Official Department of the Army Publications and Forms

Official Department of Army (DA) publications and forms are managed by the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) under the direction of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (AASA). The Army uses the latest publishing technologies to produce high-quality, enhanced, electronic publications and forms. This is the latest collection of electronic Army publications and DA forms.

From May-July 2016, the Army Publishing Directorate website and all content will be transitioning to a new platform. During this period, there will be limited updates to publications and forms. Your patience is appreciated.

Product Map
AD - Army Directive AR - Army Regulation Cir - DA Circular DA GO - General Order
DA Letterhead and Instructions DA Memorandums HQDA Letter MCM & MRE-Manual for Courts-Martial
Pam - DA Pamphlet PCO & FMO Directory Staffing Table for Administrative Publications Principal Official Guidance
JTA - Joint Table of Allowances Army ALARACT Messages
Technical and Equipment
TM - Technical Manual HR - Hand Receipt LO - Lubrication Order MWO - Modification Work Order
TB - Technical Bulletin      
Doctrine and Training
ADP - Army Doctrine Publications ADRP - Army Doctrine Reference Publications ATP - Army Techniques Publications
ATTP - Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures CTA - Common Table Of Allowances FM - Field Manual GTA - Graphic Training Aids
New Releases OFS - Officer Foundation Standards SMCT - Soldier’s Manual Of Common Tasks SM-TG - Soldier’s Manual And Trainer’s Guide
STP - Soldier Training Publication TC - Training Circular TM - Technical Manuals PB - Professional Bulletins
Engineering Medical
TM - Technical Manual SB - Supply Bulletin (Technical) TB MED SB - Supply Bulletin (Medical)
Publishing News - Headlines
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