance
FEIforensic-enabled intelligence
FELRTCAFederal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FEPBfacilities engineering property book
FEV1forced expiratory volume in 1 second
FEZfighter engagement zone
FFAfederal financial assistance
FFAfree fire area
FFCAFederal Facilities Compliance Act
FFDFitness for Duty (test)
FFDfull flying duties
FFEfire for effect
FFIDFuture Force Integration Directorate
FFIRfriendly force information requirement
FFMIAFederal Financial Management Improvement Act
FFRforce feasibility review
FFRDCFederally Funded Research and Development Center
FFSfull food service
FFTfriendly force tracking
FGDCFederal Geographic Data Committee
FGIforeign government information
FGSfinal governing standard
FHAFederal Housing Administration
FHAforeign humanitarian assistance
FHCfinal hazard classification
FHMPFamily Housing Master Plan
FHPflying hour program
FHPforce health protection
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
FIfatal injuries
FIfatal injury
FIflight instructor
FIforeign intelligence
FIAfinancial inventory accounting
FIARFinancial Improvement and Audit Readiness
FICfound in collection
FICAFederal Insurance Contribution Act
FIDforeign internal defense
FIEforeign intelligence entity
FIFAforce integration functional area
FIIfederal item identification
FIOforeign intelligence officer
FIPPfair information practice principle
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standards
FIRflight information region
FISAForeign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FISINTforeign instrumentation signals intelligence
FISLfederal insured student loan
FISMAFederal Information Security Management Act
FiSTFile Sanitization Tool
FISTfire support team
FITWfederal income tax withholding
FIUfield investigative unit
FLflight level
FLfluid loss and electrolyte imbalance
FLforced landing
FLAGsuspension of favorable personnel actions
FLCFederal Laboratory Consortium
FLCfront load carrier
FLDHEFederal lands highway division engineer
FLEforward logistics element
FLEPFunded Legal Education Program
FLIPflight information publication
FLIPLfinancial liability investigation of property loss
FLIRforward-looking infrared
FLISFederal Logistics Information System
FLLfirst line leader
FLMfield level maintenance
FLMSAfield level munitions storage area
FLOforeign liaison officer
FLOTforward line of own troops
FLOWCAPFlow Computer Assisted Program
FLPBforeign language proficiency bonus
FLPPforeign language proficiency pay
FLRfield level reparable
FLRAFederal Labor Relations Authority
FLSAFair Labor Standards Act
FMfield manual
FMfinancial management
FMforce management
FMforce modernization
FMfrequency modulation
FMAforeign material acquisition
FMATfood management assistance team
FMBBforce management bulletin board
FMCfield maintenance company
FMCfield medical card
FMCfinancial management center
FMCfull mission capable
FMCOM or USAFMCOMU.S. Army Financial Management Command
FMCRAFederal Medical Care Recovery Act
FMCSforeign military construction services
FMDfinancial management division
FMECAfailure mode, effects, and criticality analysis
FMFFleet Marine Force
FMFforeign military financing
FMFIAFinancial Managers' Financial Integrity Act
FMFPForeign Military Financing Program
FMIfield manual–interim
FMISFinancial Management Information System
FMLAFamily Medical Leave Act
FMOforms management officer
FMPfamily member prefix
FMPForce Modernization Program
FMRFederal Management Regulation
FMRfull materiel release
FMSfield maintenance shop
FMSFinancial Management Service
FMSfinancial management specialist
FMSForce Management System
FMSforeign military sales
FMSCfinancial management support center
FMSDfinancial management support detachment
FMSOelectromagnetic spectrum operations
FMSOforeign military sales order
FMSPPFamily Member Suicide Prevention Program
FMSTfinancial management support team
FMSUfinancial management support unit
FMSWebForce Management System Website
FMTfield maintenance team
FMTRForeign Military Training Report
FMTVfamily of medium tactical vehicles
FMVfair market value
FMVSSfederal motor vehicle safety standard
FMWRC or USAFMWRCU.S. Army Family Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Command
FNfile number
FNforeign nation
FNBFood and Nutrition Board
FNSforeign nation support
FOfield office
FOfinance officer
FOforward observer
FOAfield operating agency
FOBforward operating base
FOBfree on board
FOCfinal operational capability
FOCframe of choice
FOCfull operating capability
FOCfull operational capability
FODforeign object damage
FOEfollow-on evaluation
FOGfield operating guide
FOI found on installation
FOIfunctional operating instruction
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FOMFederation Object Model
FOOfield ordering officer
FORMDEPSForces Command Mobilization And Execution Planning System
FORSCOMU.S. Army Forces Command
FoSfamily of systems
FOSfood operations sergeant
FOSforward operating site
FOSLfinding of suitability to lease
FOST finding of suitability to transfer
FOTfollow-on operational test
FOT&Efollow-on operational test and evaluation
FOTWfederally-owned treatment works
FOUOfor official use only
FPforce protection
FPforce provider
FPfunctional proponent
FPATforce protection assistance team
FPCForce Protection Committee
FPCONforce protection condition
FPDforce protection detachment
FPEforce provider expeditionary
FPEBformal Physical Evaluation Board
FPFfinal protective fire
FPGfield procedures guide
FPIfunctional process improvement
FPLfinal protective line
FPMfederal personnel manual
FPMfood program manager
FPMOFood Program Management Office
FPMRFederal Property Management Regulation
FPNfederal part number
FPOfield post office
FPOfleet post office
FPSFacilities Planning System
FPWfiring port weapon
FRFederal Register
FRAFederal Railroad Administration
FRAforward repair activity
FRAGORDfragmentary order
FRBFederal Reserve Bank
FRCFatality Review Committee
FRCFederal Records Center
FRCfinal reproducible copy