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All Principal Official Guidance

TITLEPub DateSignatorPDF
Release of the Department of the Army Inspector General Special Inspection of the Army Civilian Hiring Process.04/04/2017TIGPDF
Army Emergency Relief Annual Campaign03/01/2017CSA/SMAPDF
Implementation and Civilian Strength Management Guidance for HQDA Hiring Freeze02/21/2017AASAPDF
Release of the U.S. Army Inspector General Agency Information Assurance Inspection Report on Information Technology Programs of Record compliance with the Army IA Program, 9 Dec 13-20 Jun 1401/23/2017TIGPDF
Release of the Fiscal Years 2017-2018 Department of the Army Inspector General Inspection Plan for Official Use01/23/2017TIGPDF
Supplemental Guidance on Award Limitations for HQDA Employees for Fiscal Year 201701/18/2017AASAPDF
Replacement of HQDA Mass Warning and Notification System (MWNS)01/17/2017AASAPDF
Replacement of HQDA Mass Warning and Notification System (MWNS)01/17/2017AASAPDF
Headquarters, Department of the Army Safety and Occupational Health Plan for Fiscal Year 201701/10/2017AASAPDF
Headquarters, Department of the Army Safety and Occupational Health Plan for Fiscal Year 201701/10/2017AASAPDF
Release the Department of the Army Inspector Geneeral Special Inspection of the U.S.Army Personnel System, 9 August 2015-9 December 201512/14/2016AASAPDF
Release of the Department of the Army Inspector General Special Inspection of the U.S. Army Military Personnel System, 9 August 2015 - 9 December 201512/14/2016TIGPDF
Policy for the Procurement and Presentation of Coins12/14/2016AASAPDF
Holiday Letter to the USAR12/14/2016OCARPDF
Letter for ESGR Support12/13/2016OCARPDF
Updated OAA Telework Program12/07/2016AASAPDF
United States Army's Rightsizing the Installation Footprint Strategic Plan12/06/2016ACSIMPDF
Army Sponsorship of Pentagon Facilities Alternative Credential for Non-DoD Individuals Involved With an Acquisition Category I or II Army Program11/23/2016AASAPDF
Staffing Guidance for Calendar Year 2017 Federal Holidays11/23/2016AASAPDF
Holidays and Good Judgment11/23/2016AASAPDF
HQDA Guidance on the Transition to the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program11/18/2016AASAPDF
Staffing Guidance for 2016 Holiday Season11/18/2016AASAPDF
Letter for Military Family Appreciation Month11/08/2016OCARPDF
Release of the Department of the Army Inspector General Joint Inspection of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, 31 January 2016 - 28 June 201610/14/2016TIGPDF
Release of the Department of the Army Inspector General Special Inspection of the U.S. Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program in Initial Military Training, 19 July to 28 October 2015 09/26/2016TIGPDF
Release of the Department of the Army Inspector General Special Inspection of U.S. Army Industrial Control Systems Report for Official Use09/15/2016TIGPDF
Release of the Department of the Army Inspector General Special Inspection of The U.S. Army Transition Program Report, 3 August 2015 to 11 December 2015, Report for Official Use09/15/2016TIGPDF
Army Facility Investment Guidance (FIG): for POM 19-2309/14/2016ACSIMPDF
HQDA Supplemental Guidance for Administrative Grievances 09/02/2016AASAPDF
Travel by HQDA Principal Officials08/26/2016SAPDF
Policy for Managing Headquarters, Department of the Army Military Strength08/15/2016AASA/DASPDF
Safety Awareness/Suicide Prevention07/28/2016OCARPDF
Safety Awareness/Suicide Prevention07/28/2016OCARPDF
Transition and Political Activities Familiarization and Training07/05/2016SAPDF
Initial Letter to the USAR07/01/2016OCARPDF
Authorization to Roll Sleeves on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU)06/28/2016DCS, G-1PDF
Effect of the Metro SafeTrack Project on HQDA Employees in the National Capital Region05/24/2016AASAPDF
Realty Governance Board SOP05/19/2016ASA (IE&E)PDF
Records Management and Email Use: Guidance for Senior Leaders05/17/2016AASAPDF
Re-designation of the U.S. Army Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights Office04/13/2016ASA (M&RA)PDF
2016 Senior Official Front Office Exportable Training Package04/12/2016TIGPDF
2016 Nuclear Security Summit-Guidance to HQDA Commuters in the National Capital Region03/25/2016AASAPDF
The United States Army Inspector General Annual Report FY 201503/01/2016TIGPDF
HQDA Policy on the Approval of Overtime Work02/29/2016AASAPDF
Reporting Guidance for Headquarters, Department of the Army Non-Command-Type Command Climate Assessments02/11/2016AASA/DASPDF
National African-American History Month “Hallowed grounds: Sites of African-American Memories”02/08/2016SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Fiscal Years 2016 - 2017 Department of the Army Inspector General Inspection Plan02/03/2016SAPDF
Prescribed Hours of Duty and the Use of Alternative Work Schedules Within OAA01/27/2016AASAPDF
HQDA Dismissal and Closure Guidance01/13/2016AASAPDF
Appointment of Under Secretary of the Army01/04/2016AASAPDF
Staffing Guidance for Calendar Year 2016 Federal Holidays12/14/2015AASAPDF
Full Integration of Women in the Army12/04/2015SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Holidays and Good Judgment11/20/2015AASAPDF
Army Leadership Update11/03/2015AASAPDF
Expansion of Ranger Course Attendance to Female Soldiers08/31/2015SAPDF
Department of the Army Inspector General Follow-up Inspection of the U.S. Army Occupational Reliability Programs08/28/2015TIGPDF
Revised HQDA Telework Program08/20/2015AASAPDF
Department of the Army Inspector General (DAIG) Special Interest Item (SII) Inspection of the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)08/13/2015TIGPDF
Freedom of Information Act Reporting Requirements08/06/2015AASA/DASPDF
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (AASA) Delegations of Civilian Human Resources Authorities for Headquarters, Department of the Army (Version 01-2015)08/05/2015AASAPDF
Major Revision of Army Regulation 1-100 and Standardization of the Army Gift Program07/31/2015AASA/ASA (FMC)PDF
TDA Development Guidance for Implementation of HQDA Comprehensive Review Organization Designs07/14/2015AASA/DASPDF
Policy for Managing HQDA Civilian Strength07/10/2015AASAPDF
Guidance for HQDA Comprehensive Review Individual Organization Implementation Plans07/09/2015AASAPDF
Delegation of Authority to Approve the Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) and Army Achievement Medal (AAM)07/08/2015AASAPDF
Directive for Transition of Headquarters, Department of the Army to the Fiscal Year 2019 Organization Design06/17/2015USA/VCSAPDF
Directive for Transition of Headquarters, Department of the Army to the Fiscal Year 2019 Organization Design06/11/2015SA/CSAPDF
Approval Process for Army Secretariat Official Travel04/10/2015USAPDF
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM)04/01/2015SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Army Leader Development Inspection, 13 June 2014 - 5 December 201403/16/2015SA/DAS/TIGPDF
United States Army Inspector General Agency (USAIGA) Annual Information Assurance Report, Fiscal Year (FY) 201403/11/2015TIGPDF
U.S. Army Inspector General Agency (USAIGA), Inspection Division, Special Inspection of the XVIII Airborne Corps Army Regulation (AR 15-6) Investigation Report Corrective Actions02/27/2015CSA/DAS/TIGPDF
Designation of Duty in Support of Operational Deployments and In-patient Hospitalized Soldiers as Qualifying Duty for Special Leave Accrual01/26/2015SAPDF
United States Army Inspector General (USAIGA) Report on the Special Inspection of Uncleared Contractor Access01/06/2015TIGPDF
Chief, Legislative Liaison11/19/2014OCLLPDF
Establishment of the Army Cost Management Steering Group10/22/2014USAPDF
Revisions to The Army Plan10/16/2014SA/CSAPDF
Approval Process for Alcoholic Beverages on the Pentagon Reservation and in Leased Facilities in the National Capital Region08/20/2014AASAPDF
Transfer of Mission Execution Functions Associated with Department of Defense Executive Agent Responsibilities for the Unexploded Ordnance Center of Excellence08/15/2014SAPDF
Focus Area Review Group Decision Implementation07/23/2014SA/CSAPDF
Comprehensive Review of Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA)07/17/2014SAPDF
Alignment of Civilian Career Management Support Positions (CMSPs)07/14/2014USAPDF
Special Interest Item (SII) Inspection of the Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program to assess compliance with and implementation of applicable Army and DoD policy and guidance06/27/2014TIGPDF
Celebrating the United States Army’s 239th Birthday “America’s Army: Our Profession”06/13/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Army Component Level Leads (ACLLs) for Services Acquisitions06/10/2014ASA (ALT)PDF
Migration of Army Enterprise Systems/Applications to Core Data Centers06/09/2014USAPDF
Implementation of the Army Management Action Group (AMAG)06/09/2014SAPDF
National Safety Month06/01/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Inspection of Unit Training Management and an Assessment of the Organizational Inspection Programs05/30/2014TIGPDF
Department of the Army's FY 15 Internal Audit Plan05/09/2014SAPDF
Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Competitive Areas05/07/2014AASAPDF
Army Campaign Plan (ACP) Revision05/05/2014SAPDF
2014 Election Year Guidance05/05/2014SA/CSAPDF
Public Service Recognition Week "Army Civilians Vital to the Army Profession" 4-10 May 201405/02/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Optimization of Army Financial Management05/02/2014SAPDF
Designation of Army Conference Lead for Major Non-Federal Entity Conferences04/25/2014DASPDF
Requirement to Update the Army Portfolio Management Solution (APMS)04/11/2014USAPDF
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: “Diversity Leadership + Expanding Opportunity: An Imperative for America” 1-31 May 201404/10/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Approval Process for Army Secretariat Official Travel04/08/2014GCPDF
National Days of Remembrance "Confronting the Holocaust: American Responses" 27 April-4 May 201404/07/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Travel by HQDA Principal Officials04/07/2014SAPDF
2013 Focus Area Review Group Reclama and 25 Percent Final Reduction Decisions04/02/2014USA/VCSAPDF
Sexual Assault Awareness Month - April 2014 “Speak Up! A Voice Unheard is an Army Defeated”04/01/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Army Headquarters Office Space Realignments within the National Capital Region04/01/2014AASAPDF
Charter for HQDA Protection Program Forums04/01/2014AASAPDF
Prevention of Unauthorized Disclosures of Classified Information or Controlled Unclassified Information by Individuals Departing HQDA03/28/2014AASAPDF
2014 Army Senior Executive Service Talent and Succession Management Board03/24/2014SA/CSAPDF
Reducing Tobacco Use in the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense03/14/2014USDPDF
Distribution Information for the Department of the Army03/14/2014AASAPDF
Women's History Month: Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment03/06/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Action Plan to Address Disparate Trends in Officer Talent Management03/04/2014SA/CSAPDF
Contractor Reimbursing U.S. Army for Attendance at Army Provided Training03/03/2014DASPDF
Ensuring the Quality of Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocates and Others in Identified Positions of Significant Trust and Authority02/12/2014SAPDF
Extension of Filing Deadline for Annual OGE Form 450 to 20 March 201402/05/2014GCPDF
Support Agreement Guidance for Army Tenant Units on Other than Army (OTA) Installations and Sites02/03/2014ACSIMPDF
Basic Allowance for Subsistence02/03/2014VCSAPDF
Installation Management Reform Initiative: Institute Power Management Settings for Information Technology Devices Implementation Plan01/31/2014ASA (IE&E)PDF
2014 Army Emergency Relief Annual Campaign01/06/2014SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Department of Defense Enterprise Email (DEE) Address Use for Common Access Card (CAC) Certificates12/12/2013USAPDF
Resumption of Authority to Purchase Coins for Award and Recognition Purposes12/10/2013SA/CSAPDF
Implementation Guidance for Qualification, Reporting, and Tracking of Army Financial Benefits12/06/2013ASA (FMC)PDF
Army Business Management Strategy (ABMS)12/03/2013USAPDF
Delegation of Authority - Approval of External Official Presences12/02/2013SAPDF
Service as Senior Official, Office of the Chief Information Officer/G-611/25/2013SAPDF
Ensuring Adequate Supervision of Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) Employees and Programs11/08/2013SAPDF
Action Plan to Address Senior Civilian (GS 13-15 and Senior Executive Service) Talent Management11/01/2013USAPDF
National American Indian Heritage Month11/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Veterans Day 2013: Soldiers for Life11/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Warrior Care Month 2013: Building a Ready and Resilient Force11/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Designation of the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute I U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command as the United States Army's Lead as Joint Proponent for Peacekeeping and Stability Operations10/28/2013SAPDF
38th Chief of Staff, U. S. Army, CSA Strategic Priorities10/16/2013CSAPDF
Secretary of the Army Top Priorities10/15/2013SAPDF
Army Energy Awareness = Action Month Enhancing Mission Effectiveness October 201310/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
National Disability Employment Awareness Month "Because We Are EQUAL to the Task"10/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Implementation of Army Total Force Policy09/25/2013SAPDF
Annual Secretary of the Army Awards for Diversity and Leadership09/23/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Department of the Army (DA) Strategic Sourcing Program09/17/2013ASA (ALT)PDF
Application of Federal Ethics Rules to Same-Sex Spouses09/16/2013DGCPDF
Acting Chief Information Officer/G-609/16/2013SAPDF
Honoring Gold Star Mothers, 28 - 29 September 201309/12/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
National Hispanic Heritage Month “Hispanics: Serving and Leading Our Nation with Pride and Honor” 15 September - 15 October 201309/12/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Improving Acquisition through Strategic Sourcing09/10/2013ASA (ALT)PDF
Amended Department of the Army Fiscal Year 2013 Administrative Furlough - Employees Serviced by the Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO)09/06/2013SAPDF
Army Safety and Occupational Health Objectives for Fiscal Year 201409/04/2013SA/CSAPDF
Required Medical Examination for Certain Soldiers Processed for Administrative Separation With Under Other Than Honorable Characterization of Service09/03/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
National Suicide Prevention Week, World Suicide Prevention Day and Army Suicide Prevention Month 201309/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
2013 National Preparedness Month09/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Budget Control Act Guidance for the Fiscal Years 2015-2019 Program Objective Memorandum08/29/2013SA/CSAPDF
On-Board Strength of Senior Executive Services (SES) Members08/26/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Celebrating Women's Equality Day - 26 August 201308/26/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Approvals/Waivers for Obligation of Funds for Data Servers and Centers Information Technology (IT) Spending08/14/2013CIO-G6PDF
2013 Focus Areas08/14/2013SA/CSAPDF
Qualification, Reporting and Tracking of Army Financial Benefits08/12/2013SAPDF
Army Diversity Council (ADC) Membership08/12/2013SAPDF
End of Designation as Acting Deputy Chief of Staff, G-408/07/2013SAPDF
Blanket Determination for Specified Events Sponsored by the Association of the United States Army08/07/2013DGCPDF
2013 Antiterrorism Awareness Message08/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Designation of Acting Deputy Chief of Staff, G-407/09/2013SAPDF
Independence Day 2013: Celebrating Independence and Soldiers in Service to the Nation07/02/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Collection of U.S. Army Records From Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn07/01/2013SA/CSAPDF
Implementing General Fund Enterprise Business System-Sensitive06/19/2013USA/VCSAPDF
Closure of Army Business Initiatives06/18/2013USAPDF
Key Supporting Documents Required for Army Military Pay Audit Readiness06/14/2013SAPDF
Conversion of Department of Army Internal Review (IR) from the GS-510 Accountant (Internal Review Evaluator) the Job Series to the GS-511 Auditor Job Series06/14/2013SAPDF
Tasks to Units for Identifying Information Pertaining to All Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program Personnel06/05/2013DASPDF
Department of the Army Inspector General Special Interest Item (SII) Inspection of the Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP)06/04/2013TIGPDF
National Safety Month 201305/31/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Amended Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Administrative Furlough Guidance (Change 2)05/31/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Revised Instructions for Completing Question 21, Standard Form 86 (SF-86), "Questionnaire for National Security Positions"05/31/2013SAPDF
In-Sourcing Approval Authority05/28/2013SAPDF
Ensuring the Quality of Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocates and Others in Identified Positions of Significant Trust and Authority05/28/2013SAPDF
Additional Exception to Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Administrative Furlough05/23/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Department of the Army Fiscal Year 2013 Administrative Furlough--Employees Serviced by the Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO)05/21/2013SAPDF
Department of the Army Fiscal Year 2013 Administrative Furlough05/17/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment05/16/2013SA/CSAPDF
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response05/16/2013SAPDF
Designation of Acting Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army05/08/2013SAPDF
Army Business Governance05/08/2013SAPDF
Army Business Mission Area Management Responsibilities05/08/2013USAPDF
Army Business Policy Memorandum - Army Business Systems (ABS) Requirements Validation Process05/08/2013USAPDF
Closure of Army Business Initiatives05/07/2013USAPDF
Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSA) Distribution Policy04/30/2013ACSIMPDF
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Building Leadership: Embracing Cultural Values and Inclusion 1-31 May 201304/29/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Army Knowledge Online Transition04/26/2013SAPDF
1-Year Extension of the Energy Initiatives Task Force04/19/2013SAPDF
Army Request for Information Technology (ARFIT) Policy04/16/2013SAPDF
Celebrating the United States Army's 238th Birthday “America’s Army: Service to the Nation, Strength for the Future”04/15/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Establishment of the Army Study Group on Occupational Reliability Programs (ORP)04/15/2013DASPDF
Reductions in Civilian Occupational Injuries and Illnesses and Workers' Compensation Program Costs04/12/2013SA/CSAPDF
Approval Process for Army Secretariat Official Travel04/09/2013USAPDF
Mission-Critical Constraints on Official Travel04/04/2013SAPDF
Temporary Suspension of Authority to Purchase Coins for Award and Recognition Purposes04/01/2013SA/CSAPDF
Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Directive03/26/2013SA/CSAPDF
Memorandum of Instruction for the Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Army Birthday Celebration Run - 14 June 201303/25/2013DASPDF
Report on the Expedited Special Interest Assessment of Criminal Background Checks (CBC) and Employment Suitability Determinations in Army Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) Programs Inspection03/22/2013TIGPDF
Department of the Army Administrative Furlough Planning03/20/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Phase 2 of Army Publications Update03/18/2013DASPDF
Army Congressional Objectives for Calendar Year 201303/18/2013SAPDF
The United States Army's Ready and Resilient Campaign03/12/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Cancellation of the 2013 Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) Army Birthday Ball03/11/2013SA/CSAPDF
Records Management Reform03/08/2013DAASAPDF
Appreciation for Army Civilian Senior Executives03/07/2013SAPDF
VCSA Farewell Letter to the Force03/07/2013VCSAPDF
Suspension of Army Tuition Assistance Execution03/06/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Audit of Basic Allowance for Subsistence Pay for Soldiers Participating in Field Training03/04/2013SAPDF
Celebrating Woman's History Month "Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics"03/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Impact of Budgetary Uncertainty in Fiscal Year 2013 on Employees Serviced by the Civilian Senior Leader Management Office02/21/2013SAPDF
Information Technology Management Reform (ITMR) Implementation Plan02/20/2013SAPDF
2013 Army Senior Executive Services (SES) Management02/20/2013SA/CSAPDF
Timely Financial Disclosure Report Filing and Prompt Supervisory Review02/11/2013SAPDF
Army Ready and Resilient Campaign Plan02/04/2013SAPDF
Mandatory Information Assurance/Cybersecurity Awareness02/01/2013SAPDF
African American/Black History Month “At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality: The Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington”02/01/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Ending the Direct Ground Combat Exclusion Rule for Female Soldiers01/31/2013SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Installations, Energy, and Environment Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Budget Guidance01/23/2013ASA (IE&E)PDF
Department of Army Hiring Freeze and Release of Terms and Temporary Civilian Personnel01/22/2013ASA (M&RA)PDF
Rescission of Policy Memorandum on Training Requirements for Permanent Issue of the Army Staff Identification Badge and Army Staff Lapel Pin01/22/2013AASAPDF
Training Requirements Applicable to Personnel Employed by or Serving in Army Child Development Centers01/18/2013SAPDF
Standardized Army Security Training Products01/18/2013DCS, G-2PDF
Fiscal Planning Guidance for Budgetary Uncertainty01/16/2013ASA (FMC)PDF
Risk Mitigation in the Face of Fiscal Uncertainty01/16/2013SA/CSAPDF
Congressional Activities and Contacts with Members of Congress01/14/2013SAPDF
Army Emergency Leave Program Policy for Employees Affected by Hurricane Sandy12/26/2012ASA (M&RA)PDF
Revised Process for Evaluating Criminal Background Checks in Child-Related Programs12/20/2012SAPDF
Compliance With Requirement for Criminal Background Checks in Child, Youth and School Services12/19/2012SAPDF
Report on Inspection of the Behavioral Health (BH) Process, Disability Evaluation System (DES) and Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)12/14/2012TIGPDF
Protection of Official Records by Army General Officers and Senior Civilian Executives12/12/2012DCS, G-2PDF
Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) Advisory Group--Revised Policy and Procedures for Considering Exceptions to the Interment and Inurnment Eligibility Policy12/10/2012SAPDF
Call for Army National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Legislative Proposals for Fiscal Year 201512/05/2012SAPDF
Guidance for Commander's Narrative Assessments in Support of Program Objective Memorandum 2015-201912/05/2012SAPDF
Program Objective Memorandum 15-19 Off-site, 10 December 201211/29/2012SAPDF
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SHARP) Brigade Civilian Hiring11/19/2012ASA (M&RA)PDF
Transition of All Army Networks to the LandWarNet11/16/2012USA/VCSAPDF
Exterior Lighting Technologies Policy11/13/2012ASA (IE&E)PDF
Secretary of the Army Top Priorities11/05/2012SAPDF
National American Indian Heritage Month - November 201211/01/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Veterans Day 2012: Soldier for Life11/01/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Update of Publications Affecting Standards and Discipline11/01/2012DASPDF
National Defense Authorization Act 2012 (NDAA 2012), Section 808 Guidance on Temporary Limitations on Aggregate Annual Amounts Available for Contract Services in Fiscal Years (FY12) and FY1310/26/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Department of the Army's Fiscal Year 2013 Army Internal Audit Plan10/26/2012SAPDF
American Indian and Alaska Native Policy10/24/2012SAPDF
Interim Guidance for Implementation of New OSD Conference Policy10/17/2012SAPDF
Guidance for Preparing 2013 Annual Statement of Assurance10/17/2012ASA (FMC)PDF
Implementation Guidance for Attending the 2012 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition10/17/2012DASPDF
Schedule for Fiscal Year 2015-2019 Program Objective Memorandum10/15/2012USAPDF
Acceptance by Army Personnel of Gifts of Free Attendance at City of Jacksonville "Week of Valor" Events10/09/2012GCPDF
Status When Accepting Free Attendance Under Widely Attended Gatherings (WAG) Exception10/09/2012DGCPDF
Army Energy Awareness Month - October 2012 Enhancing Mission Effectiveness10/01/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Optimization of Software Acquisition, Development and Sustainment10/01/2012SAPDF
Guidelines for Consolidation of Small Data Center Facilities09/29/2012VCSAPDF
HQDA Staff Professional Development Program09/28/2012DASPDF
Suicide Prevention Stand Down09/27/2012CSAPDF
Army Safety and Occupational Health Objectives for Fiscal Year 201309/24/2012SA/CSAPDF
Designation as Responsible Official for Army Patent Security Reviews09/21/2012SAPDF
Commanders' Accountability for Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness09/20/2012SAPDF
National Hispanic Heritage Month "Diversity United, Building America's Future Today" 15 September – 15 October 201209/15/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Army Post Cemeteries Way Ahead09/11/2012Dir, ANMCPDF
Patriot Day: National Day of Service and Remembrance - 11 September 201209/11/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Command Emphasis - Army Voting Assistance Program09/05/2012SA/CSAPDF
National Suicide Prevention Week, World Suicide Prevention Day and Army Suicide Prevention Month - September 201209/01/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Approval of Training Requirements Identified in Fiscal Year 2013 Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) Plans08/31/2012ASA (M&RA)PDF
Celebrating Women's Equality Day - 26 August 201208/26/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Energy Goal Attainment Responsibility Policy for Installations08/24/2012ASA (IE&E)PDF
Comprehensive Energy and Water Evaluations Policy08/23/2012ASA (IE&E)PDF
Use of Contractor Test Data as an Element of Integrated Test and Evaluation08/21/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Program Managed and Dormant Stocks Stored in Defense Logistics Agency Warehouses08/20/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Migration of Army Business Initiatives to the Army Campaign Plan08/17/2012USAPDF
Army Headquarters Transformation08/13/2012DASPDF
Fiscal Years (FYs) 2013-2014 Department of the Army Inspector General (DAIG) Inspections Plan08/09/2012SAPDF
Command Emphasis on Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness08/06/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Continued Scrutiny of Conferences08/03/2012SAPDF
Review of Army Administrative Publications08/02/2012DASPDF
Army Headquarters Transformation07/31/2012USA/VCSAPDF
Implementation of HQDA Protection Program07/31/2012AASAPDF
Blanket Determination for Specified Events Sponsored by the Association of the United States Army07/26/2012DGCPDF
Army Headquarters Transformation07/26/2012SA/CSAPDF
Army Policy on Participation in the 2012 Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition07/23/2012DASPDF
Deputy Secretary of Defense Expectations for Senior Leaders in Achieving Small Business Goals07/13/2012USA/VCSAPDF
Use of Lights and Sirens in Government Vehicles07/12/2012AASAPDF
Independence Day: A Celebration of Freedom07/04/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Support to the Army Request for Information Technology (ARFIT) Process06/28/2012SAPDF
2012 Election Year Guidance06/26/2012SA/CSAPDF
Army Protection Program (APP) Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Assessment Benchmarks (Standards)06/18/2012CSA/DASPDF
The United States Army 237th Birthday06/14/2012CSAPDF
Miscellaneous Payments Certification in the General Funds Business Enterprise System (GFEBS)05/23/2012ASA (FMC)PDF
Reduction Plan for Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers on Contingency - Active Duty Operational Support (CO-ADOS) Orders05/18/2012DASPDF
Past Performance Assessment Reporting05/17/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Comprehensive Review and Corrective Action Plan05/15/2012SAPDF
Establishment of the Army Task Force on Behavioral Health (ATFBH)05/09/2012DASPDF
Directive for Expedited Special Interest Item Assessment05/02/2012SAPDF
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month05/01/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment) and Acting Project Executive Officer, National Museum of the U.S. Army04/30/2012SAPDF
Implementation of Overarching Department of Defense (DoD) Counterfeit Prevention Guidance04/22/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Army Earth Day Message04/22/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Army Policy for Use of Human Cadavers for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Education or Training04/20/2012SAPDF
Enhancing the Administration, Operation and Maintenance of Military Cemeteries Under the Jurisdiction of the United States Army04/17/2012SAPDF
Cost and Risk-informed Functional Prioritization for Total Force for Fiscal Year 14-1804/17/2012USAPDF
Force Management Actions for Arlington National Cemetery -- DAIG Follow-up Inspection04/17/2012DCS, G-3/5/7PDF
Policy for the Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other Army Information Systems User Account Management04/12/2012ASA (FMC)PDF
Mobile Computing Devices04/03/2012SAPDF
Qualitative Service Program (QSP)03/13/2012CSA/SMAPDF
Army Congressional Objectives for Fiscal Year (FY) 201303/12/2012SA/CSAPDF
Future of the Biometrics Identity Management Agency03/12/2012SAPDF
United States Army Inspector General Agency (USAIGA), Subject Matter Expert Tasking for the Inspection of Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) Impact on Unit Readiness and Cohesion03/07/2012CSA/DASPDF
Inspection of Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) Impact on Unit Readiness and Cohesion03/06/2012SAPDF
Call for Army Legislative Proposals for Fiscal Year 201403/05/2012SAPDF
Army Emergency Relief Annual Campaign03/01/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Celebrating Woman's History Month "Women's Education - Women's Empowerment"03/01/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
United States Army Inspector General Agency (USAIGA) Report on Special Inspection of the Accessions Policies, Processes, Procedures and Reporting Related to the Army National Guard (ARNG) Accessions Reporting02/14/2012TIGPDF
Secretary of the Army Top Priorities02/14/2012SAPDF
Reservation of In-Sourcing Approval Authority02/10/2012SAPDF
Secretary of the Army Top Priorities02/09/2012SAPDF
Review, Investigation and Corrective Action--Active Army and Army Reserve Component Recruiting Assistance Programs02/09/2012SAPDF
Active Component Retention02/09/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
African American/Black History Month "Black Women in American History and Culture"02/03/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Report of the Disciplined Leadership and Company Administrative Requirements Inspection02/02/2012TIGPDF
Army Gold Book01/26/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Civilian Workforce Transformation (CWT) Update01/24/2012ASA (M&RA)PDF
Celebrating Martin Luther King Day01/10/2012SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Dismissal and Closure Procedures for HQDA Personnel With Duty at Fort Belvoir, Virginia01/10/2012AASAPDF
Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn12/20/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Interim Guidance for Management and Oversight of Services Acquisitions12/20/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
In Memoriam - Brigadier General Robert Worth Berry12/20/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
The Citizen-Soldier: The National Guard's 375th Birthday12/13/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
In Memoriam - General Ralph Haines, Jr.12/13/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Leadership Endorsement and Training on Executive Order (E.O.) 13522 - Creating Labor-Management Forums12/05/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
FY12 Army Budget Execution Strategy and Operation & Maintenance, Army (OMA) Planning Targets11/21/2011USA/VCSAPDF
Communications of Transformation and Efficiency Efforts within the Department of the Army11/21/2011SAPDF
Configuration Management (CM)11/17/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
Army Safety11/10/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
2011 Veterans Day11/09/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
National American Indian Heritage Month11/01/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Special Duty - Borrowed Military Manpower Policy10/29/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Providing Corrosion Resistant Materials and Infrastructure to the Army10/27/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
Secretary of the Army Top Priorities10/20/2011SAPDF
Army Energy Awareness Month - October 201110/03/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Army Safety and Occupational Health Objectives for Fiscal Year 201209/27/2011SA/CSAPDF
Review of the Army Uniform Policy for Personnel at the Pentagon09/27/2011CSAPDF
National Disability Employment Awareness Month09/26/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Honoring Gold Star Mothers09/23/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal09/20/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Maximizing Support for the Army Small Business Program09/13/2011USAPDF
Information Technology Management Reforms09/09/2011SAPDF
Patriot Day 2011: Honoring the 9/11 Generation - September 11, 201109/08/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Hiring Reform Mandatory Performance Objective09/07/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Army Transition Policy08/29/2011SAPDF
Army Directive Type Memorandum - Involuntary Separation of Reserve Component Officers for Final Denial or Revocation of Secret Security Clearance or Failure to Apply for a Security Clearance08/29/2011SAPDF
Directive for Energy Initiatives Office -Task Force08/29/2011SAPDF
Celebrating Women's Equality Day08/26/2011SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Wear of the Army Uniform for Personnel at the Pentagon08/19/2011CSAPDF
Establishment of the Institutional Army Transformation Commission08/15/2011SAPDF
FY 2011 Executive and Senior Professional Performance Management Closeout Guidance08/12/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Army Senior Executive Education08/11/2011SAPDF
Army Deployment Period Policy08/04/2011SAPDF
Army Policy on the Establishment and Management of Temporary Committees08/02/2011SAPDF
Army Equipping Strategy07/27/2011VCSAPDF
2010 Army Acquisition Review07/15/2011SAPDF
Implementation of OMA-Funded Civilian Reductions07/11/2011SAPDF
Tasking Memorandum for Staff Lead Responsibilities for Priority Commemorations07/06/2011DASPDF
Release of the Department of the Army Inspector General Inspection of The Army "Flagging" Action Program Report for Official Use07/05/2011TIGPDF
Civilian Recruitment and Placement Activities06/30/2011VCSAPDF
Human Capital Management Reform06/20/2011SAPDF
Installation Management Reforms06/20/2011SAPDF
Guidance on Temporary Tier Designation Change06/16/2011SAPDF
Designation of the Site for National Museum of the U.S. Army06/16/2011SAPDF
Secretary of the Army Directive to Establish an Army Energy Initiatives Office06/03/2011SAPDF
Army Travel Charge Card Program, Individually Billed Account Use for Official Travel Related Expenses06/01/2011USAPDF
Army Policy for Establishing, Managing, and Transitioning Contingency Bases06/01/2011USA/VCSAPDF
Audit Readiness Performance Requirements05/26/2011ASA (FMC)PDF
Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers Privacy Parameters05/26/2011SAPDF
MOI for the HQDA Army Birthday Week Run 17 June 201105/19/2011DASPDF
Guidance for Consideration of Costs in Army Decision-Making05/17/2011ASA (FMC)PDF
Implementing Optimization of Army Services Acquisition05/16/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
Optimization of Army Services Acquisition05/09/2011SAPDF
Civilian and Contractor Workforce Management04/29/2011SAPDF
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Anti-Harassment Policy for the Workplace04/27/2011SAPDF
Update on Converting Certain Functions to Contractor Performance04/22/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Delegation of Civilian Human Resources Authorities - Version 01-201104/21/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Competency-Based Management of the Civilian Corps04/21/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Civilian Career Program Management Guidance04/21/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Directive-Implement Human Resource Organizational Reform Initiative04/19/2011SAPDF
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Management Directive (MD 715) Midterm Reports04/15/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Executive and Senior Professionals (ESPs)-Allegations of Misconduct and/or Unsatisfactory Performance04/13/2011SAPDF
Implementation of HQDA Governance Forum Review Recommendations04/12/2011DASPDF
Thoughts on Crossing the Line of Departure04/11/2011CSAPDF
Secretary of the Army Top Priorities04/08/2011SAPDF
Army Management Enterprise - Capability Development04/07/2011SAPDF
Policies, Procedures, and Policies, Procedures, Responsibilities for the Army Travel Charge Card Program, Individual Billed Accounts (IBA)03/29/2011ASA (FMC)PDF
Call for Army Legislative Proposals for Fiscal Year 201303/23/2011SAPDF
Developing the Army's Plan to Reduce Organizational Growth03/23/2011VCSAPDF
Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW)03/22/2011SAPDF
Army Management Enterprise-Temporary Organizations03/17/2011SAPDF
Consideration of Costs in Army Decision-Making03/14/2011SAPDF
Protection of Classified and Sensitive Information03/07/2011SAPDF
Guidance for Flagging Actions03/04/2011SAPDF
Army In-sourcing Approval Procedures03/04/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Execution of the Army Sustainability Campaign Plan03/04/2011USA/VCSAPDF
Extension of Suspension of Civilian Employment Offers03/02/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Program Objective Memorandum 13-17 Offsite Summary03/02/2011ASA (FMC)PDF
Optimization of Materiel Development and Sustainment03/01/2011SAPDF
Distribution of Sensitive Law Enforcement Information by HQDA Staff02/24/2011DASPDF
Army Audit Readiness Efforts02/18/2011SAPDF
Funding Target Reductions for Civilian Pay02/11/2011ASA (FMC)PDF
The Revision of General Orders Number 302/07/2011SAPDF
The Revision of General Orders Number 302/07/2011DUSAPDF
Guidance on Civilian Executive and Senior Professional Compensation02/03/2011SAPDF
30-Day Suspension of Civilian Employment Offers02/02/2011ASA (M&RA)PDF
Army Personnel Commitment To Federal Ethics01/28/2011SAPDF
Directive for the Generating Force Reform Program - Task Force01/25/2011SAPDF
Guidance for Filling Civilian Senior Executive Positions12/21/2010SAPDF
Organizational Inspection Program (OIP)12/20/2010SAPDF
HQDA Active Component (AC) Manning Guidance for Fiscal Year (FY) 201112/17/2010CSAPDF
Approved Mission Essential Functions (MEF)12/14/2010SAPDF
Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) Risk Assessment and Risk Acceptance Guidance12/10/2010AAEPDF
2010 Veterans Day11/10/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Strategic Document Staffing Procedures and Forum Administration11/09/2010SAPDF
Sustainable Design and Development Policy Update (Environmental and Energy Performance)10/27/2010ASA (IE&E)PDF
Terms of Reference for the Review of the Army Profession in an Era of Persistent Conflict10/27/2010SA/CSAPDF
Civilian Employee Performance-Based Monetary Awards and Bonuses for Fiscal Years (FY) 2010 and 201110/26/2010ASA (M&RA)PDF
Army Energy Awareness Month - October 201010/01/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Guidance on Army Efficiency Initiatives09/30/2010USAPDF
Department of the Army FY 2011 Internal Audit Plan09/29/2010SA/CSAPDF
Patriot Day: A Day to Remember and Reflect - September 11, 201009/11/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Guidance on Implementing Army Efficiency Initiatives09/02/2010USAPDF
Oversight of Army Efficiencies Efforts08/26/2010SAPDF
Realignment of Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) Program Office07/06/2010SAPDF
Independence Day Message: A Celebration of Our Soldiers07/04/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Terms of Reference for Institutionalizing the Capability Portfolio Review (CPR) Process06/21/2010VCSAPDF
Celebrating the Strength of the Nation: Our 235th Birthday06/14/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Establishment of Provisional Oversight Group for the Army National Cemeteries Program06/10/2010SAPDF
Terms of Reference for Review of Reserve Component Employment in an Era of Persistent Conflict06/09/2010SA/CSAPDF
Internal Controls in Army Regulations (AR)05/13/2010ASA (FMC)PDF
Army Strategy for Non-Traditional Installations05/06/2010USAPDF
National Mental Health Month05/01/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Amendment to Delegation of Authority to Approve Premium Class (Less Than First Class) Travel04/05/2010SAPDF
Approval of the Office of Business Transformation Organizational Requirements04/01/2010USAPDF
Concept Plan Guidance03/31/2010DCS, G-3/5/7PDF
Termination of National Security Personnel System (NSPS)03/11/2010ASA (M&RA)PDF
Army Financial Improvement03/10/2010USAPDF
U. S. Army Audit Agency Monthly Government Accountability Office Special Interest Projects Report03/10/2010SAPDF
DoD Employee Wellness, Satisfaction, and Engagement Initiative03/05/2010ASA (M&RA)PDF
Selection and Training of Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs)03/02/2010VCSAPDF
2010 Army Emergency Relief Campaign03/01/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Secretary of the Army-Designated Capability Portfolio Reviews (Expanded Army Requirements Oversight Council) Terms of Reference02/22/2010USA/VCSAPDF
The Secretary of the Army's Capability Portfolio Review Strategy02/22/2010SAPDF
Designation of DoD Executive Agent Focal Point - Army02/18/2010SAPDF
Fiscal Year 2010 Army Budget Execution Strategy02/17/2010USA/VCSAPDF
Diversity Task Force Realignment02/08/2010SA/CSAPDF
National African American History Month: Celebrating African American History02/01/2010SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Calendar Year (CY) 2010 Objectives01/15/2010SA/CSAPDF
Cost Benefit Analysis to Support Army Enterprise Decision Making12/30/2009USA/VCSAPDF
Achieving Army Network and Battle Command Modernization Objectives12/28/2009VCSAPDF
Stewardship and the Army Managers' Internal Control Program12/21/2009USA/VCSAPDF
Chief Management Officer Transition Team Manning12/08/2009USAPDF
Data Calls 1 and 2 - Information and Documentation Pertaining to "Senior Mentors" and Paid Consultants/Advisors12/02/2009SAPDF
Renewing Our Commitment on Thanksgiving11/24/2009Dir, OPMPDF
Veteran's Day TriSign Letter11/09/2009SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Chief Management Officer Responsibilities for Army Business Transformation10/29/2009SAPDF
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) Reorganization10/27/2009ASA (M&RA)PDF
National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Pay Pool Funding Guidance for 2010 Payout10/20/2009ASA (FMC)PDF
Unacceptable Occurences of Antideficiency Act (ADA) Violations10/19/2009ASA (FMC)PDF
Designation as Chief Management Officer of the Army10/13/2009SAPDF
Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (DUSA) for External Affairs09/04/2009SAPDF
Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian Retiree Identification (ID) Cards08/26/2009DUSD, PlansPDF
Army Master Planning Board Charter08/10/2009AASA/DASPDF
Presidential Management Fellows - Grade Level Upon Appointment08/03/2009ASA (M&RA)PDF
Realignment of Civilian Personnel Functions of the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (DUSA)08/03/2009SAPDF
Realignment of Civilian Senior Leader Management Office08/03/2009SAPDF
Interim Realignment of Civilian Senior Leader Development Office08/03/2009SAPDF
Revision of General Orders No. 2002-0307/31/2009SAPDF
Army Protocol Precedence07/31/2009SAPDF
Letter - Honorable Daniel K. Inouye - Chairman Subcomittee on Defense Committee on Appropriations07/14/2009SAPDF
Use of Operations and Maintenance, Army (OMA) Funds for Memorials on Army Installations07/14/2009SAPDF
Army Policy for Civilian Workforce Management and Service Contracts07/10/2009SAPDF
Building an Enduring Strategic Assessment Support Capability07/08/2009VCSAPDF
Civilian Workforce Management05/13/2009SAPDF
Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign05/06/2009SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Use of Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) as the Primary Source for Procuring Commercial Information Technology (IT) Hardware and Software05/04/2009CIO-G6/ASA (ALT)PDF
Public Release of Certain Records Related to Criminal Investigations of Detainee Abuse Allegations05/04/2009SAPDF
3+2+1 Speaking Program04/30/2009SMA/CSA/SAPDF
Niche Wall - Arlington National Cemetary04/21/2009SAPDF
Establishment of the Army Office of Business Transformation04/09/2009SAPDF
Amendment to General Orders No. 3, dated 9 July 200203/18/2009SAPDF
FOIA Program Update Memo03/18/2009AASA/DASPDF
Building Trust, Confidence, and Goodwill with Congress Implementation Guidance03/09/2009DASPDF
Enhancing the Capabilities of the Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis, USMA03/03/2009SAPDF
LandWarNet- Global Network Enterprise Construct (GNEC) Strategy Implementation03/02/2009CSAPDF
Collection and Preservation of Operational Records02/12/2009DAASAPDF
FY11 Command Plan Guidance01/16/2009Dir, FMPDF
Army Pentagon Occupancy and Space Allocation Study Results01/05/2009USA/VCSAPDF
Staff Lead Responsibilities for Priority Commemorations and Observances12/11/2008DASPDF
Editorial Boards12/09/2008DASPDF
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program09/17/2008AASA/DASPDF
Reduction in the Time in Grade (TIG) Requirement for Promotion of Reserve Component Officers to First Lieutenant08/18/2008ASA (M&RA)PDF
Contacts with Presidential Campaigns08/08/2008USAPDF
Transfer of the Army Civilian University (ACU) from the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (DUSA) to the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)07/28/2008DUSAPDF
Restructuring Army Accessions Process06/17/2008SA/CSAPDF
EEO Policy for Civilian Employees06/17/2008SA/CSAPDF
Continuation of Essential Operations in the Absence of Available Appropriations06/11/2008SAPDF
Child Development Centers Army Birthday Events05/30/2008SAPDF
Stewardship and the Army Managers' Internal Control Program05/22/2008SA/CSAPDF
Designation of the Executive Manager for Department of Defense (DoD) Biometrics04/22/2008SAPDF
Delegation of Authority-Implementation of Recruitment, Relocation and Retention Incentives03/31/2008ASA (M&RA)PDF
Timeliness of Submitting Award Recommendations03/27/2008VCSAPDF
Gifts to the Army03/19/2008GCPDF
Realignment of Responsibility and Authority for Army Spectrum Management03/03/2008SAPDF
SA's Guidance for RED TOP Congressionals02/28/2008Dir, ECCPDF
Electronic Mail (Email) Journaling02/21/2008USAPDF
Army Family Covenant01/14/2008SA/CSAPDF
Charter Enterprise Task Force01/01/2008SA/CSAPDF
Red Top Taskings11/20/2007DASPDF
Senior Leadership Aircraft Scheduling and Management11/14/2007SAPDF
Army Policy for Civilian Hiring and Initiation/continuation of Contracts for Service Personnel and Army Policy for Civilian Workforce Management and Service Contracts09/04/2007SAPDF
Strategic Communication in Support of the Army Initiatives08/15/2007SA/CSAPDF
Army Energy Conservation06/22/2007VCSAPDF
SA/CSA Initiatives-IWG Working Groups04/23/2007DASPDF
Army Families04/18/2007DASPDF
Weekly Information for the Chief of Staff, Army04/07/2007DASPDF
Civilian Execution Plan Guidance02/27/2007DCS, G-1PDF
Lifting of Civilian Hiring Restrictions and Civilian Execution Plans02/02/2007SAPDF
FY07 1st Qtr Execution Review02/01/2007VCSAPDF
Improved Management and Justification of Service Contract Requirements01/29/2007SAPDF
Policy for Travel by Department of the Army (DA) Officials01/22/2007SAPDF
National Day of Mourning for President Gerald R. Ford: President George W. Bush Orders Federal Government Closure on January 2, 200712/28/2006Dir, OPMPDF
Unauthorized Acquisition Program Baseline Changes10/18/2006ASA (ALT)PDF
Realignment of Current Army Headquarters10/16/2006SAPDF
Energy Awareness Month - October 200609/23/2006SAPDF
Planning Directive - 2007 Army Posture Statement09/14/2006DASPDF
Fiscal Year 2007 Emergencies and Extraordinary Expenses (E&EE) Under Operation and Maintenance, Army (OMA) -- Action Memorandum08/21/2006SAPDF
2006 Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Combined Federal Campaign08/08/2006SAPDF
Army Field Museums08/07/2006DASPDF
Army Staff Missions Relating to the AUSA National Resolutions Committee08/07/2006VDASPDF
Safeguarding For Official Use Only (FOUO) Information07/25/2006AASAPDF
Civilian Hiring Service Contract Reporting07/19/2006SAPDF
Deployment of the National Security Personnel System06/15/2006SAPDF
Official Participation in Private Organizations - Membership and Management05/26/2006VCSAPDF
OPSEC Message - Guidance on Proper Use of Computer Hardware and Software05/24/2006VCSAPDF
Transformation of Training05/09/2006CSAPDF
The Army Strategic Management System04/28/2006SA/CSAPDF
Transforming the Way We Do Business - Army Lean Six Sigma Deployment04/28/2006SA/CSAPDF
Army Communication - Thematic Guidance04/21/2006DASPDF
Lean Six Sigma04/07/2006CSAPDF
Enabling the Army Vision04/07/2006VCSAPDF
Policies, Procedures, and Responsibilities for the Army Travel Charge Card Program03/09/2006ASA (FMC)PDF
Use of Army Financial Disclosure Management Application for Public Financial Disclosure Reports and Annual Post-Government Employment Restrictions Notification and Acknowledgement03/07/2006SAPDF
Army Policy for Civilian Hiring and Initiation/Continuation of Contracts for Service Personnel02/23/2006SAPDF
POM FY 08-13 Initial Guidance01/30/2006VCSAPDF
Executive and Senior Professional Pay and Performance12/20/2005SAPDF
Executive and Senior Professional Pay and Performance12/16/2005SAPDF
Personal Use of Government Telephones, Internet, and E-mail12/13/2005AASAPDF
FY06 Goals and Objectives12/06/2005SAPDF
New Policy for Army Regulations (ARs)11/18/2005SAPDF
Army Military to Civilian Conversion and Divestiture Program10/19/2005SA/CSAPDF
Management Oversight of the Army's Business Transformation Initiatives09/27/2005SAPDF
Transforming the Way We Do Business Execution Guidance09/08/2005SAPDF
Army Knowledge Management (AKM) Guidance Memorandum - Capabilities-Based Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Governance07/20/2005SA/CSAPDF
Implementing Instructions for Secretary of the Army Transition Team07/11/2005DASPDF
Transforming the Way We Do Business02/10/2005VCSAPDF
Accounting for Contract Services01/07/2005SAPDF
Policy for travel by DA Officials01/07/2005SAPDF
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army01/13/1995SAPDF