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Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology)

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Army Component Level Leads (ACLLs) for Services Acquisitions06/10/2014ASA (ALT)PDF
Department of the Army (DA) Strategic Sourcing Program09/17/2013ASA (ALT)PDF
Improving Acquisition through Strategic Sourcing09/10/2013ASA (ALT)PDF
National Defense Authorization Act 2012 (NDAA 2012), Section 808 Guidance on Temporary Limitations on Aggregate Annual Amounts Available for Contract Services in Fiscal Years (FY12) and FY1310/26/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Use of Contractor Test Data as an Element of Integrated Test and Evaluation08/21/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Program Managed and Dormant Stocks Stored in Defense Logistics Agency Warehouses08/20/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Past Performance Assessment Reporting05/17/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Implementation of Overarching Department of Defense (DoD) Counterfeit Prevention Guidance04/22/2012ASA (ALT)PDF
Interim Guidance for Management and Oversight of Services Acquisitions12/20/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
Configuration Management (CM)11/17/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
Providing Corrosion Resistant Materials and Infrastructure to the Army10/27/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
Implementing Optimization of Army Services Acquisition05/16/2011ASA (ALT)PDF
Use of Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) as the Primary Source for Procuring Commercial Information Technology (IT) Hardware and Software05/04/2009CIO-G6/ASA (ALT)PDF
Unauthorized Acquisition Program Baseline Changes10/18/2006ASA (ALT)PDF