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Q: I can't find a particular publication or form listed on this web site. How can I check to see if it is still available or current?
To check a publication or form, click here

Q: Where can I find Letterhead informatoin?
Letterhead is located under Tools>Publishing Resource or you can click HERE

Q: Where is DA PAM 25-30 (Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Form)?
The [DA PAM 25-30] has been renamed to the [Online DA Publishing Index]. It has been migrated into the Army Publishing Directorate's new website. The DA Publishing Index can be accessed through the "SEARCH" tab located on the APD Home Page menu bar. From the Search results, click on the "Details" link located at the far right of the Search results page to obtain more detailed information regarding that Publication or Form.

Q: Who should I contact to request a change to the APD Web site?
Contact APD Webmaster