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Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army

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Security Violations and Infractions-Open Storage Areas05/08/2017AASAPDF
Lifting of the HQDA Civilian Hiring Freeze and Policy for Management HQDA Civillian Strength05/05/2017AASAPDF
Implementation and Civilian Strength Management Guidance for HQDA Hiring Freeze02/21/2017AASAPDF
Supplemental Guidance on Award Limitations for HQDA Employees for Fiscal Year 201701/18/2017AASAPDF
Replacement of HQDA Mass Warning and Notification System (MWNS)01/17/2017AASAPDF
Headquarters, Department of the Army Safety and Occupational Health Plan for Fiscal Year 201701/10/2017AASAPDF
Army Sponsorship of Pentagon Facilities Alternative Credential (PFAC) for Non-DOD Individuals Involved with an Acquisition Category I or II (ACAT I or II) Department of the Army Program01/05/2017AASAPDF
Policy for the Procurement and Presentation of Coins12/14/2016AASAPDF
Release the Department of the Army Inspector Geneeral Special Inspection of the U.S.Army Personnel System, 9 August 2015-9 December 201512/14/2016AASAPDF
Updated OAA Telework Program12/07/2016AASAPDF
Army Sponsorship of Pentagon Facilities Alternative Credential for Non-DoD Individuals Involved With an Acquisition Category I or II Army Program11/23/2016AASAPDF
Staffing Guidance for Calendar Year 2017 Federal Holidays11/23/2016AASAPDF
Holidays and Good Judgment11/23/2016AASAPDF
HQDA Guidance on the Transition to the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program11/18/2016AASAPDF
Staffing Guidance for 2016 Holiday Season11/18/2016AASAPDF
HQDA Supplemental Guidance for Administrative Grievances 09/02/2016AASAPDF
Policy for Managing Headquarters, Department of the Army Military Strength08/15/2016AASA/DASPDF
Effect of the Metro SafeTrack Project on HQDA Employees in the National Capital Region05/24/2016AASAPDF
Records Management and Email Use: Guidance for Senior Leaders05/17/2016AASAPDF
2016 Nuclear Security Summit-Guidance to HQDA Commuters in the National Capital Region03/25/2016AASAPDF
HQDA Policy on the Approval of Overtime Work02/29/2016AASAPDF
Reporting Guidance for Headquarters, Department of the Army Non-Command-Type Command Climate Assessments02/11/2016AASA/DASPDF
Prescribed Hours of Duty and the Use of Alternative Work Schedules Within OAA01/27/2016AASAPDF
HQDA Dismissal and Closure Guidance01/13/2016AASAPDF
Appointment of Under Secretary of the Army01/04/2016AASAPDF
Staffing Guidance for Calendar Year 2016 Federal Holidays12/14/2015AASAPDF
Holidays and Good Judgment11/20/2015AASAPDF
Army Leadership Update11/03/2015AASAPDF
Revised HQDA Telework Program08/20/2015AASAPDF
Freedom of Information Act Reporting Requirements08/06/2015AASA/DASPDF
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (AASA) Delegations of Civilian Human Resources Authorities for Headquarters, Department of the Army (Version 01-2015)08/05/2015AASAPDF
Major Revision of Army Regulation 1-100 and Standardization of the Army Gift Program07/31/2015AASA/ASA (FMC)PDF
TDA Development Guidance for Implementation of HQDA Comprehensive Review Organization Designs07/14/2015AASA/DASPDF
Policy for Managing HQDA Civilian Strength07/10/2015AASAPDF
Guidance for HQDA Comprehensive Review Individual Organization Implementation Plans07/09/2015AASAPDF
Delegation of Authority to Approve the Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) and Army Achievement Medal (AAM)07/08/2015AASAPDF
Approval Process for Alcoholic Beverages on the Pentagon Reservation and in Leased Facilities in the National Capital Region08/20/2014AASAPDF
Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Competitive Areas05/07/2014AASAPDF
Army Headquarters Office Space Realignments within the National Capital Region04/01/2014AASAPDF
Charter for HQDA Protection Program Forums04/01/2014AASAPDF
Prevention of Unauthorized Disclosures of Classified Information or Controlled Unclassified Information by Individuals Departing HQDA03/28/2014AASAPDF
Distribution Information for the Department of the Army03/14/2014AASAPDF
Records Management Reform03/08/2013DAASAPDF
Rescission of Policy Memorandum on Training Requirements for Permanent Issue of the Army Staff Identification Badge and Army Staff Lapel Pin01/22/2013AASAPDF
Implementation of HQDA Protection Program07/31/2012AASAPDF
Use of Lights and Sirens in Government Vehicles07/12/2012AASAPDF
Dismissal and Closure Procedures for HQDA Personnel With Duty at Fort Belvoir, Virginia01/10/2012AASAPDF
Army Master Planning Board Charter08/10/2009AASA/DASPDF
FOIA Program Update Memo03/18/2009AASA/DASPDF
Collection and Preservation of Operational Records02/12/2009DAASAPDF
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program09/17/2008AASA/DASPDF
Safeguarding For Official Use Only (FOUO) Information07/25/2006AASAPDF
Personal Use of Government Telephones, Internet, and E-mail12/13/2005AASAPDF