Official Department of the Army
Administrative Publications and Forms

Official Department of Army (DA) administrative publications and forms are managed by the United States Army Publishing Agency (APD) under the direction of the AASA. APD utilizes the latest publishing technologies producing high quality-enhanced DA e-pubs and e-forms. This is the Army's latest collection of electronic DA administrative publications and DA forms.

Secretary of the Army Chief of Staff, Army Under Secretary of the Army Vice Chief of Staff, Army ASA (AL&T)
ASA (CW) ASA (FM&C) ASA (IE&E) ASA (M&RA) General Counsel
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army Deputy Under Secretary of the Army Chief Information Officer/G-6 The Inspector General The Auditor General
Chief of Legislative Liaison Chief of Public Affairs Director, Small Business Plans Chief, National Guard Bureau Director of the Army Staff
Sergeant Major of the Army DCS, G-1 DCS, G-2 DCS, G3/5/7 DCS, G-4
DCS, G-8 Chief, Army Reserve Chief of Engineers The Surgeon General ACSIM
The Judge Advocate General Chief of Chaplains Provost Marshal General AMC TRADOC
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