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Army ALARACT Messages
ARMY DIR – Army Directives
AR – Army Regulations
AGO – Army General Order
CMH - Center of Military History
DA MEMO – DA Memorandums
MCM - Manual for Courts-Martial
PAM – DA Pamphlets
Principal Official Guidance
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EM - Electronic Media (ETMs and IETMs)
FT - Firing Tables
LO - Lubrication Orders
MWO - Modification Work Orders
SB - Supply Bulletins
SC - Supply Catalogs
TB - Technical Bulletins
TM - Technical Manuals (Range 1 - 8)
TM - Technical Manuals (Range 9)
TM - Technical Manuals (Range 10)
TM - Technical Manuals (Range 11-4)
TM - Technical Manuals (Range 11-5)
TM - Technical Manuals (Range 11-6 to 11-7)
TM - Technical Manuals (Range 14 - 750)
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ADP – Army Doctrine Publications
ADRP – Army Doctrine Reference Publications
ATP – Army Techniques Publications
ATTP – Army Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
CTA – Common Table of Allowances
FM – Field Manual
GTA – Graphic Training Aide
JTA – Joint Table of Allowance
PB – Professional Bulletins
STP – Soldier Training Publication
TC – Training Circular
TM – Technical Manuals
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Technical Manuals
Technical Bulletins
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Technical Manuals
Technical Bulletins
Supply Bulletins
Supply Catalogs
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