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Due to the conversion from Lotus Forms (XFDL) to Adobe PDF (ALARACT 179/2014, ALARACT 223/2014 and ALARACT 064-2015), all Lotus Forms (XFDL) have been removed from this Web site and are ONLY available through the MyForms Portal, within AKO.

Additional Forms Resources

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Form Number Date Title Version PDF

E-Forms by Range
DA 0001 thru DA 1299 DA 3700 thru DA 4399 DA 5443 thru DA 5799
DA 1300 thru DA 2199 DA 4400 thru DA 4999 DA 5800 thru DA 7359
DA 2200 thru DA 2999 DA 5000 thru DA 5299 DA 7360 thru DA 7499
DA 3000 thru DA 3699 DA 5300 thru DA 5442 DA 7500 thru DA 9999
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